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Submitted by Eonjay 689d ago | rumor

USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 3/15/2014

Gen 8 Hardware Sales (US):
XOne 104,872 (+118%) 2,488,64 0
PS4 47,311 (+4%) 2,729,475
WiiU 15,852 (+7%) 2,334,689

Gen 8 Software Sales (US):
XOne 678,209 (+457%) 6,888,21 4
WiiU 76,843 (-9%) 9,947,152
PS4 67,895 (-25%) 5,574,764

Top 5 Games:
Titanfall (XOne) Electronic Arts, Shooter 580,521
Dark Souls II (PS3) Namco Bandai Games, Action 218,791
Dark Souls II (X360) Namco Bandai Games, Action 185,377
Yoshi's New Island (3DS) Nintendo, Action 62,228
Titanfall (PC) Electronic Arts, Shooter 54,093 (Dark Souls 2, PS3, PS4, TitanFall, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Yoshi's New Island)

Hard to tell
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lifeisgamesok  +   689d ago | Well said
Nice job Xbox team

This is a marathon not a sprint- Microsoft
Hatsune-Miku  +   689d ago
A cheaper xbox one with free titan fall barely made an impact which indicates that xbox one is in big trouble. I saw xbox one s at the same price as a ps4 with a free game titanfall and it didn't make any impact. Infamous second son had more reservation than the sales of titanfall. Titanfall is coming to ps4 later this year and the abysmal sales indicates that EA ARE kicking themselves for their initial exclusive deal with Microsoft because in the end they could have made more money mmaking it exclusive on ps4 or having it multiplatform on all console
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Neonridr  +   689d ago | Well said
barely made an impact? It sold over 500k copies of Titanfall in one region. Those are great numbers.

The attachment rate of that game is over 20%.
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Eonjay  +   689d ago
I'm not sure what Microsoft's expectations were, but those numbers aren't bad at all. There is a really good chance that they may be able to be the top sold system this month in the US. If they can win next week, I think they will have March in the bag. And they may be able to come within 200k of PS4 in the US.


I think he is referring to Xbox One not Titanfall. It should have no trouble getting to 1 million by the end of the month. Also, it outsold Call of Duty:Ghosts first week sales.
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mhunterjr  +   689d ago | Well said
Maybe I'm having trouble with math, but on what planet is a 118% in sales considered "barely making an impact"
MelvinTheGreat  +   689d ago
Please go to be a fanboy somewhere else.
SaturdayNightBeaver  +   689d ago
You forgot the most important thing.

"Ps4 is future and future is Ps4"

Hatsune-Miku 2013/2014
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PONTIAC08G8GT  +   689d ago
Software sales, +457% and system sales, +118%. Yea, that's barely an impact. Wii U's numbers are much better.
u got owned  +   689d ago
Congrats to MS on a successful Titanfall launch. It helped XBO outsell PS4 competition 2:1 that week. For the month Im not sure considering Infamous just launch yesterday, but then again the game having mixed reviews could have affect it sales.
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troylazlow  +   689d ago
Great news for Xbox One!

Outstanding week:
-Outsold PS4 almost 2:1.
-Just under 700k units in games sold.
-Reduced the PS4 lead to 250k systems and surpassed the Wii U (in US)
starscream420  +   689d ago
You sir obviously don't know what your talking about.......Titan fall IS exclusive. Titanfall is selling very well. Titan fall 2 coming to ps4........most likely but not Titanfall 1
MasterCornholio  +   689d ago

Titanfall isnt exclusive. Just like Diablo 3 isnt exclusive to the PS4 just because it wasnt announced for the Xbox One.

Ashby_JC  +   689d ago

For a console with less then 4 million in the wild. Selling almost 600K week one in the US alone is HUGE!!

In comparison....look at sales for South Park stick of truth....between the 360 and PS3 which boast over 100+ Million consoles sold less then 100K units week one.

GTFOH with this nonsense your spewing.
uptownsoul  +   689d ago
Yeah TItanfall did have an impact. But it was more of a Wii U impact in that it sold well with people who already own the console. But for as big as the game is, i would have thought i'd see even bigger Xbox One hardware sales (The PS4's numbers were rather close globally, for not having any games release). I've seen some Youtube Xbox fans saying the Xbox One would sell 1 Million units in March thanks to Titanfall. That clearly won't happen.
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Evilsnuggle  +   689d ago
I think what Hatsune-Miku is saying that it doesn't impact the lifetime sales of PS4 and xbone . The PS4 has more that two and a half million More PS4 sold than xBone and growing.

