Dark Souls II Backstabs Titanfall In Latest Nordic Game Chart

Dark Souls II dominates this week, even beating Titanfall into second place

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GraveLord1525d ago

The JRPG is back baby!

The Souls series is easily the most influential (japanese)IP from the PS3/360 era.


It has been so cool following the growth of this series since the Demon Souls release

JsonHenry1525d ago

With this being real time does it count as a "JRPG" and not just a western RPG made by the Japanese?

I was always under the impression the term JRPG was meant solely for turn based (think FF series) type of games. Or am I completely wrong on this?

Menech1525d ago

I realise it doesn't fit the traditional Japanese RPG mold, however it is a JRPG in the very sense of the word. It also doesn't play like western RPG's either, it's quite unique and doesn't really have much to be compared with.

djplonker1525d ago


Japanese role playing game

So any rpg from Japan is a jrpg but I prefer to use the term for games like final fantasy or the tales of series!

NovusTerminus1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

If Mass Effect counts as a WRPG, then Dark Souls 2 is definitely a JRPG, they are not all turn based. Looks at Tales, Ys, and Dragons Dogma.

Note: I am not in any way bashing ME.

nix1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

considering how much Dark Souls 2 stutters while playing, i can confirm that it is JRPG considering it's not exactly real time.

i wish the game wasn't lagging so much. as if the game doesn't infuriate you enough, now the menu window doesn't open up fast enough to change the weapons. and the blur when you swing the camera around in "Fallen Giants".


JsonHenry1524d ago

I have run into trouble more than once because the menu will lag when opening. Sometimes by up to 2 seconds. Then another 3-4 seconds for the pictures of the items to load in once the menu is brought up.

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Magicite1525d ago

its time for JRPGs to kick FPS in the balls!

URNightmare1525d ago

Yes! Dark Souls 2 is the highest rated game this month so far.

Sly-Lupin1524d ago

Dark Souls is not a JRPG, it's a WRPG.

These distinctions have to do with stylistic (NOT mechanical) choices, not nationality. Nor ethnicity, nor religion, for that matter. If it were, it would be a bigoted label. (Just imagine if we called games things like "Jew FPS," or "Negro RTS," etc., etc.

The simplest way to recognize the difference is to take note of the narrative emphasis. JRPGs emphasize direct storytelling, usually placing the player in the role of a character within a story, whereas WRPGs emphasize ambient storytelling (basically, the setting), and usually make the protagonist an avatar for the player.

In other words, JRPGs are about exploring a story, WRPGs are about exploring a world.

Obviously, there can be a lot of muddling because game genres in general, particularly RPGs, are AWFUL, and both JRPGs and WRPGs share the same common root--pen-and-paper RPGs.

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This is probably because the lack of Xbox One in the Nordic region, OR they just LOVE Dark Souls 2

buzzkiller61421525d ago

the Xbox one has not officially released in those countrys, people buying the game are importers.

iosgamer1525d ago

Are we at the point where we can call Dark Souls II a blockbuster?

SolidDuck1525d ago

I don't know, but dark souls did sell almost 3 million. Also dark souls 2 is awesome, so when does blockbuster status come into play.

iosgamer1525d ago

I guess when we stop referring to it as niche. And those figures aren't niche

Sly-Lupin1524d ago

Not niche, no, but still far from being "mainstream." The 2-5 million sales range is more "moderate success" range, and puts Dark Souls in the same company as stuff like Saints Row.

ThanatosDMC1525d ago

Back Stabs or counters/parry's are so much harder now... but an unupgraded dagger could easily kill players with one hit. Makes me so happy when i'm able to do it.

Audiggity1525d ago

I'm surprised TF was ever #1. A previous gen game with a massive install base vs. any next gen title should easily win the weekly sales race.

It's basic math, shouldn't be a surprise.

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