3 Threats Facing Next-Gen Video Game Consoles

Video games sales are sliding, console sales are off, and executives are bailing. Despite the fact that brand new consoles launched over the holiday season and gamers would typically be snapping up video games to play on them, sales of video games in the U.S. were down by 26% in January 2104 when compared to 2013’s numbers.

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fattyuk1525d ago

"Video games sales are sliding, console sales are off"


thorstein1525d ago

Not to mention "Next Gen" systems won't be out for another 8 years. What was the article writer smoking?

AliTheSnake11525d ago

I hope not 8 years. lol . Hopefully around 4 to 5 years, and we'll see Next gen.

solid_snake36561525d ago

If anything is hurting gaming it's the developers. Keeping content out of games and selling I t as dlc, charging for demos, and those yearly releases that are slapped with a fresh coat of paint.

andibandit1524d ago

Well to be honest, we have just had a generation change and the lineup of games is still small(Compared to the previous gen).
A common trend is people holding back to buy games for their old gen, and saving up, or waiting for that must have game on X1/PS4.

I know im still waiting and havent bought a game for PS3/X360 since last summer.

OrangePowerz1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

A combined 10 million next gen console sales in 3 month beg to differ.

Just shows no matter how well consoles sell there are always people proclaiming their doom.

EXVirtual1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

It happens at the beginning of every gen man. Sensationalism gets the clicks.
I think the writer needs to look at the circumstances here.
The current game library (for the current gen only) for both consoles is almost as dry as the Grand Canyon (aside from a select few). A lot of the games that they do have are cross gen. We're still in the pre-transition period and the PS4 and Xbox One have raked in 10 million units (in total) within 3-4 months. That's pretty impressive.
I also think this generation will only last 5-6 years.

hello121525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

There is some countries around the world have a population less than 5 million people.

It crazy this thread. 10 million consoles sold in just 5 months is amazing to see.

OmegaShen1525d ago

TitanFall, Infamous SS and Dark Souls 2 are two biggest game out. I think its alittle to act like a chicken with its head cut off.

pandehz1525d ago

Lol reminds me of 'both of you three come here.'

Rockyrob1525d ago

Here is something novel. I plunked down $500.00 for a console, $60 for a second controller, $25 for a recharge kit and $60 for a game. Hmmmm. So I didn't buy more games in January. Wonder why???? Who writes these opinions anyhow? Maybe I can start a new rumor.

NukaCola1525d ago

You forgot your Live 60 dollar fee.

NukaCola1525d ago

He said $500. I assume he bought an X1. If he'd of said 400, it'd say said ps4. You guys are so defensive about everything. Jeez.

sic_chops1525d ago

@ rocky could've saved $125 bucks. That's two games right there.

B1663r1525d ago

Well except that option has no games...

Calvin_ISA1525d ago

No Games? PS4 and PC have everything the Box has except Forza and Ryse. Only the PS4 has had an ACTUAL exclusive since launch. Then, there are the indie games like Outlast and Don't Starve, and of course the TOTALLY FREE Warframe, and Blacklight. Then on top of all that, the PS4 has a brighter future with VR and many first party studios working on unannounced games including new IPs and returning loved franchises from AAA powerhouses. Remind me again.. WHICH console has no games?

Clown_Syndr0me1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )


He was talking about bundles. A cheaper bundle doesn't include games. Well that's how I read it anyway?

wonderfulmonkeyman1525d ago

I paid about $350 at launch.
The Wii U had no need for a recharge kit, came with a decent game that lasted for a few weeks, let me use older controllers for multiplayer, and had no subscription fees attached to get the most out of every feature it had.

Things have only gotten better since, so I'd say I'm satisfied.
Still got my PS3 to play too, might get a PS4 much later...

mhunterjr1525d ago

Investors seem to know very little about how cycles work in this industry. Instead of drawing comparisons to the previous console launch, they see fit to draw comparison to last years sales. News flash, last year "current gen" consoles were in their 8th year of existence, they had extensive software libraries, and everyone could afford them. Now, we are in a new generation, the last gen console market is saturated, and the new consoles are far from critical mass... Everything starts over.

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