Dream Girls: 10 Characters We Wish Were Real

CCC Says: "At one point or another, it has been easier for us as man-gamers to identify with the ladies we see in our games easier than real ones. Why? Because they embody our every fantasy. They were created to be everything we have ever wanted in a woman. So naturally, it would be much easier to identify with a beautiful woman in a game who actually invests in your character, because let’s face it, real women are just too hard to read sometimes. So let’s dive right in and take a look at this bevy of beauties."

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TheSuperior 1528d ago

interesting enough. to stray from topic just a little if you were to choose one best friends (man or woman) to become real who would they be? Me, I would say personally Nathan drake; real seeming, funny and not very intimidating to me personally (so many others would be) haha

ATi_Elite1528d ago

These characters are ALL REAL, just go to any Comic CON or Cosplay CON and you will see them walking around.

chikane1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

for me it would be

Claire< only from ff 13.

yea i really dig ff females -_-

1527d ago
DCfan1527d ago

FFX Yuna, not the "What can i do for you" Yuna.

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