WorthPlaying reviews Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz

Atom writes:

''Everyone loves a good trivia game. Whether you're simply tossing random bits of information back and forth at a barbecue or participating in a rousing game of Trivial Pursuit, there's just something fun about challenging your friends in obscure pop culture or history knowledge. That appears to have been the basis for the creation of the Buzz! Buzzer, a set of four controllers, each one featuring a giant red "buzzer" and four multicolored buttons, very much like you'd see on any modern game show. It plugs directly into your PS2's USB slot, turning your console into an impromptu game show, with up to four players competing to earn virtual money and prizes. The best part about the buzzer is that it's actually being supported, as Sony seems to realize the powerful casual appeal of an at-home trivia game. Their first release, Buzz! The Mega Quiz was met with surprisingly positive reviews, and hot on its heels is the first expansion, Buzz! The Hollywood Quiz.

The Hollywood Quiz is, quite obviously, built around Hollywood trivia, so there are no science or math questions here, just queries on the inner workings of Jackie Chan, Will Smith and Jessica Alba. With over 5,000 unique trivia questions available, you'll find yourself busy for quite a while. While some trivia questions are text-based, others might require you to identify a snippet of a movie or identify a picture as it unblurs. The only thing missing from The Hollywood Quiz is actual clips from the movies. Occasionally, you'll see a few brief seconds of a movie, but these rarely last very long and don't really allow for extended shots. Compared to games like Scene It! available on the next-generation consoles, this poor PlayStation 2-era title might seem a bit outdated.''

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