USA Weekly Chart Week Ending 3/15/2014

Gen 8 Hardware Sales (US):
XOne 104,872 (+118%) 2,488,64 0
PS4 47,311 (+4%) 2,729,475
WiiU 15,852 (+7%) 2,334,689

Gen 8 Software Sales (US):
XOne 678,209 (+457%) 6,888,21 4
WiiU 76,843 (-9%) 9,947,152
PS4 67,895 (-25%) 5,574,764

Top 5 Games:
Titanfall (XOne) Electronic Arts, Shooter 580,521
Dark Souls II (PS3) Namco Bandai Games, Action 218,791
Dark Souls II (X360) Namco Bandai Games, Action 185,377
Yoshi's New Island (3DS) Nintendo, Action 62,228
Titanfall (PC) Electronic Arts, Shooter 54,093

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lifeisgamesok1247d ago

Nice job Xbox team

This is a marathon not a sprint- Microsoft

Hatsune-Miku1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

A cheaper xbox one with free titan fall barely made an impact which indicates that xbox one is in big trouble. I saw xbox one s at the same price as a ps4 with a free game titanfall and it didn't make any impact. Infamous second son had more reservation than the sales of titanfall. Titanfall is coming to ps4 later this year and the abysmal sales indicates that EA ARE kicking themselves for their initial exclusive deal with Microsoft because in the end they could have made more money mmaking it exclusive on ps4 or having it multiplatform on all console

Neonridr1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

barely made an impact? It sold over 500k copies of Titanfall in one region. Those are great numbers.

The attachment rate of that game is over 20%.

Eonjay1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I'm not sure what Microsoft's expectations were, but those numbers aren't bad at all. There is a really good chance that they may be able to be the top sold system this month in the US. If they can win next week, I think they will have March in the bag. And they may be able to come within 200k of PS4 in the US.


I think he is referring to Xbox One not Titanfall. It should have no trouble getting to 1 million by the end of the month. Also, it outsold Call of Duty:Ghosts first week sales.

mhunterjr1247d ago

Maybe I'm having trouble with math, but on what planet is a 118% in sales considered "barely making an impact"

MelvinTheGreat1247d ago

Please go to be a fanboy somewhere else.

SaturdayNightBeaver1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

You forgot the most important thing.

"Ps4 is future and future is Ps4"

Hatsune-Miku 2013/2014

PONTIAC08G8GT1247d ago

Software sales, +457% and system sales, +118%. Yea, that's barely an impact. Wii U's numbers are much better.

u got owned1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Congrats to MS on a successful Titanfall launch. It helped XBO outsell PS4 competition 2:1 that week. For the month Im not sure considering Infamous just launch yesterday, but then again the game having mixed reviews could have affect it sales.

troylazlow1247d ago

Great news for Xbox One!

Outstanding week:
-Outsold PS4 almost 2:1.
-Just under 700k units in games sold.
-Reduced the PS4 lead to 250k systems and surpassed the Wii U (in US)

starscream4201247d ago

You sir obviously don't know what your talking about.......Titan fall IS exclusive. Titanfall is selling very well. Titan fall 2 coming to ps4........most likely but not Titanfall 1

MasterCornholio1247d ago


Titanfall isnt exclusive. Just like Diablo 3 isnt exclusive to the PS4 just because it wasnt announced for the Xbox One.


Ashby_JC1247d ago


For a console with less then 4 million in the wild. Selling almost 600K week one in the US alone is HUGE!!

In comparison....look at sales for South Park stick of truth....between the 360 and PS3 which boast over 100+ Million consoles sold less then 100K units week one.

GTFOH with this nonsense your spewing.

uptownsoul1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Yeah TItanfall did have an impact. But it was more of a Wii U impact in that it sold well with people who already own the console. But for as big as the game is, i would have thought i'd see even bigger Xbox One hardware sales (The PS4's numbers were rather close globally, for not having any games release). I've seen some Youtube Xbox fans saying the Xbox One would sell 1 Million units in March thanks to Titanfall. That clearly won't happen.

