Eurogamer: Lost in Blue 3 Review

Eurogamer writes: "I'm in danger of repeating myself here. First, there was Lost in Blue, which cast you as a male shipwreck survivor on a desert island with a lone female survivor for company. You divided your time between foraging for food to fill the demanding stomachs of your little castaways, babysitting your useless companion so that she didn't die of thirst when you were out fetching carrots, and exploring the island, looking for new materials, tools and, eventually, a means of escape.

Then, there was Lost in Blue 2, which was exactly the same, except for the added choice to play as the girl or the boy, a different story and the fact that your companion was considerably less useless. Both shared the same unique virtues, and the same significant problems: the series' great disadvantage is that it does absolutely nothing to make itself accessible, to ease new players in or to reveal the secret tricks that alleviate the constant grind of day-to-day survival."

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