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Submitted by GSKerns 692d ago | opinion piece

Why are there No Destructible Environments in Titanfall?

Was Respawn sandbagging when they designed Titanfall? GamerzUnite looks at the choices made in Titanfall and why the lack of anything truly new could help the inevitable sequel be an even more successful title. Does the success of Titanfall mean that innovation isn't even necessary in AAA game development? (Dev, Industry, PC, TitanFall, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

mhunterjr  +   692d ago
I don't see how destructible environments would positively effect the meticulous balancing act they pulled between the pilots and titans. Instead, it would make the titans overpowered as they would be able to cut off any means for pilots to travel or hide.

kudos for Respawn for making decisions based on how the game is to be played , not for the sale of having a check on the box.
GSKerns  +   692d ago
They claimed that non-destructible environments were for game balance... and at the same time hinted they aren't ruling it out for the sequel.

So why not keep the buildings indestructible but at least be able to blow up a tree or knock some leaves off? Why not be able to scan your face onto a character with your kinect? Why not be able to customize the look of your Titan?

If the game is so well balanced and gameplay focused... how come MLG and no other eSports outlet has added the game to their roster yet?

Pilots already have the ability to be entirely invisible to a Titan... I'm not buying it was so they could be able to hide.
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mhunterjr  +   692d ago
Well you could ask why any feature isn't in any game. Developers can always choose to try to squeeze in more, but at some point they have to draw the line and release the game. It's going to boil down to cost/benefit analysis. Would the time and money it takes to add X feature into a game be worth it in the long run? Would tree destruction and face capture be worth missing the release date? I doubt it.

Pilots can turn invisible IF you choose that tactical ability. Their are several othe abilities folks might want instead of invisibility. And the cloak only lasts log enough for you to get from the open to a place of cover. Besides, the pilots true weapon against the titans is the ability to attack from above. Take that away and there's no balance. What about the fact that the maps are intricately designed so that pilots can get to one end to the other in mere seconds? How would they do that if there were no walls and billboards to run on once the titans fall? How would the epilogue play out? What about the fact that the other perks like Stim and Radar would now be pointless because there are no walls to run on or hide behind? What about the fact that there is a clear intention is to have areas that only pilots can access?

Is your argument that the game is poorly balanced because MLG hasn't picked it up? If I had to guess, it's because of the fear that the grunts might sway the outcome of a match. Doesn't change the fact that the dynamic between the power of the titans and the finess of the pilots is expertly balanced.
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GSKerns  +   692d ago
Sure on every game they could always do more... but Titanfall isn't every game. Not every game has a multi-million dollar console exclusivity deal. Not every game is the first Xbox One bundle at a very crucial time to get consoles in living rooms.

There are plenty of solutions to having an environment destroyed but keeping balance to a pilot. Add tactical abilities like a shield that only works against a titan, add an ability that creates a decoy character only visible to a titan.

Why build the game on the Source Engine that Half-Life 2 ran on 10 years ago? Not even Source Engine 2? They had the money and resources from EA... Frostbite 3 was available to them.

If gameplay and competitive play were a priority... why not the option to turn off spectres and grunts? It's not just MLG, not a single eSports outlet has added the game... not one.
URNightmare  +   692d ago
I would say it is something to do with the old engine as no COD has destructible environments either. And the attempt on destructed maps in Ghosts is very very poor and mediocre.

I truly believe it's the engine.
Bennibop  +   692d ago
I think titanfall was all about minimal financial risk as it was an unknown entity. Hence why they used a 10 year old engine. Maybe now it's proven titanfall 2 will introduce some of these features.
malokevi  +   692d ago
Why is the sky blue? Why do turkeys sing? Why anything?

Small team, first outing, new hardware, old engine. Dont wrack your brain over it too hard. I would be willing to bet you can smash some concrete in Titanfall 2.

For everything Titanfall doesn't do, there's a million more things that it does do. Enjoy your videogames, and stare longingly at the horizon.
Menech  +   692d ago
You realise Titanfall was built on the Source engine right? Something that doesn't actually do destructible environments well.

It isn't running Frostbite like Battlefield 4, although that is a good thing. Source engine has always offered better & tighter feeling gun combat. It keeps Titanfall from feeling like all the other generic shooters out there, because gameplay is actually good.

