Respawn Rolls Out First Titanfall Patch

"Our first patch has started to roll out across both PC and Xbox One servers. From balance changes to bug fixes we have the full list here."

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GearSkiN1337d ago

What about that over powered 101 riffle.

Elit3Nick1337d ago

I agree, at the moment with how it is right now it has the second highest dps at close range behind the C.A.R. smg, yet has the highest DPS at range with virtually nonexistant recoil, making the Spitfire lmg, Hemlok, G2A4 and DMR inferior to it at the range that they're supposed to excel at.

badboy7761337d ago

Quiet on them Sales Numbers EA & Microsoft.

pandehz1337d ago

I knew it. Smart pistol nerfed a bit.

ic3fir31337d ago

c4 need a nerf, less range damage.

Elit3Nick1337d ago

Damage is fine, but it needs its explosive radius reduced and maybe have a delay on when you can detonate it, either a few seconds after you throw it or only after it sticks to a surface.

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