This does not surprise me Look at my comments I said that Titanfall will probably out sell PS4 worldwide for 2 weeks . That is until the 360 version of Titanfall will be released then xbone sells will tumble tumble and fall again. But Microsoft just got a Stay of execution from EA with the delay of 360 version of Titanfall. I don't think xbone will out sell PS4 worldwide for the month of March but maybe on titinfall is delayed on 360. Still Hatsune-Miku is right xbone out sold PS4 by 20000 units worldwide. Titanfall is xbone biggest title until halo 5 in two years and xbone only out sold PS4 by 20000. The xbone is in serious trouble If all the hype of Titanfall sales only 20000 more xbone than PS4 xbone is doomed. What will xbone do after Titanfall no system seller on the horizon For xbone until halo 5 so far. The PS4 still has it's biggest game of the year The Order 1886 coming out winter 2014 it's going to be a huge system seller for PS4. Xbone fanBoys yes selling 700000 copy of Titanfall is good for EA. Most people who have a xbone bought it for Titanfall or because they were already going to buy titanfail. Microsoft needs to sale new xbone and Titanfall don't look like it's selling many new system sells. The xbone only out sold PS4 by 20000 units.
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cozomel  +   689d ago
Ok, as usual people are being dumb here and as usual you got the xbox fanboys puffing their chests and the ps fanboys trying to act neutral, but downplaying it at the same time. But first of all, its VGC, so why are we taking this as accurate, they'll just go back in afterwards and correct their guess after the fact. And second of all, VGC will just go in next week and put Infamous numbers right around the same amount as this and mysteriously the PS4 numbers will be up. It bullsh*t and you people need to stop falling for this crap every single time. Y'all never learn. Mark my words, next week will prove me right. And to all the fanboys puffing their chests. In the grand scheme of things, this doesnt matter, but go ahead get your hopes up, so you can be let down yet again by MS and the XO. But fanboys never learn and will continue this nonsense. Its insanity. Also, where are they getting their info-numbers from?
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Kingoftherodeo  +   689d ago
Give me that link or place where you saw xbox one for 400 with titanfall included so i can share it with the world. Other wise you are talking out of your ass. You dont think people would jump at xbox1 with titanfall included for same price as a ps4?
soljah  +   689d ago
the fact that ms had to lower the price of the xbone plus give away titanfall for free to get people to buy the system is troubling. ms has had to discount the system just months after release means the more they sell the bigger the loss.
plus they spent hundreds of millions to get the game on xbox.
btw has anyone been tracking the sales of the 360 which has been over taken by the ps3 in the usa in weekly sales for the last several months.
i declear the 360 and wii are now dead the ps3 and ps4 has become the king of last gen and current gen hardware
NewMonday  +   689d ago
According to these rumors XB1 moved 55k units more than PS4

But Europe and Japan sales will negate that

And next week will see the effects of the chart topping inFAMOUS PS4 bundle
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No_Limit  +   689d ago
Congrat MS, Respawn for having a successful launch. I knew this was the case when I went to the Midnight launch to pick up Titanfall and Darks Souls 2. There were at least a dozen people trading in their old systems for the Titanfall Bundle.
Boody-Bandit  +   689d ago
This is a nice little boost for MS but I don't think they are overly thrilled one bit with these numbers. This is far and away their biggest region and TF was marketed through the roof. I honestly thought MS was going to hit around 200k+ with this bundle in the US.

Right now WalMart, the biggest retailer in the world, just dropped the price of the XBOX ONE TitanFall bundle by $50. You can order it online or walk into any WalMart store in the US and walk out with an X1 TF bundle for $450 +tx. That's equivalent to getting and X1 for under $399.

What I'm wondering is will all other US retailers follow suit. Also is a price drop incoming from MS or is this just WalMart trying to move stock? Either or something is up. If anyone knows thing one about WalMart they are one of the greedier corporations in the world today.
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Death  +   689d ago
"the fact that ms had to lower the price of the xbone plus give away titanfall for free to get people to buy the system is troubling."