Graphics aren't bad either, I play on 2560x1440 which is almost double the resolution of 1080p & it looks excellent.
Mikeyy  +   692d ago
I don't get how you can say the shooting mechanics are bad in battlefield.

Dice at least tries. You have bullet physics and recoil. All cod and titanfall have is hitscan laser guns.

Yes the old gen 30 fps versions feel sluggish but the next gen battlefield plays awesome at 60ish fps.
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Menech  +   692d ago

I don't care how realistic the shooting mechanics in Battlefield 4 are, I don't play video games for realism. The aiming aspects of Battlefield 4 are simply sluggish compared to Titanfall.

The game is also pretty much a flop commercially, it sold far less than Battlefield 3 & felt just like it with a new coat of paint & more bugs.

PS, I play on PC around 80 FPS with my current rig. I still think the Battlefield 4 shooting mechanics are poor, last Battlefield that felt right was Battlefield 2.
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mhunterjr  +   692d ago
Sure there are ways balance the game if there were destructible environments, but would that result in a better game? The formula they have now works very well, and tons of people enjoy it. Why come up with a completely different formula just for the sake of being able to say you can blow up walls. Their task was to come up with a gameplay loop, and then implement features that compliment it. Not to implement features, and then try to build a game around it. Parkour and elevation are central parts of the way the game was designed to be played. So why would they implement a feature that would ruin those central aspects.

Why use a modified source engine? Because they determined that they could customize the engine to suite their needs. The frostbite engine is known for its visuals and destructible environments. But not for low latency input. Again, they chose the engine that suited their needs.

Gameplay was a priority, and the general consensus is that they have delivered on that front. It's fun. The game is also competitive, better players always win, but it's clear that accessibility was their main focus. They designed this game for consumers to purchase, not for it to become an esport. Their goal was to create a game that casuals and hardcore consumers would enjoy, one that would lay the foundation of a franchise . They've clearly succeed in that, despite the lack of destructible environments and e-sport backing. They have their priorities in order , that other stuff can come later.
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cyguration  +   692d ago
Really? So now we're praising companies for last-gen graphics, last-gen (or rather, two-decade old) player counts, and now we're praising them for NOT including destructible environments when just about every new open-world indie game coming out on PC has destructible environments?

Dear word, wtf did you pay for then? You've effectively supported moving BACKWARDS in the gaming industry.
IcicleTrepan  +   692d ago
As it is, the game is fun. I enjoy it. I don't need for them to tick all of the boxes in some bureaucratic spreadsheet for me to suddenly say, OK now I am officially allowed to have fun with this game.
Irishguy95  +   692d ago
Yeah, Killzone SF was great, BF4 was not broken, Cod ghosts was not a repeat. Lets all Rip on Titanfall for being the first FPS in a long time that feels different. Because hey, gimmicks aren't in it.
Baka-akaB  +   692d ago
it's not necessarily a praise . But i dont see many game that are as fast paced shooter with a bit of acrobatics lately . Outside of a few pc games , and i missed that .

They can definitively improve , but there is more a need for this , than for yet another clone pushing the Cod or BF pseudo realistic , or "full-on" realistic envelop . I'd leave that to other . Especially when Cod got so much to catch up with in thoe areas .
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Gohadouken  +   692d ago
Really ? that's funny i could swear i've seen a lot of you guys rejoice when a game choose not to include multiplayer , probably at the expense of the Sp . A sentiment i agree with . It's up to the vision of the creators and what they can fullfill .

Why should we pretend here they HAVE to include every new tech influence and gameplay feature for Titan Fall , yet cherry pick for example like MP missing ?
Ducky  +   692d ago
I hear CounterStrike is the most popular FPS game on PC because of its breath-taking visuals, large 64 player battles, and completely destructible environments.

I wouldn't know, I haven't played CS.
Personally, I refuse to buy any game with less than 1000 players in it because Planetside 1 could do it in 2003. I also demand fully destructible environments like Red Faction 2.
Come on people, the industry has to move forwards.
mhunterjr  +   691d ago
Destructive environments don't equal more fun... Moving forward doesn't mean just making games prettier... It means finding new ways to capture audiences.,. Titanfall is technically impressive in ways other than visuals.
firelogic  +   692d ago
Because Battlefield games are unbalanced right?
Gohadouken  +   692d ago
Because Battlefield's balance fits with battlefield . Doesnt mean it will with every frickin' fps out there .
3-4-5  +   692d ago
I don't know anybody who plays Battlefield 4, who actually plays it FOR the destructive environments.

