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Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC review (PopBucket)

PopBucket writes: There’s was never going to be anything radical in this Season Pass and the final piece of DLC again doesn’t amount to anything beyond your standard fetch quests and go from A to B but they’ve managed to make this last piece more boring than what’s come before. You do have a fresh batch of collectibles but that’s more of the same too.

You do get a new batch of weapons and vehicle with the ZDC seemingly have access to futuristic technology as you can now arm yourself with a rail gun and a gun called the Pacifier. Both are hugely powerful and obliterate all groups of zombies with ease but are not actually very exciting weapons to use compared to other options available. They’re handy for taking out Spec Ops though.

If getting 100% on games if your thing than this DLC offering has given you a fair bit, even if they are essentially reskins of the main game. But they are enough of a reason to get back into the game and killing many thousands more zombies. However if you were hoping for some nice new depth to the game then you may well feell short changed. (Dead Rising 3, Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC, Xbox One) 4/10

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