I looked into getting an Infamous PS4 bundle since the game looks to be amazing. When I seen Sony released it for $570 I quickly changed my mind. I don't need an extra controller or another PS+ subscription and the bundle doesn't save the customer any money at all. Next time I see a PS4 I might pick it up along with the game for $460.

Microsoft lowered the price and included a game for those looking to jump into the Xbox One. You can call it desperate or you can call it strategy. Either way it's good for the customer unlike the bundle Sony is offering.
beereal360  +   689d ago
You sir are what we call a hater. LMAO.
scott182  +   689d ago
Good job Microsoft, really picked it up sales wise.
Boody-Bandit  +   689d ago

The Infamous bundle has nothing to do with Sony. Its a Gamestop bundle. Walmart, Sams Club and newegg are all selling PS4s but only bundled. None of that is Sonys doing. Just companies trying to cash in on PS4 popularity / demand.
Boody-Bandit  +   689d ago
Best Buy is now selling the XBOX ONE TF bundle for $449.99 as well as WalMart. How long before every retailer drops the price? Is this a price drop incoming from MS on the XBOX ONE or them trying to move the TF bundles?

I checked every other retailer in the US and so far it's only WalMart and Best Buy. I have several windows opened with all the other retailers seeing if or when they too will drop the price.
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MorePowerOfGreen  +   689d ago
If the strain on XBL in the last couple of weeks are any indication of a massive influx of XB1 owners the numbers for both the XB1 console and Titanfall should be much higher than these numbers.

Good job MSFT. Lots of sour grapes denial in here. Why do PS4 fans care so much about Xbox?
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malokevi  +   689d ago
Those are impressive numbers from MS. Obviously Titanfall had the impact they were hoping for. Well deserved. Now keep em coming!!!
AndrewLB  +   689d ago
KingoftheRodeoClowns- Walmart has the Xbone for $449 bundled with Titanfall, and it's not very difficult to obtain a 10% off coupon for Walmart if you search around or sign up for their email crap. So with that coupon, the price is $404.
ABizzel1  +   689d ago
Like I said XBO may outsell PS4 in NA this month, but WW I still think PS4 takes it, this weeks sales determines the results, and if MS loses, it's good for us because we can expect a price cut this year.
Pain  +   689d ago
hmm "Not a sprint but a marathon" I recall that's what Sony said back when ps3 launched a year after Xbox did and was behind in sales..
fr0sty  +   689d ago
I can't believe people are even acting surprised by this. Of course there was a boost in sales, and of course it outsold the other consoles. This is one of the most heavily hyped titles in recent history, it's coming out for a console that is new and doesn't have a lot of games, it is being promoted as the console's flagship title, and it coincided with a price cut and bundle in many areas.

The real test will be seeing how long those numbers hold up. Both MS and EA are biting their nails hoping the pace keeps up, they've both taken a big bet on Titanfall. PS4 isn't going to be supply constrained forever, and one of its heavy hitters (with over a million pre-orders) just dropped.
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pheature  +   689d ago
i own a ps4 it is awesome, but i am far from biased.
ppl forget that ps4 is in far more countries than xbox1 i think x1 has 13 countries. so i think if they had the same amount of countries at this stage of titan fall there obivously would be a massive hamerblow to the ps4 profit,
but i truely belive that since titan fall did so well for x1 and it did considerin the countries it was in, so movin to the ps4 on titan fall 2 when x1 should be in as almost the same amount as countrys as the ps4, the sales for that game and both consoles would be greatly increased for both, i belive this is the plan between both companys.
yes they are "enimeys" but believe me they work together on things laughin the whole way to the bank. which i think is the average consumers fault, who would purchase a console on biased opinions which rite now favours the ps4.
but when halo comes out for x1 i will purchase it and i am sure alot of other ps4 owners will as xbox 360 ppl (not the average consumer the gammers) who choose the better console at the time, will then go back to the x1.
it is crafty work from both companys.
fr0sty  +   689d ago
If Microsoft knew their sales would rocket up like that if they were released in more countries, they would have done that by now. There's a reason why they're only available in 13 countries, and it isn't "localization" like they claim. No other console in history (even the other ones you can operate with your voice) have been delayed like that over localization.
marloc_x  +   689d ago
XB1..the first sound of the future..
Gamer1982  +   688d ago
Shame once the 360 version comes out they can kiss goodbye to them extra sales.. Still wasn't enough for them to get over the line at the end of the day. Sony still ahead and now have infamous sales to come.. Worldwide charts are gonna be interesting for the week.. Did Xbox outsell PS4?
IcarusOne  +   688d ago
@Hatsune: "which indicates that xbox one is in big trouble"

