Heroine's Quest Now Available on Steam

Carl Williams writes, "The classic Quest for Glory, originally titled Hero’s Quest but legalities stopped that, is now reimagined as Heroine’s Quest for PC. The cool part is, it is free on Steam, right now. For those that do not know what the fuss is all about, Quest for Glory is a pioneering title that still effects modern role playing games and is revered as a classic adventure title."

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cyguration1493d ago

Interesting looking game. I wonder if the female gaming audience will support it with sales or...?

sorane1493d ago

It's 100% free. D/led it last night it's a great game if you like the old Glory series.

TekoIie1493d ago

Well it is free so it will most likely get a good number of downloads.

cyguration1493d ago

Welp, you're right... not even a hint of DLC or anything.

I thought it was "free" like a game is free according to Electronic Arts. This is... a pleasant surprise.