Evilsnuggle1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I think what Hatsune-Miku is saying that it doesn't impact the lifetime sales of PS4 and xbone . The PS4 has more that two and a half million More PS4 sold than xBone and growing.

This does not surprise me Look at my comments I said that Titanfall will probably out sell PS4 worldwide for 2 weeks . That is until the 360 version of Titanfall will be released then xbone sells will tumble tumble and fall again. But Microsoft just got a Stay of execution from EA with the delay of 360 version of Titanfall. I don't think xbone will out sell PS4 worldwide for the month of March but maybe on titinfall is delayed on 360. Still Hatsune-Miku is right xbone out sold PS4 by 20000 units worldwide. Titanfall is xbone biggest title until halo 5 in two years and xbone only out sold PS4 by 20000. The xbone is in serious trouble If all the hype of Titanfall sales only 20000 more xbone than PS4 xbone is doomed. What will xbone do after Titanfall no system seller on the horizon For xbone until halo 5 so far. The PS4 still has it's biggest game of the year The Order 1886 coming out winter 2014 it's going to be a huge system seller for PS4. Xbone fanBoys yes selling 700000 copy of Titanfall is good for EA. Most people who have a xbone bought it for Titanfall or because they were already going to buy titanfail. Microsoft needs to sale new xbone and Titanfall don't look like it's selling many new system sells. The xbone only out sold PS4 by 20000 units.

cozomel1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Ok, as usual people are being dumb here and as usual you got the xbox fanboys puffing their chests and the ps fanboys trying to act neutral, but downplaying it at the same time. But first of all, its VGC, so why are we taking this as accurate, they'll just go back in afterwards and correct their guess after the fact. And second of all, VGC will just go in next week and put Infamous numbers right around the same amount as this and mysteriously the PS4 numbers will be up. It bullsh*t and you people need to stop falling for this crap every single time. Y'all never learn. Mark my words, next week will prove me right. And to all the fanboys puffing their chests. In the grand scheme of things, this doesnt matter, but go ahead get your hopes up, so you can be let down yet again by MS and the XO. But fanboys never learn and will continue this nonsense. Its insanity. Also, where are they getting their info-numbers from?

Kingoftherodeo1247d ago

Give me that link or place where you saw xbox one for 400 with titanfall included so i can share it with the world. Other wise you are talking out of your ass. You dont think people would jump at xbox1 with titanfall included for same price as a ps4?

soljah1247d ago

the fact that ms had to lower the price of the xbone plus give away titanfall for free to get people to buy the system is troubling. ms has had to discount the system just months after release means the more they sell the bigger the loss.
plus they spent hundreds of millions to get the game on xbox.
btw has anyone been tracking the sales of the 360 which has been over taken by the ps3 in the usa in weekly sales for the last several months.
i declear the 360 and wii are now dead the ps3 and ps4 has become the king of last gen and current gen hardware

NewMonday1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

According to these rumors XB1 moved 55k units more than PS4

But Europe and Japan sales will negate that

And next week will see the effects of the chart topping inFAMOUS PS4 bundle

No_Limit1247d ago

Congrat MS, Respawn for having a successful launch. I knew this was the case when I went to the Midnight launch to pick up Titanfall and Darks Souls 2. There were at least a dozen people trading in their old systems for the Titanfall Bundle.

Boody-Bandit1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

This is a nice little boost for MS but I don't think they are overly thrilled one bit with these numbers. This is far and away their biggest region and TF was marketed through the roof. I honestly thought MS was going to hit around 200k+ with this bundle in the US.

Right now WalMart, the biggest retailer in the world, just dropped the price of the XBOX ONE TitanFall bundle by $50. You can order it online or walk into any WalMart store in the US and walk out with an X1 TF bundle for $450 +tx. That's equivalent to getting and X1 for under $399.

What I'm wondering is will all other US retailers follow suit. Also is a price drop incoming from MS or is this just WalMart trying to move stock? Either or something is up. If anyone knows thing one about WalMart they are one of the greedier corporations in the world today.

Death1247d ago

"the fact that ms had to lower the price of the xbone plus give away titanfall for free to get people to buy the system is troubling."