What does big trouble look like in your world? Because I don't think you understand that phrase. Both Sony and MS are making money off these systems. Big money. Only fanboys worry and bite their nails over which sells more.
pakua  +   689d ago
If Titanfall was exclusive then this would be huge news. The longevity has to be questioned but it's a smart move delaying the 360 version (if MS had anything to do with it)

Having said that, I'm surprised at the huge gap between PC and Xbox One Titanfall sales. Maybe this is the system seller after all.
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GamingSinceThe80s  +   689d ago
The fact the does not take digital sales in to account mite have something to do with the small sales numbers.
BakPAin  +   689d ago
Walmart and Best Buy selling Titanfall bundle for $449 thats not bad!
Walmart aslo has the Forza bundle for $449!! These numbers going up!!
MasterCornholio  +   689d ago
Didnt Sony say the same thing?

So who is right?
HighResHero  +   689d ago
I think when the official numbers are published it will be especially funny this month.
MasterCornholio  +   689d ago

I believe the PS4 will still outsell the XB1 this month.

P.S I'm talking about global numbers however it could be different in the UK and the US.
sic_chops  +   688d ago
Yes, Sony did say "it's a marathon, not a sprint." MS just copies what they say just like when Phil Spencer (greasy used car salesman) said "the xbox one is a console made for gamers, by gamers." Sony said it first and it sounded good so M$ used it.
AsimLeonheart  +   689d ago
That was said by Sony when MS was boasting its one year early Xbox360 launch and sales lead. PS3 had Europe and Japan to fall back to which helped it gain the lead in worldwide sales even if it was never able to catch up in the US. What has the Xbone got to fall back on? Europe and Japan are lost causes for them so they will always be behind Sony even if they equal sales in the US.
#1.4 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
MasterCornholio  +   689d ago
Microsoft said the same thing.

Guess who said it?

"Microsoft exec Phil Harrison has defended the Xbox One's ongoing sales battle with PlayStation 4 as "a marathon, not a sprint" in response to Sony's higher global sales total."

P.S Kutaragi has a very strange look on his face in the picture.
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Rimeskeem  +   689d ago
Remember that infamous has not been put in the data so next weeks these numbers are going to be completely different.
LiberatedAnimal  +   689d ago
The funniest part is how well the WiiU is starting to hang with the comp. GAMES GAMES GAMES! That's what sells systems. I feel like after Kart, Smash, Bayonetta2 and X, WiiU will really have found it's footing and I think we will all be surprised by the outcome. Can't wait to get a PS4 though. I have $300 saved! Almost there.
#1.6 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
CaEsAr-  +   689d ago
These were Tretton's words .. lol
sic_chops  +   688d ago
Yes they were his words. M$ copies them since they must look up to them so much.
elsuperamigo   689d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   689d ago
Wow I can't believe PS4 still on top in the USA....This is a marathon not a sprint..Sony Nov.2006..
2pacalypsenow  +   689d ago
"This is a marathon not a sprint" - Sony 2006
SonofGod  +   689d ago
Guess who said that? Phil Harrison.

Who said it with Xbox One? Phil Harrison.
2pacalypsenow  +   689d ago
then ill quote MS

"The one who gets the first 10m wins the war"
XboxFun  +   689d ago
Look at the tears everyone.

of course as usual, now vgchartz can't be trusted and its ran by xbox fanboy, it purposly undertracks sony products. Just like the media is biased against sony, game journalists hate sony exclusives, MS pays game reviews to give low scores to sony games.

am I missing any other excuse you guys like to use whenever something doesn't go your way?

oh, oh....US and UK is not the world.

