PS4 + Infamous: Second Son £346.50 at Tesco

Dealspwn writes: Many are calling Infamous: Second Son the killer app that the PS4 has been waiting for, Matt certainly enjoyed it as you can see by checking out his review. Tesco are currently £40 cheaper than any other site thanks to the above discount code. Act fast though as the code is only good for the first 5000 uses.

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G20WLY1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Holy FFFudge, that's a great deal!

lelo1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Fanboys were claiming the X1 was in trouble when the X1/Titanfall in some stores decreased it's price... what are going to say about this price drop?

£346.50 (410€) for the PS4/Infamous bundle is quite a good price. Where I live it's more expensive, 450€.

aceitman1527d ago

@lelo theres a difference with a code , and a price drop read the article its a code .

OlgerO1527d ago

Id say that this price drop is bad sign, cause it means that they cant sell out with the original price

Gohadouken1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

And i'd say some are grasping at straws . A code from a store and the first customers , to get a competitive edge on other retailers , is a sign of the console Under performing ? LOL

G20WLY1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

^lelo, They have a deal on XBone too, it's still more expensive than PS4, but it's a much bigger reduction on the RRP. what you got?! lol

Everyone gets new consoles for cheaper for a while - sorry there's no conspiracy to speak of, you'll just have to find your kicks elsewhere! ;P

CaptainSellers1527d ago

Great deal, my friend just bought his with 10% employee discount, almost £300!

faysal1527d ago

hate tesco! preordered infamous and they sent me metal gear solid insted! seriously pissed off! and now i have to wait untill they recive the wrong game and wait till they refund or send me the right product... a very sad weekend. probably wont get to play it till this friday :(

Drakesfortune1527d ago

They did that to me before, i just took the game in with reciepts and explained...they gave me the game i wanted and £5 voucher as to apologise

faysal1527d ago

i thaught i can do that but the lady on the phone said,I have to send it back and stores wont be able to help me which is odd.

Minato-Namikaze1527d ago

you had to send metal gear back?

faysal1527d ago

yh i called them and they said, send it back to us! luckly post office is 10min walk from my house. you have no idea how bad i felt :(
i tweeted tesco with picture and they said they will refund me and wants me to order again LOL like i would ever want to pre order from them again.

Minato-Namikaze1527d ago

I ask because amazon sent me a the wrong game before but they let me keep it and sent the game i ordered express. I figured all companies would have a similar policy.

faysal1527d ago

ahh good to know. yh amazon is really good at customer service. tesco on the other hand is rubbish and greedy. the only reason i went with tesco is because they had a £10 off offer, so i got the game for £40 insted of 50 from other shops. that £100 off wasnt worth the pain though lol

welly3001527d ago

Why does everything have to be negative its good news for consumers its called competion.

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