I looked into getting an Infamous PS4 bundle since the game looks to be amazing. When I seen Sony released it for $570 I quickly changed my mind. I don't need an extra controller or another PS+ subscription and the bundle doesn't save the customer any money at all. Next time I see a PS4 I might pick it up along with the game for $460.

Microsoft lowered the price and included a game for those looking to jump into the Xbox One. You can call it desperate or you can call it strategy. Either way it's good for the customer unlike the bundle Sony is offering.

beereal3601247d ago

You sir are what we call a hater. LMAO.

scott1821247d ago

Good job Microsoft, really picked it up sales wise.

Boody-Bandit1247d ago


The Infamous bundle has nothing to do with Sony. Its a Gamestop bundle. Walmart, Sams Club and newegg are all selling PS4s but only bundled. None of that is Sonys doing. Just companies trying to cash in on PS4 popularity / demand.

Boody-Bandit1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

Best Buy is now selling the XBOX ONE TF bundle for $449.99 as well as WalMart. How long before every retailer drops the price? Is this a price drop incoming from MS on the XBOX ONE or them trying to move the TF bundles?

I checked every other retailer in the US and so far it's only WalMart and Best Buy. I have several windows opened with all the other retailers seeing if or when they too will drop the price.

MorePowerOfGreen1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

If the strain on XBL in the last couple of weeks are any indication of a massive influx of XB1 owners the numbers for both the XB1 console and Titanfall should be much higher than these numbers.

Good job MSFT. Lots of sour grapes denial in here. Why do PS4 fans care so much about Xbox?

malokevi1247d ago

Those are impressive numbers from MS. Obviously Titanfall had the impact they were hoping for. Well deserved. Now keep em coming!!!

AndrewLB1247d ago

KingoftheRodeoClowns- Walmart has the Xbone for $449 bundled with Titanfall, and it's not very difficult to obtain a 10% off coupon for Walmart if you search around or sign up for their email crap. So with that coupon, the price is $404.

ABizzel11247d ago

Like I said XBO may outsell PS4 in NA this month, but WW I still think PS4 takes it, this weeks sales determines the results, and if MS loses, it's good for us because we can expect a price cut this year.

Pain1247d ago

hmm "Not a sprint but a marathon" I recall that's what Sony said back when ps3 launched a year after Xbox did and was behind in sales..

fr0sty1247d ago (Edited 1247d ago )

I can't believe people are even acting surprised by this. Of course there was a boost in sales, and of course it outsold the other consoles. This is one of the most heavily hyped titles in recent history, it's coming out for a console that is new and doesn't have a lot of games, it is being promoted as the console's flagship title, and it coincided with a price cut and bundle in many areas.

The real test will be seeing how long those numbers hold up. Both MS and EA are biting their nails hoping the pace keeps up, they've both taken a big bet on Titanfall. PS4 isn't going to be supply constrained forever, and one of its heavy hitters (with over a million pre-orders) just dropped.

pheature1247d ago

i own a ps4 it is awesome, but i am far from biased.
ppl forget that ps4 is in far more countries than xbox1 i think x1 has 13 countries. so i think if they had the same amount of countries at this stage of titan fall there obivously would be a massive hamerblow to the ps4 profit,
but i truely belive that since titan fall did so well for x1 and it did considerin the countries it was in, so movin to the ps4 on titan fall 2 when x1 should be in as almost the same amount as countrys as the ps4, the sales for that game and both consoles would be greatly increased for both, i belive this is the plan between both companys.
yes they are "enimeys" but believe me they work together on things laughin the whole way to the bank. which i think is the average consumers fault, who would purchase a console on biased opinions which rite now favours the ps4.
but when halo comes out for x1 i will purchase it and i am sure alot of other ps4 owners will as xbox 360 ppl (not the average consumer the gammers) who choose the better console at the time, will then go back to the x1.
it is crafty work from both companys.

fr0sty1247d ago

If Microsoft knew their sales would rocket up like that if they were released in more countries, they would have done that by now. There's a reason why they're only available in 13 countries, and it isn't "localization" like they claim. No other console in history (even the other ones you can operate with your voice) have been delayed like that over localization.