They play it for the Gameplay.
firelogic  +   691d ago
The point he made was having titans crashing through buildings unbalances the game. BF has destrucible environs with large vehicles and the balance is just fine.

The ACTUAL reason TF doesn't have it is because their engine is so freaking old, it can't do it.
cyclindk  +   692d ago
Performance, enough said.

They could have at least had mini-set pieces, crate, fence, light weight stuff breakable...
Christopher  +   692d ago
They said a long time ago that there isn't any so that mechs can't overpower pilots outside of mechs by just destroying walls and hitting the unprotected people without much issue.

It also ruins the design of parkour and wall jumping environments if you can just destroy them.
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GSKerns  +   692d ago
So that excuses them from making any effort to add in next-gen elements to the game? They can't still leave a building frame that a pilot can still run on even after a wall has been destroyed?

What does Titanfall do that currently isn't possible on last gen tech? I guess we'll find out when the 360 version comes out next month and it's identical gameplay-wise.
Christopher  +   692d ago
I'm explaining why they said it wasn't in there.

And, just because it's "next gen" doesn't mean it needs to have environments that can be destroyed. That sort of thing is a game design decision, not a current generation requirement.
Fireseed  +   692d ago
Answer me this, what exactly does Killzone do that isn't possible on previous gen systems in terms of gameplay?
ShowGun901  +   692d ago
people are just pointing out something "next gen" thats missing, just like how people pointed out that infamous SS didn't have dynamic lighting. THAT would add so little to the game, imo, that i really don't care its not there. but blowing chunks off of a building with my titan WOULD be awesome, and i think its not in the game for 2 reasons, source engine being old, and the inclusion of a 360 port that couldnt handle it. they could have made it purely asthetic, not affecting gameplay at all.

its not just infamous and titanfall, look how much people were complaining about watchdogs' graphical "downgrade", heck, it still looks great! or Ground Zeroes being completely awesome, but too short. people are gonna want everything for every game. forever.
_FantasmA_  +   692d ago
Cause it wasn't cloudy outside. The forecast for the rest of the year: Sunny with no chance of clouds or rain.
Baka-akaB  +   692d ago
Wait a min , this a fast paced game where you climb , jump , scale upon building WITH the occasional Mech actions .... but you guys want them to included background destructions ? And you wonder how it could f*ck up the game's balance and fun ?

Either its pretty but pointless destruction on the side that dont impact the game , then it's useless .. or it's actually effective and ruins it potentially .

Adds in some people's wishes for gigantic map BF and mag style , and 32 vs 32 or 64 vs 64 actions ... and i'll wish your game never exists ... at least not within titan fall . just ask Dice for a sequel to BF 2142 .
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Summons75  +   692d ago
Easy, Call of Duty creators are LAZY. They've taken shortcuts left and right to make this game as simple and stupid as you can possibly get. It would have been funny to blow the wall out from someone when they were running on it, it would have been a nice balance and gotten rid of repetitively dry gameplay.

Not saying its required for every game but when the difference between this and call of duty is some robots and wall running that everyone complained about in Brink, it would help to do everything to make it different.
Dudebro90  +   692d ago
Someone clearly hasn't played titanfall.
Summons75  +   692d ago
or you haven't...

Go read some player feedback and you will see how mediocre this game is. It's not bad, it's average, the hype for this game is over hyped. Only people who are happy with it are people who are new to gaming or are unable to practice and become good at a game.

Sorry the truth hurts you but facts are facts. It's an perfect 10 for the candy crush casual players but for real gamers the game is very poorly designed and lost potential.
MelvinTheGreat  +   692d ago

How is you're opinion of a game you clearly havent played a fact? If you had even played 1 match you would know that this game is perfectly balanced. People who say they want more PVP and drop the AI have no idea what they are talking about. Respawn has created the an almost perfect formula. Just add more content and features and you have one of the greatest fps series of all time
maniacmayhem  +   692d ago
You could apply this question to any game that doesn't feature destructible environments.

It's obvious that being in a Titan would give an even bigger advantage if they could destroy any and all means of cover for pilots on foot.

