You Can Now Get Xbox One Titanfall Bundle for $450 at Walmart

Although Xbox One was launched for a higher price and Microsoft have had their fair share of criticism for that; the price of the console has been discounted on various occasions since then and one of the most lucrative offers has been the Xbox One Titanfall bundle.

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raWfodog1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Price is ONE of the main factors making me hold off on an XB1 purchase at this time. Give me some more games that I prefer (RPGs, Action Adventure) and a better price and I'm picking up an XB1 also.

morganfell1556d ago

Apparently you are not the only one. The Walmart bestseller list may be painful for some to view. In the console sales races two different Wii Mini bundles are outselling the X1 at Walmart. And the PS4 and PS3 sit at spots 1 and 2 above them.

tuglu_pati1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

This could mean the Titanfall bundle did not sell well at wallmart and they are trying to get rid of them.


Standard Edition also have the price drop. Hmmmm... price drop incoming?

Blackleg-sanji1556d ago

Yo im a bit worried now y so many price cuts so freaking soon lol

djplonker1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Yeah and once they start dropping it near the ps4 price sony has wiggle room to lower theirs bad tactic Imo.

likeaboss3021556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Actually the PS4 doesn't have much wiggle room at all. Sony basically priced it rock bottom. Down the road they might be able to lower the price with production cost reductions but not currently.

ThePope1556d ago

Sony has no wiggle room. As of now they make money on the PS4, but just. So if they drop the price it will bring every PS4 purchased into the red.

Also a retailer discounting something is not the same as a price cut. Lots of times it has nothing to do with the item discounted. They do it in an effort to drive traffic so other areas can see a boost.

MasterCornholio1556d ago

@likeaboss302, ThePope

"Actually the PS4 doesn't have much wiggle room at all. Sony basically priced it rock bottom."

"Sony has no wiggle room."

You two dont have access to Sonys internal accounts so you wouldnt know.


mhunterjr1556d ago

Why would Sony lower their price when they are selling out at the current price? How would it benefit then in any way?

Charybdis1556d ago

Don't think it will become a price war between the two companies. I wouldn't say the ps4 hasn't got any 'wiggle room' however Microsoft does has a resource advantage in a potential price war. In the end for a console pricing matters but games matter even more.

djplonker1556d ago

I did say WHEN THE XBOX REACHES PS4 PRICE thats still another price drop or two away!

likeaboss3021556d ago


I do know that Sony is having major financial issues and can't take a hit on PS4.

ThePope1556d ago

It was announced Sony makes about $30 on each PS4. MS makes more.

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likeaboss3021556d ago

It helps increase the install base which makes the platform more attractive to developers. The biggest complaint about the Xbox One has been the price and it seems MS is trying to address that.

Evilsnuggle1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

THe biggest complaint with xbone is weak hardware not price. That xBone is over priced for its preformance it can't run graphically intense games At 1080p or 60fps. The xbone will always have problems with running powerful game engines in high resolution because of weak hardware. The xbone will never run graphically intense games at 1080p 60fps never. What most core gamers want form next-gen is game that have next-gen graphics and next-gen resolution and frame rate. I don't want to play games at last generation resolution or frames rates . Xbone will never run games in 1080p 60fps it's hardware is to weak. Both the PS4 and xbone will improve the xbone will run games at higher resolution . All the PS4 games are already in 1080p. So the PS4 improvements will increase its frame-rates. I posted a article that ND is working on optimizing PS4 memory system and ND said that the PS4 can easily run games at 1080p 60fps. Look at infamous SS true next-gen the PS4 has been out 4 months . This is the start of this gen look at infamous SS. The Order 1886 has the best graphics on any platform PC or consoles. I have never seen anything like the Order 1886 gameplay that on consoles.
Price drop will not save the Xbone. Weak hardware and the kinect has doomed the xbone. Sell cuts will help but xbone will be competing For second place with the wiiU.
As usual The xbone disciples Always push disagree but never explain why I am wrong. Please don't tell me about forza 5 or sport games . Forza 5 has static graphic That means that there not of things moving to render. Sport games are on empty environments And don't take a lot of GPU power to render. When xbone can run a open world game in 1080p 60fps let me know. Deep Down is a gorgeous open world game running at 1080p 60fps on PS4 .

tuglu_pati1556d ago

We have our self a programmer/ engineer here folks

king_of_N4G1556d ago

evilsnuggle -

I'm not reading that garbage wall of text. It's probably all trolling as usual, because that's all you do.

kewlkat0071556d ago

Wasn't Xbox one breaking even or very close to it..I feel like MS does have wiggle room they are just seeing how much they can sell before it really drops $100 dollars.

Kiwi661556d ago

no ms make more per each console its sony that barely makes a profit for each console

TheFallenAngel1556d ago

My brother was pissed when MS announced the xbone bundle with titanfall a week after he bought his.

likeaboss3021556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

I bought the PS4 and XB1 at launch. While I certainly would have liked to have saved some money, I've been enjoying both since November. It's the risk one takes as an early adopter.

GamingSinceThe80s1556d ago

I'm not mad about these early price drops,first theWii U now the xbox.But I am wiser and will try to wait 6 month to a year to buy the next round of consoles.I should has followed the advice of the song 'Game launch rock' on Youtube it says it

BattleTorn1556d ago

I bought both on launch too.

But honestly, if I was in the market to buying either atm, I'm fairly certain price point wouldn't be my deciding factor.

Then again, it never was, hence why I got both

bleedsoe9mm1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

walmart basically sets the retail price of the consoles anyways

No_Limit1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Great price for those that are looking to buy the XB1/Titanfall bundle. With this bundle, it is basically cheaper than a PS4 if you subtract the $60 game.

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