Im sure we'll be bringing that gem back right.

the gap is quickly closing and it wont take 7 years to do it.
kenshiro100  +   689d ago
the gap is quickly closing? In what reality?
MysticStrummer  +   689d ago
Except the gap isn't closing.
Nes_Daze  +   689d ago
There are no tears, PS fanboys have no reason to be in tears, PS4 is selling great.. VGcharts is always questionable but still interesting to see. There are indeed some game journalists that are biased against Sony, (Sessler, Edge, Gamereactor etc.)

There is no gap closing, lol, you can't close a gap when you are constantly being outsold worldwide.

There are no excuses because nothing is going in any way, both consoles are steadily selling very well, both companies are keeping each other in check, gamers are winning!
#1.11.3 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report
jessupj  +   688d ago
Well well. Look who it is doing what he does best.

You know as juvenile as your responses to me were sometimes at least you had a little intelligence to try to hide your trolling.

I don't know if your ears have been full of sand lately and it's hard to get out because you have to move a heavy rock every time you want to leave, but according to vgcharts..

(which implies it must be taken with a grain of salt as we have constantly said, regardless of sales. Your desperate attempt to scream hypocrite is flat out incorrect, at least for most people here)

... world wide since release the PS4 has been GREATLY outselling the xbone every single week. There is no gap closing, it's only getting wider. Sorry to burst your bubble.

Ironically the only tears I see here are yours.

(can people bubble up XboxFun please. His responses are very entertaining)
#1.11.4 (Edited 688d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
speedforce131  +   688d ago
But wait a minute. VGC overtracks Xbox right? This article shows them overtracking Xbox so that's okay b/c it's Xbox winning right?
DigitalRaptor  +   688d ago
LOL. What?

PS3 took 7 years to outsell the 360 in total number of units, because 360 release a year earlier, and PS3 sold more for the majority of the years it was on sale.

Both PS4 and Xbone released within a week of each other, PS4 is dominating in sales, in performance, in having the better versions of multiplatform games, in having a better console to market, and this will be the same situation for every year it's on the market.

Oh... and the gap isn't closing.

Being so bitter all the time isn't healthy, and since things aren't going to get better for you and your arguments, I'd suggest not living with such harmful delusions. Go outside and play, I think you'll be better at that.
assdan  +   689d ago
How does a it outselling it by a little one week mean it's a sprint? I'm pretty sure most people thought the xbox one would outsell it that week.
Flutterby  +   689d ago
Oh I see VG isn't so unreliable again? Odd that a couple weeks back the xbone fanboys where telling every one to take the numbers with a grain of salt but now they believe them instantly and congrats ms for sales lol
#1.13 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Back-to-Back  +   689d ago
Sprint or marathon

either way MS isnt beating Sony.
avengers1978  +   689d ago
I really don't believe it, GameStop, and amazon had PS4 ahead of XB1 all month, including last week, can't see the XB1 outselling PS4 by that much, but I guess all those infamous bundles won't be counted till this weeks sales, let's see what happens then. NPD numbers 4 march should be very telling
bez87  +   688d ago
Hahahahahahaha brilliant I love the whole use of this term I mean Sony are known for there steady consistency over the gen, and Microsoft are the one's who put out big games in first few months massive gap then more then a gap, and then leave there consoles to it once they jump ship, and now Mircosoft are using the term to try and look good, no offence but Microsoft do the same old thing every time. it's predictable
plasticidolatry  +   689d ago
According to VGCharts PS4/X1 globally (not US only):

March Week 1: 123,702 to 74,441
March Week 2: 132,925 to 155,106 (titanfall week)
March Week 3: (infamous week upcoming)
March Week 4:
Total March: 256,627 to 229,547.

PS4 still ahead globally in March despite supply shortages, Titanfall, price drops, free game bundles, and VGcharts usual undertracking. Let's see how infamous week goes.
#2 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(29) | Disagree(23) | Report | Reply
pakua  +   689d ago
Why are VGChartz undertracking PS4 sales? Can you explain or is this just a rumor?
plasticidolatry  +   689d ago
PS4 has been consistently 100-200k behind what Sony officially announces.
jackanderson1985  +   689d ago
in the US at least they've undertracked PS4 and Xbox One (regardless what anyone says) compared to NPD reports for the last 2 or 3 months... the forums on VGChartz have the comparisons
Nocando  +   689d ago
They undertrack Microsoft as well, their numbers have been way under.
maniacmayhem  +   689d ago
VGChartz only undertracks when Sony consoles are involved. Its like the same excuse used when Sony exclusives are rated low that the reviewer is biased or paid by MS.