It's the first entry made by a new team/new company developing this game way before specs of any console was even released to them and certainly the public.
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Hicken  +   692d ago
But not every game without destructible environments features giant mechs with the power to destroy said environments.
maniacmayhem  +   692d ago
And not every game with giant mechs needs destructible environments when it would greatly unbalance the game as I, the designers, and others have already specifically explained.
ShowGun901  +   692d ago
cod dosen't have destruction, but you're a person most of the time, so its not as obvious.

bf does have destruction, and you WOULD notice if you fired a tank shell at an office building and NOTHING HAPPENED.

the mechs in titanfall have massive firepower. it just looks kinda odd when they fire at something and its not obliterated. BTW there would be ways to make the game balanced, even if there was destruction, perhaps giving the pilots more options to take a titan out of commission. all companies make lame excuses when they don't add something to their game, instead of just being an adult and saying "maybe next game, we didn't have the time or resources to do it on this one."
king_george  +   692d ago
I would have so much more respect for devs/pubs if they just admitted that some things couldnt be done

Example: during the development of the original god of war for the ps2, the team wanted to implement the icarus wings. They also wanted to have the player climb cronos instead of view it thru a cutscene. The resources werent there so jaffe and the team made the call to not try to force those things into the game. They actually gave everyone a legit reason (we just couldnt do it) instead of some pr crap.

And guess what? Both the icarus wings and climbing titans came in the future installments
maniacmayhem  +   692d ago
They already specified that it would greatly unbalance the game. We can sit here and speculate and give our opinions or ideas on what they should have and could have done all day long. Hell I think the Titans should transform into vehicles, or merge to form a Gestalt.

Just because the tech is there doesn't mean its a good idea and it's good for the game.

What's more important is the game turned out to be enjoyable and fun. And most critics and players all agree with this.
objdadon  +   692d ago
I'd just like to be able to shoot through walls for those basterds who like to peep out of windows! Lol!
AutoCad  +   692d ago
It will ruin this game.
Ko_Uraki  +   692d ago
Honestly Titanfall has not the best graphics in the world, but every time that I play it, I feel the essence of fun and innovation in the fps genre. It is far from being perfect, but it is unique
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ShowGun901  +   692d ago
exactly! a game can be fun and not have EVERYTHING! but people shouldn't say that a game is better gimped, missing features, ect... destruction and graphics are great, but not everything. just dont pretend your game is better without awesome features that should be there. i just wish we'd get somebody telling the truth about why stuff was left out, istead of "its better like this, trust us..."

i don't trust any of em!
Gohadouken  +   692d ago
I think it's obvious subject like this highlight who actually played the game and who didnt . Of course doesnt mean everyone that tried liked it , or dont have criticism , valid or otherwise , to express .

But still , some clearly have brought they disdain for COD on board and decided it's COD with Mech , wich then if true , mean they gotta trash it .

Some other clearly are all about console warfare and sounding off , because unfortunately it became an exclusive that was paid for .
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RedSoakedSponge  +   692d ago
because destructive environments really ruin the flow of map design. if you can just blow a hole in a wall then the maze of passages is meaningless. while destructive environments are awesome in some cases like battlefield, it doesnt always fit with the vision of the developers. i think it would totally ruin titanfall if you ask me. the flow of combat is perfect as it is.
ATi_Elite  +   692d ago
I thought the SAME exact thing........then Hawken added a destruction map and WOW the game is 100 times better with destruction.

Next Gen gaming = DESTRUCTION! imho
Redempteur  +   692d ago
you can have both ... you just have to design your map with some parts that can be destroyed , giving more options to each team ... Day of defeat was doing it years years ago.. and it worked ...some people would have liked a next-gen version of this concept.

ON the same vein , with next-gen you could have events that change the map , not as big as what battlefield 4 does but again something like that on a small scale could allow dynamic matches while still keeping safe paths for the player on foot to travel to , hide and ambush again , we're back to map design but it's possible.
ATi_Elite  +   692d ago
1 word...........BALANCE!

Respawn has a certain level of balance they wanted and destruction would of messed up their balance tree.

6v6 and No destruction SUCKS but it's respawn's game.

hopefully TFL2 will have Destruction, a higher player count, Perks, killstreaks, care packages, Glitches, Noobs, cheap kills.............OH WAIT I got carried away there.
The_devils_chum  +   692d ago
I love all the excuses why destructible environments would be bad for this game when we all know the truth. It was supposed to be on last gen and rushed out for next gen and xbone would start smoking.

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