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Respawn Rolls Out First Titanfall Patch

"Our first patch has started to roll out across both PC and Xbox One servers. From balance changes to bug fixes we have the full list here." (PC, TitanFall, Xbox One)

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GearSkiN  +   409d ago
What about that over powered 101 riffle.
Elit3Nick  +   409d ago
I agree, at the moment with how it is right now it has the second highest dps at close range behind the C.A.R. smg, yet has the highest DPS at range with virtually nonexistant recoil, making the Spitfire lmg, Hemlok, G2A4 and DMR inferior to it at the range that they're supposed to excel at.
badboy776  +   409d ago
Quiet on them Sales Numbers EA & Microsoft.
pandehz  +   409d ago
I knew it. Smart pistol nerfed a bit.
ic3fir3  +   409d ago
c4 need a nerf, less range damage.
Elit3Nick  +   409d ago
Damage is fine, but it needs its explosive radius reduced and maybe have a delay on when you can detonate it, either a few seconds after you throw it or only after it sticks to a surface.
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PhilJowns  +   409d ago
This is a server side patch from sounds of it. Not a actual download patch so won't have any graphical improvements.

Nerfing the defence points by so much was a bad idea. Hardpoint is about capturing and defending by giving less points for defending you take away the point of the match it may as well be attrition.

Also jump kick needs needed you can almost empty a clip into someone and they can jump kick through it and get the kill. Shotguns also have to much accuracy and range.
Dudebro90  +   409d ago
Hardpoint changes need to happen.

So many games would have 2 or sometimes even 3 people just camping the same base so they could get MVP, even if their team was losing horribly.

More points should go to the people who are actually moving around and taking the bases.
PhilJowns  +   409d ago
Agree but think they dropped it too much. Should make it 50points for defence and 75 for attacking. 25 is such a big difference that it will end people defending completely.
cruzngta  +   409d ago
Wonder if they are still working on a resolution patch for either 900p or 1080p. Was it scrapped? Either way the game still looks great and I love it.
xFaRt0fwAr  +   409d ago
The only people I hear complain about the 101 are people that choose to use the equally over powered SMG , Shotgun , and Smart pistol exclusively.
Elit3Nick  +   409d ago
That makes little sense, wouldn't people using other OP guns be less likely to complain about another OP weapon? And the only other weapon that is a but OP is the shotgun since its range is a bit too high, the C.A.R. smg has great close range DPS, but at range most other weapons will gun it down easily, and as for the smart pistol some of the arguments about it are some of the most pointless things I've ever heard. A common one is "I hate being shot in the back by the smart pistol" well guess what? If the person who killed you used ANY other weapon they would've killed you a LOT faster. On straight up firefights the smart pistol will almost always lose, its only strength is that you can lock on while wallrunning, which is supposed to be the point of this gun.

With the R-101, the fact that roughly 80-90% of the player base uses it as their main weapon and especially the symthic stats proves that it needs toning down. With it being a 4 shot kill at close range and dropping only to a 5 shot kill at its minimum damage, mixed with its almost nonexistant recoil you can drop someone across the map before they can even react, while at close range the only weapons that stands a chance is the shotgun and C.A.R.

Seriously some of Respawn's logic for balancing things is extremely odd, besides how OP the R-101 is, why would they make the R-97 smg, which is supposed to be a close range shredder, have lower dps at close range than the longer ranged C.A.R. and even the R-101, along with the Spitfire lmg being flatout inferior at everything compared to other weapons. I really hope that they push out a more balance focused patch soon.
H0RSE  +   408d ago
I've found the shotgun to be really inconsistent. I got a vid of me using it pointblank against a player, with the reticule clearly over him, and not even the damage indicator activating.

The CAR is amazing for for close range, since you don't even have to ADS, but I find myself using the LMG mostly now.
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DFogz  +   408d ago
Agree with a lot of points you said, especially the Spitfire LMG though.

For something unlocked so late you would think it would be a little better. Personally, I think it should have been an Anti-Titan weapon instead. They're the only thing it's effective against.

Even without the slammer mod you can rodeo and take out a Titan in seconds with plenty ammo to spare. It's even good while on foot against Titans....not so much against pilots though.
Elit3Nick  +   408d ago
My ideas for buffing the spitfire is either a rate of fire increase, which would increase its overall DPS, or increase its min damage so that it becomes a 4 shot kill at range.

Next is the R-97 Compact smg, which needs its max damage increased to actually make it viable when going against the C.A.R. or the Carbine. If its max damage would allow for a 4 shot kill, than this would highlight its role as a close range shredder, while still being inferior outside of that range against its brother smg.

Finally is the ever so OP R-101 Carbine, which needs a flatout damage decrease to not make it beat out every weapon in the game at its intended role. Make it a 5 shot kill at close range and a 7 shot kill at long range, with its low recoil, this would still make it a viable weapon at all ranges, but be beaten out by more specialised weapons at their respective ranges.

I'm thinking of making a post on Respawn's forums with how I think everything should be balanced.

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