Don't listen to these guys.
No_Limit  +   689d ago
Please, VGchartz undertracking is not exclusive to one console!! Sick of these conspiracy theories that the loyalists are using if results are not in their favor.

Feb Vgcartz vs NPD actual

#2.2 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
malokevi  +   689d ago

*looks down at crumpled piece of paper*
dawa  +   688d ago
Last month (January NPD), they overtracked Xbox One by +100k compared to NPD and they never ajusted the numbers. In the same month, PS4 was undertracked by 100k.
pakua   689d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(5)
MelvinTheGreat  +   689d ago
Nice to see both consoles doing well. Exciting times for any gamer!
Bonkerz  +   689d ago
Damn those are some serious numbers for X1. Thats bananas, the increase is crazy big.
I_am_Batman  +   689d ago
Looks like Titanfall is a system seller after all.
dark-kyon  +   689d ago
right great numbers to titanfall,so good what microsoft delayed the 360 version and EA lock titan fall 2 multiplataform to not sink the ip with it.
marlinfan10  +   689d ago
uhhh what do the numbers have to do with delaying the 360 version or TF2? oh wait, i shouldn't ask that cause ill probably get some big conspiracy theory.
Angels3785  +   689d ago
Well I agree the 360 version argument has no relevance. However, it has been no secret that ea thought MS had this generation and that they have realized that they are missing out on potential sales from ps4 (which currently has double the market share of xbox one). With that being said...titanfall doing numbers thats are not to be expected (I know bots think this is great because its the only semi big spike in sales they've seen). BUT if the numbers dont make EA happy (therefore $ in their pocket) it just adds flame to the fire and more reason for each to NOT keep it on MS platforms.

So yes sales are VERY relevant. Not conspiracy.
#6.1.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(4) | Report
TheFallenAngel  +   689d ago
500k? Not bad. I was expecting 1 million after the ridiculously amount of hype.
#7 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   689d ago
You do realize TF has only been out for 2 weeks right? 580,000 copies sold in 2 weeks when theirs less than 3.5 million X1's out there, that's not bad at all.
#7.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
Lawboy2  +   689d ago
These numbers are only for the first week...and only in NA
Rimeskeem  +   689d ago
But infamous got over 1,000,000 pre orders
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   689d ago
Ah yes, you are correct. Sales ending 3/15, so only 1 weeks worth. Wow, even better and only North America.

@sckipt, there's almost 7 million PS4 owners. So of course Infamous would/should sell more.
#7.1.3 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(10) | Report
speedforce131  +   688d ago
Call of Duty can do more than that.
mhunterjr  +   689d ago
Really? Nearly 25% of all xb1 owners in the U.S. purchased the disc version of this game in its first 4days on the market. Throw in the digital downloads and it will be even higher. And that's just the US. to sell 1 mil in 4 days would make it 40% attach rate in the us...that would be ridiculous.
jonboi24  +   689d ago
Good week for MS as expected. Interested to see how infamous effects this week considering it's being released on a Friday rather than Tuesday.
T2  +   689d ago
im sure it is a good week for MS but not because of these made up numbers... more downvotes for vgchartz, it's just the weekly routine.
sgtGanGreen  +   689d ago
This is physical copy only?
TheFallenAngel  +   689d ago
Yes and bundled copies.
#9.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
jackanderson1985  +   689d ago
yeah physical only (and even then it's a half a**ed guess).... only MS, Respawn and EA know the digital sales
Ashby_JC  +   689d ago
I went digital for the first time with TF. After going disc based with 4 other games.

It would be interesting to see Digital sold numbers.
sgtGanGreen  +   689d ago
I have 15 friends who play TF and none of them bought physical copy. All digital
aceitman  +   689d ago
the 105,000 digital copies sold in the bundles count towards the sales of total copies sold of titanfall .so the total of physical copies are around 475,000 sold. and yes the bundles count as physical copies sold.
Team_Litt  +   689d ago
This is good. More consoles sold, more games made. I do not see why anybody needs to be negative about this.
JOEgolferG  +   689d ago
Lets see what the next charts look like after the Infamous release. You can expect PS4 to take back all that ground it lost from the Titanfall launch.
PONTIAC08G8GT  +   689d ago
Well there is double the PS4 owners compared to X1 owners, so infamous should out sell it, it's simple math. PS owners have been waiting for a new game, here it is.
aceitman  +   689d ago
and infamous will only have one day of sales compared to a week.
LoveOfTheGame  +   689d ago
4 days =/= 1 week.

