New Miiverse update out now

Nintendo has released a new Miiverse update which brings about some very handy features.

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3-4-51432d ago

It's actually a pretty cool update.

Makes it easier to properly inform people of something with pics or a spoiler alert, plus allows better search options.

Not sure what is so laughable about that.

gpturbo811431d ago

you enjoying it? how long you have the console?

bobacdigital1432d ago

Still waiting for a use stamp feature outside of the game toy earn it in. The stamps in Mario 3d world should be something you can earn in all nintedo games for use on miiverse.

Big miss on something that would be cool for the community.

MNGamer-N1432d ago

They need to just turn stamps into a system-wide achievement system.

deafdani1431d ago

I never cared for trophies or achievements that much, but yeah... stamps would be a good "Nintendo" way to introduce their own achievement system for those who do care. Stars would be nice, too.


wonderfulmonkeyman1431d ago

I've believed the same thing ever since Mario 3D World released; trophies[stamps] you can actually use would put their achievement system above the normal fare.

Ninja_G_Aidan1431d ago

The whole Nintendo Network needs an update!

ChickeyCantor1431d ago

I still don't get why they haven't added a steam like environment with integrated chat system and community hubs ( it's similar now but still simple in comparison ).