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GDC: Microsoft has Worked on VR 'For Quite a While'

During a conversation about virtual reality technology at the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft Game Studios' Phil Spencer said "I think the technology is really interesting, and it’s definitely something we’ve been playing with for quite a while." (Game Developers Conference, Microsoft, Xbox, Xbox One)

Irishguy95  +   438d ago
Would expect them have too, same with Sony. VR is the future. Always has been. After VR comes brainwave VR.

darthv72  +   438d ago
VR has been something that has been toyed with for 20+ years by various companies. Looking at the tech then and now there has been huge advancements in making it not only better but more cost effective.
Hatsune-Miku  +   437d ago
This would put further strain on the xbox one that is already stretch thin trying to run games at 720p. VR with two 480i glasses wouldn't be good at all but I'm sure fanat-X would love to buy it.
christocolus  +   437d ago | Well said

Why are you so biased? You are in every xbx article with nothing reasonable to say? Dont you get tired of talking crap? If MS does release a VR headset im sure xbx fans would go ahead and buy it just as Ps fans would buy morpheus...so why the name calling? Its funny how some guys can have so much bias towards the choice of others.
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MelvinTheGreat  +   437d ago | Well said

Whats you're deal dude? How bout you stop taking it up the butt from sony and be glad and happy theres competition between the two companies.
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Volkama  +   437d ago
Phil spencer is quite right that convincing the masses to wear a headset is a challenge though. Look at stereoscopic 3D and the Hugh push within the TV industry to get glasses-free 3D working.

I don't think something like illumiroom or anything projecting images on your walls can be as immersive or high quality though.

Such a cool time for the games industry right now.
morganfell  +   437d ago
Microsoft and VR looks like a nice idea for some but then ESRAM rears it's ugly head.

Bandwidth, or rather the lack of it will haunt the X1 this entire generation.
FriedGoat  +   437d ago

Dunno why you're getting disagrees, The XBone is really going to struggle to output 2 720P images.
malokevi  +   437d ago
I imagine MS will go the AR glasses, as pet their "Fortaleza" patents.

The way I see it, they stopped working on Illumaroom because they realized that they could achieve the same effect with image-overlay using AR. They would also be cheaper than a full headset, and would augment the TV rather then replace it.

Remains to be seen. For now, I'm happy gaming on my TV. If morpheus turns out well, is well supported, and isn't overly expensive, I'm sure I'll end up getting one.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   438d ago
I bet VR will be cool and very unique but like I said I just want to play on a controller at the end of the day.

I just hope its not forced on us.
Muffins1223  +   438d ago
Your still useing a controler,its not like wii or kinect,its a different way of seeing the game. ITs like going from pixels to polygons.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   438d ago
We already knew this. Seen this in the 2010 leaked docs almost 2 years ago. MSFT will obviously see if the tech flops due to its novelty and if successful, go big as they always do. Kinect 2.0 would be the only thing that would make this tech mainstream.
Eonjay  +   437d ago
That is a catch 22 you are describing. You said that they would join in if it doesn't flop and you said that only Kinect can keep it from flopping. There is no way to reconcile these opposing situations.
Skate-AK  +   437d ago
Dat double talk..
christocolus  +   437d ago

My guess is that MS will go ahead with their VR plans irrespective of what Sony and Oculus are doing. Theyve been working on similar tech for some years now i.e fortazella and illumiroom..its just a matter of when now.


Huh? You are funny.....lmao.
corvusmd  +   437d ago
Exactly, MS has always been an innovative console company, that's why we now have Broadband, Achievements, Motion controllers, Massive dedicated server support, cloud computing and, game streaming as a mainstay. I'm sure MS will/is doing this right. They don't need to worry about anyone else. I like the AR aspect the seem to be taking...kinda like including the "illumniroom aspect into VR

Pay no mind to maji...based on his/her comments they're clearly new to gaming and lost as to what the facts are.

@fireseed. To be fair, Sony did originate the idea of massive network hacks and charging $50 a year for "free" games.
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BlueTemplar  +   437d ago

You're crediting Microsoft with Broadband? Really?

I Know the original Xbox had a ethernet connection, but come on - do you really think the other platforms would be stuck in 1999 otherwise?

Also, motion controllers?? I think you're crediting the wrong company. Game streaming too.

