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"As the first AAA open world PlayStation 4 title, inFamous: Second Son has a lot riding on its shoulders. With the PlayStation 4 lacking quality next-gen exclusives, Sucker Punch Productions faces a momentous task in making sure it delivers with Second Son. Fortunately, the game lives up to the hype and manages to look damn good while doing so."

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Naughty__Boy1342d ago

I only got the stranded edition because I didn't want the hat and I read all copy's of the game come with a patch to get the Cole` Legacy and Paper Trail dlc.
I haven't seen any patch or dlc could someone explain this please.

Bathyj1342d ago

I thoughts Cole legacy only came with the Spec Ed. Thats why I bought it, not for the hat.

king_george1342d ago

Pretty solid reviews coming in for second son im glad. I really wished this game would score mostly 9s and 10s across the board but maybe reviewers are starting to buckle down... maybe. This will probably be my first ps4 game :)

NukaCola1342d ago

Reviewers are getting nit picky this gen. It's as if they want it to fail.

king_george1342d ago

Maybe some do. I feel like alot of them have huge expectations coming into this gen tho. Call me crazy but i honestly like that reviews are looking more strict and not as forgiving this gen

NukaCola1341d ago

I can agree but it seems like that is a standard not shared equally by all game media

URNightmare1342d ago

I have enjoyed all inFamous games so far. I just started playing and took me a minute to decide which path I was going to take, hero or inFamous.

hulk_bash19871342d ago

This is a must have PS4 game. Looks amazing, plays amazing and it's just alot of fun. If people haven't made the jump to PS4 already, they should for inFAMOUS: Second Son.

AceBlazer131342d ago

Game is the best been playin since this mornin.

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The story is too old to be commented.