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Submitted by MadeForGaming 691d ago | news

Rare Talks About the Changes Made to Kinect Sports Rivals

‘Rare Still Exists and Occasionally Develops Video Games for Microsoft,’ was very nearly the title. (Kinect Sports Rivals, Microsoft, Rare, Xbox One)

memots  +   691d ago
lol kinect sports.
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iSpeakTruth__  +   691d ago
I miss Nintendo Rare
StealthPandemic  +   691d ago
I miss the old Nintendo.
webeblazing  +   691d ago
nintendo still make good games theyre just not as open as before. everybody remember golden eye, but why they isnt dominating right now is a mystery. even thought they did great last gen i dont get how, since there only biz is game biz, and they been in the game soo long how they aint dominating the competition. they grew but didnt learn from the different nationality that embraced them. sony, ms, pc games, shouldn't be able to compete they should of learned from sega mistakes.

theyre good, but nintendo, come on. COME ON lol
StealthPandemic  +   691d ago
Nintendo is not dominating because they do not know how to run their company anymore.
hulk_bash1987  +   691d ago
Rare was boss in the N64 Days. DK Country, Banjo Kazooie and Killer Instinct Gold were some of my favorite games growing up.
Dlacy13g  +   691d ago
I am down for bowling.
Lawboy2  +   691d ago
I can't wait for this game
ltachiUchiha  +   691d ago
Hopefully MS will let them spread their wings & bring some of their old classics back or atleast give them freedom to bring a new IP to the table. Sucks to see such talent go to waste.
koliosis  +   691d ago
Its almost here!!!!
wls1012  +   691d ago
here's a video on this
mhunterjr  +   690d ago
I'm actually looking forward to this game. The wave racing sport reminds me so much of the excellent 'wave race 64' game. Similarly, they've added a much deeper progression system, complete with the ability to import other competitors from Xbox Live. Clearly it's a game meant to appeal to the casual audience, but it's got a lot to keep core gamers coming back as well. Most importantly, it controls really well (at least the wave racing sport).

I'll be waiting for I'll reviews before I make a purchase, but I am very interested.

Hopefully after this game releases, MS can start bringing back some Rare IPs. A true Banjo Kazooie, Kameo, or Jet Force Gemini game would look great on this engine.
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