ToxicSushi  +   437d ago
Sega Dreamcast had a NIC add on module vs. the modem module. Now that was a technological machine ahead of its time :-)
johndoe11211  +   437d ago
What the hell does kinect have to do with virtual reality???? Does oculus have kinect? Is that the logic you're using to justify that piece of sh!t accessory???
beerzombie  +   437d ago
Yes it dose it had to use a camera for motion tracking to be better. That's were the Kinect will be a plus because everyone has one not 20% percent like the ps4 which by all standards is freaking great.
also Ps4 will either have to bundle a camera that will raise the price where X1 can just sell the Vr cheaper because everyone has a camera.
MusicComposer  +   436d ago
@beerzombie The Kinect 2 refresh rate is only 30hz which is too slow to be used in VR. The PS4 camera by comparison is 60hz at 720p and is 120hz at 480p. It seems like Microsoft is pursuing AR instead of VR though.
majiebeast  +   437d ago
Microsoft the me too company.
MelvinTheGreat  +   437d ago
Its not like VR has been done before....oh wait it has...that means...sonys is copying too *gasp*
BG11579  +   437d ago
Oh yeah, everyone remembers the Virtual Boy.
Old McGroin  +   437d ago
@ BG11579

Or a more recent example, Oculus Rift.
beerzombie  +   437d ago
I think Sega and Nintendo did some of this too.
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specialguest  +   437d ago
I've done it first before those companies. Made both hands shaped like a binocular and put it against my eyes and BAM! instant VR.
Fireseed  +   437d ago
Oh totally, why do they always have to copy Sonys HYPER ORIGINAL ideas...
Like Morphe... Ohhh Oculus...
Oh I know Mov... Oh Wii (Also know by Sony as the "lollipop")...
Oh wait I got it Trophi... Oh achievements...
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Fireseed  +   437d ago

My point being, everything is iterative.... and yes I'd accept that MS probably took that from Spyro. Along with a lot of others things, but that's how we get advancement.
MazzingerZ  +   437d ago
Achievements and the whole XBL concepts and features for the X360 are rather taken from Bungie's MP ideas in Halo 2, including voice messages.

Bungie created XBL, it's amazing how after all that partnership Bungie kept free after all that, one must respect their ideals of being an independent developer.

Microsoft paid for XBL so I guess we can't call it copied, Bungie was behind it, but yeah, MSFT has mostly been the company that purchase others ideas and I have nothing against that if that help to make things better and reach more people.

You can't blame on everything on the buyer as there's also a seller, those buys out motivates small companies to innovate and someday make big money from that, so innovation is still on the picture, just not from big companies.

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Septic  +   437d ago

what?? Oh please. That's some desperate spinning. A system wide system of achievements that is universal snd tracks your achievements and logs them online is the same as Spyro thr Dragon's skill point system?? Aha okay. Yeah because MS looked at that and came up wjth their system.

My days are some people delusional.

But MS are copying Sony with VR right?? Lol look at the double standards.
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starchild  +   437d ago

You're really grasping at straws there. I mean, that is a huge and absurd stretch. The idea of earning things in games goes much farther back than Spiro. Microsoft was the first one to systematize it across their entire ecosystem in all of their games and to have them all add up towards an online "gamerscore". Give credit where credit is due.

Edit: Haha it looks like Septic beat me to it by a couple minutes.
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Angeljuice  +   437d ago
Thought I'd make a few corrections to improve the accuracy of your bodged points;

" Oh I know Mov... Oh Wii" .....OH EYETOY (THE ORIGINAL)

" Like Morphe...(began 2010) Ohhh Oculus...(began 2011-2012)"

No need to thank me, it's a free service.
Old McGroin  +   437d ago
@ majiebeast

Sony is more of a "me too" company in many ways, they just do it a bit more stealthily. They see what new ideas are being implemented by other companies, gauge how the public reacts and then once everything has blown over, implement the exact same ideas themselves. Examples are the VR headset (Oculus), the Move controller (Nintendo Wii Controller), PS4 TV shows/capabilities (Xbox One TV Shows/capabilities), streaming games (Gaikai/Onlive), PSP/Vita (Nintendo handhelds), remote gaming on the Vita (Wii U remote gaming), Trophies (Xbox Achievements) and the list goes on. Maybe they should actually just change their name to Me Too altogether.
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goldwyncq  +   437d ago
If last gen was the motion control gen, this gen would be the VR gen.
Tedakin  +   437d ago
This is nonsense. It's obvious they saw Sony unveil a VR, then threw one together out in the van outside and brought it in. Typical MS.
ArbitorChief  +   437d ago
I guess that's why we had those Fortezela glasses leaked over 2 years ago for the Xbox One -_-
MasterCornholio  +   437d ago
The only thing that Sonys reveal could do is speed up the development or rush the release of Microsofts VR technology. Thats about it.
starchild  +   437d ago
Well, if Sony can claim they've been working on VR for years even though they haven't shown anything until now, then I don't see why Microsoft can't say the same thing.

