Bungie outlines ambitions for Destiny's extensive character customization

Allowing players to build highly customized avatars to their personal liking is becoming a staple of many big franchises; massively multiplayer online role-playing games have already been doing it for years, and doing it well. But Bungie is taking character creation to a whole new level for its next game, offering an ambitious number of skins, armor, weapons and other items for players to work with.

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Ikonic1552d ago

So, it's going to be like any MMO where as you level up gear gets better and better, and generally speaking better looking too. Destiny is trying to bring the best of both worlds into one game, and i can't wait to see how well it turns out.

Majin-vegeta1552d ago

Give me my sombrero and I'm set.

Zack_attack1552d ago

I wouldn't say that this is "a whole new level". It's pretty deep and sounds great, but their words seemed exaggerated.

ThichQuangDuck1552d ago

Bungie exaggerating with help of the press?!?

TheRedButterfly1551d ago

If there's one company that doesn't need to exaggerate in order to help with press, it's Bungie.

CaptainN1552d ago

Should have been put on Wii-U as well !!

urwifeminder1552d ago

Bring it to PC Bungie !! personally I don't bother customising much I still die the same kind of wish someone would make a game with stock loadouts again like COD 3 no advantage for putting in 50 hours .

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