Just saying.
ltachiUchiha  +   689d ago
Not bad but with all the advertisements & hype surrounding this game, I would have thought it would sell a million easy in the US since they love shooters. Pretty good numbers.
Lawboy2  +   689d ago
This is only for the first week...actually only 4 days after release
Funky Town_TX  +   689d ago
I guess this is good. I thought that TF would not help the doomed X1. Oh well, I guess the SDF will find something else.
Eonjay  +   689d ago
I think some people think that if your not on top then you are automatically doomed. The chances of the Xbox One regaining the spot as number one in the US are very slim but that in itself isn't the definition of doomed.
KNWS  +   689d ago
Those software sales are unreal for xb1. Sony is really suffering it seems with the lack of games in the US.

XOne 678,209 (+457%) 6,888,21 4
PS4 67,895 (-25%) 5,574,764

Thats like 10-1 more sales for xb1 for games.

XOne 104,872 (+118%) 2,488,64 0
PS4 47,311 (+4%) 2,729,475

nearly 3-1 for xb1.

That's a massive increase for xb1 whatever what you look at it, big swing.
#14 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(22) | Report | Reply
kenshiro100  +   689d ago
What nonsense are you spewing? The PS4 is suffering from a lack of games?

Stop smoking that joint please.

That spike for the XB1 is temporary. Microsoft better pull another Halo soon.
#14.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
imt558  +   689d ago
Keep it real, dude. Some people expect that Titanfall will give huuuuge boost for Xbone, but, but... just 2 : 1 in Xbone favor.

Sorry, not huge sale boost enough, at least in US.
stuna1  +   689d ago
How people spin this makes no difference! By these charts Microsoft moved a little over 50,000 Xbox1 during this period of TitanFall release and by Microsoft silence I don't think that's good! Now commence to disagreeing!
KNWS  +   689d ago
Wrong Microsoft sold 67,000 more consoles in the US last week over Sony.

Sony sold just over 47,000

Microsoft just over 104,000.

How many more outside the US not sure?

Sony obviously is still leading over Microsoft with more sales from now till launch, but that's a massive good news for Microsoft.

More startling is the software sales, but that's to be expected with the release of Titanfall.

10-1 more sales for games for xb1 still is incredible good week for Microsoft and not sure that includes digital sales?

It be interesting next week to see how good the PS4 sales are. Will infamous shift PS4's and improve software sales for Sony?
#15.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
stuna1  +   689d ago
How you came up with 67,000 consoles is baffling! I've counted 57,000 to be closer to the mark, even though I said a little over 50,000 consoles. Perhaps my math is getting is getting bad in my old age! I was trying to stay in the ballpark, but it seems you knocked it out of the ballpark.