I mean, maybe it's true in both cases. I suspect they were both dabbling in it in a minor way until Oculus started making a big splash with the Rift and both companies saw people's reaction to it.
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beerzombie  +   437d ago
stop smoking crack.
Tedakin  +   437d ago
webeblazing  +   437d ago
its sad that this gets a lot of agrees and people think that sony cant do the same. like i said its a lot of companies that experiment with different technologies. and i wouldnt be surprised if ms nintendo, and other companies pop up with their version. people seem to forget that it kinda easy for a multi billion dollar company to make a quick prototype. with all ms resource it would kinda pathetic if they cant. just like sony, theyre going to throw a quick prototype together by following what OR is doing, then BAM instant hits. the both have OR dev kits and OR devs been constantly teaching the public about the work.
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Tiqila  +   437d ago
Good! Really like to see that more big companies (and also smaller ones) are pushing VR. The future of gaming never stops to amaze me!
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urwifeminder  +   437d ago
Ms like gimmicks too no surprise here.
Angeljuice  +   437d ago
Rick (from the young ones) is "the people's poet", you are an annoying fool (going by your previous comments). I demand you retire that avatar immediately!!!
Failure to comply will result in a visit by "Special Patrol Group" (Vivien's hamster).

You Have Been Warned!
urwifeminder  +   436d ago
That's not nice is it because my console tastes differ , if I do this should you retire Buddah as your avatar ? I am glad you find me annoying it gives me renewed vigour to be even more so .
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Angeljuice  +   436d ago
Lol, see not a hint of poetry in your reply. Point proven!
5eriously  +   437d ago
Sure, maybe many companies dabbed with VR in the past. Sony are yet again ahead of the pack in this gen regarding consoles. They are one up on Microsoft yet again by announcing and revealing their VR device first just as with the PS4 reveal. Thus, now MS will scramble to compete and have to play catchup again. I really welcome the competition but think that if anyone can make this work it will be Sony. They did not only reveal their VR device but had some running well in demo's so it's only a question of finalising and waiting for devs to get some good content developed before release. I will go for it day1 irrespective of on which console it would be released first as it's something I dreamed about a long time. If MS also release on then I will get that too together with a XBone if the quality is acceptable.

First to market with quality content is the key here for me.
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DC777  +   437d ago
VR will need it's own type of games. The videos using today's games just make it look like way to tight a perspective to play in. There is no point in jumping on the VR bandwagon yet. If someone tries to pop one out too soon it's going to do a virtual boy.
TristanPR77  +   437d ago
well, saying "we have worked on VR" is not the same as having a concrete project or "here, this is our initiative and here is our product prototype" as Sony did.

As Sony and Oculus are working on making a partnership, I doubt microsoft will be relevant on VR. I also doubt that the xbone can handle a decent VR experience with that weak hardware.
PsylentKiller  +   437d ago
I don't think the Xbox One or the PS4 will be able to handle VR on its own. To avoid nausea VR needs to be at 1080p or higher for each eye. The Xbox One is barely reaching 1080p and the PS4 is reaching that resolution somewhat easily but I sincerely doubt the PS4 can double the resolution it's outputting right now.

This is why I believe that the processing power of the VR will be done through a separate box; an attachment or peripheral of sorts. Similar to the 360 HD-DVD player or the KI ext 2.0
Smootherkuzz  +   437d ago
I would like a VR headset with kinect(s) and that directional floor pad. That would be the ultimate for me (besides pc) till somrthing better happens.
bleedsoe9mm  +   437d ago
VR is a platform not a peripheral , let sony spend time and resources making vr vacations to japan , ms should just worry about making the best library of controller games for the xb1 .
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Hicken  +   436d ago
... well, they can't very well make the best library of controller games for the Wii U, can they?
Ra3030  +   436d ago
I'm calling BS on Microsoft on the VR....why wait till now to say "Worked on VR 'For Quite a While".
VR is hot news now for the next couple weeks and you don't want your X1 owners to think your being left behind. MS has become all hype about everything. No wonder they have sales issues.
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   436d ago
This is sad it is more then clear the MS had no option or thought to bring VR to X1.

they would have been better to be level headed and focus on other things then to say oh oh oh look um yeah well we have thought about one...

Quick someone dig up a patten an intern drew years ago...

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