Athough my comment stills stands, whether 50,000, 57,000 or, 67,000, I don't think Microsoft is happy with those figures, because after all TitanFall was meant to push the Xbox1.
aceitman  +   689d ago
xo only sold 20,000 more than ps4 world wide last week which is not good and ps4 is in supply shortage and will restock this week with 400,000 ps4s , so in terms of being a system seller it is not. now is infamous a system seller we will see and it will be only of one day sales compared to one week .
christocolus  +   689d ago
Nice numbers..
urwifeminder  +   689d ago
Those xboxone gamers sure do like software they must find it hard to find time to get on forums, swamped by fun.
bleedsoe9mm  +   689d ago
those are the staggering numbers too me , xb1 owners buy a ton of games
ThatOneGuyThere  +   689d ago
*buy a ton of 1 game because the 360 version was strategically held back.
#17.1.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(3) | Report
Hicken  +   689d ago
But there are so many in here!
urwifeminder  +   689d ago
They have to take a break sometime , and nothing better than hunting tears on n4g.
BakPAin  +   689d ago
I'd say PS fans outnumber Xbox 10-1 on N4G!
BakPAin  +   689d ago
Bubble for you...funny!
king_of_N4G  +   689d ago
This chart explains it all. Xbox One owners are buying a lot of software and enjoying it and don't have the time or desire to troll their competitors. PS4 owners got bored with knack and indies and are trolling N4G 24/7 in a crusade against microsoft out of sheer boredom..
#17.4 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Mikefizzled  +   689d ago
Whilst I consider myself an Xbox fanboy I sincerely hope that MS don't make a fuss that they outsold the PS4.
mike32UK  +   689d ago
Holy ballsack at the %age increase!
ThatOneGuyThere  +   689d ago
when you sell nothing, anything is a huge increase. that said, sh!ts gonna flatline again when the 360 version is released.
mike32UK  +   689d ago
Come on! The last Microsoft product I owned was windows XP I've never once owned, nor have I wanted to own an Xbox but those numbers are great. But yeah I agree there's no doubt that Sony will pull it back again!
saber23  +   689d ago
Online only console games tend not to last very long. I'll give Titanfall about 6 months- 1 year until everyone stops playing.
mhunterjr  +   689d ago
They last until another one becomes more popular. But seriously, how long do you think a game should keep your attention? I'm usually done with any game after a few months, and the MP games keep my attention longer than the SP only games.
incendy35  +   689d ago
Crazy how much better the x1 version of TF sold compared to pc.
aquamala  +   688d ago
really isn't shocking since vg doesn't track digital sales, who buys PC software at retail anymore?
gamertk421  +   689d ago
I was disagreed with quite vociferously on TF launch day when I offered that of the 60 or so people at the midnight launch, only 4 bought it on pc. The Sony fan boys acted offended by the thought. Well "over 10 to 1" sales say hello.
Ra3030  +   689d ago
Well, well the cats outta the bag now. Dude bros just don't want Titanfall after all. It's official now Titanfall is NOT a Call of Duty killer. Gee, heck it's not a console seller either In fact with the money Microsoft spent on marketing Titanfall its more of a Microsoft Xbox One killer. Lol. What a huge massive disappointment. Microsoft missed the mark again even after spending the last 9 months telling gamers they want Titanfall cause it's the greatest, bestest FPS game ever. The Microsoft shareholders must hate the Xbox gaming division like Republicans hate the poor. Lol, lol. Why can't they do anything right?.... OH'Well I've said before Respawn needs to be given big props for being the first gaming developer to make a video game for a cable box. Who'd of thunk it? Great job with that Respawn. That's the only highlight of Titanfall. Epic, epic fail Microsoft.....,..again. :(
T2  +   689d ago
its vgchartz, ok, im not sure how people can not see that these numbers are fake as sh@#. don't care who it favours, they are FAKE
ThatOneGuyThere  +   689d ago
never trust anything that ends in a 'z' instead of an 's'. seriously, so stupidz.
Geobros  +   689d ago
wow!! xone is the king in USA ...:o
UsUcK  +   689d ago
Wow well done xbox one. Long live the king.
realplu  +   689d ago
Once again M$ screws their most loyal fans by delaying the release on 360 and you guys cheer then on. Speechless.
king_of_N4G  +   689d ago
Oh get the hell over your conspiracy theory.

The 360 version could have easily been delayed due to performance issues or anything else.

Only on n4g can bitter sony fanboys preach made up rumors as facts.
#26.1 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
polow got sol  +   689d ago
457% increase in software sales?? That's ridiculous. Great job ms and respawn. Xbox owners show true loyalty by buying games and supporting the devs.
#27 (Edited 689d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
pornflakes  +   689d ago
Great job Respawn and MS for their great marketing!

The xbox brand is once again a titan in terms of software sales.

Seems like Ps owners have right now much time for N4G :)
Gamer-40  +   689d ago
"Game over man, game over X1" Say many PS4 fan's.

I do not believe this, the competition is beginning now then only yet. This is the beginning only.

Nice numbers.
MegaDan  +   689d ago
You cant trust VGCHARTZ, they are known for manipulating XOne sales numbers.
Gamer-40  +   689d ago
Then not authentic, that the PS4 from sellings they are publishing? So only it X1 they lie in sellings.
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