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Sucker Punch: We'd Love Second Son To Beat Titanfall

Developing one of the first big games for a new console must be a daunting task. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4, Sucker Punch Productions, TitanFall, Xbox One)

GraveLord  +   429d ago
Games are't comparable IMO.
Different genre. Different focus (story vs gameplay)...etc.
Prince-Ali  +   429d ago
so...? :S i dont see what thats got to do with the ability to 'beat' or 'outdo' another game in terms of sales..? :S
raWfodog  +   429d ago | Well said
Before another fanboy rant begins, here's his complete quote (in case people don't take time to read the whole article):

"“I would love it if we outdid Titanfall. But the fact that it’s such a cool game is great. Why does it have to be one or the other? It’s just great for players that there are so many fantastic games coming out.”

So, good games for everyone means everyone can be happy :)

Edit: I didn't see that The_Infected also made the same observation below.
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sonarus  +   429d ago
I just started playing. So far I can say this game has some extremely impressive graphics I can't wait to see what rock star folks and naughty dog folks can do with the ps4
OpieWinston  +   429d ago
Maria just loves to flame bait....Putting them up in terms of sales is kind of pointless. Especially since they're both games with a lot of hype going into launch.
Volkama  +   429d ago
@raWfodog well said. The full quote is delivered with a totally different context to the flamebait title.

He's showing the right attitude. Of course he wants his product to be successful, but he's also happy to see great games being made.

They wont outsell Titanfall though, unless they exclude 360 and PC versions from the numbers...
bmx_bandit  +   429d ago
This "Article" out of context and submitted by this user Maria is the perfect example why N4G has such a bad and negative reputation.

Seriously I ask for the millionth time why such Articles get approved?
Oh well….I know the answer…sadly
Daniel_Potter  +   429d ago
Very doubtfull that a game, that's exclusive to onyl 1 platform, can beat a game that's exclusive on 3 platforms in terms of sale

And still i don't think it can beat Titanfall. I played the beta, and there is just nothing else like it. Infamous SS on the other hand shares the same problem that the 1st and 2nd did, and that's gameplay. 1st and 2nd are basically played like a 3rd person shooter, you have you basic shooting mode, then the grenades, slow mo sniper mode, rocket launcher, and you use energy sources to power up(reload).Infamous SS in my opinion gameplay wise resembles DMC or some form of hack & slash. You don't really feel like you are playing a superhero game, and i think it's bad when a game about a superhero can't give you that feeling.
GraveLord  +   429d ago
It has everything to do with it. For one, a shooter will always have the advantage. Those game are popular in every single country. inFamous is about a superhero who you choose to be evil or good.

Compare Call Of Duty to Titanfall.
Compare inFamous to Watch Dogs.
Compare Tomb Raider to Uncharted.

This goes for sales or anything else. These are much better comparisons.
arinaborina  +   429d ago
I think they got beat by Titanfall, at least in the preorder charts of vgchartz they did
DanteVFenris666  +   429d ago
Infamous really is a gameplay game, no one I'm sure plays it for it's story. It's good but nothing like games like last of us which biggest focus is story. I always thought infamous as a gameplay game
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cemelc  +   429d ago
I love plot for infamous games, the first one was amazing, the second one evil ending was really cool.

I got platinum on both of them.
morganfell  +   429d ago
Exactly cemelc. When you discover the truth about what is going on in inFamous and the nature of the main villain it's one of the best twists in the history of games. The plot is outstanding.
SmielmaN  +   429d ago
The stories (good and evil) are fun to play through. I don't know what your talking about. It's a all round, near perfect series IMO. Only games I felt compelled to platinum.
I_am_Batman  +   429d ago
Both Infamous games have a really great story imo. The first Infamous has one of the best plot twists I've seen in games. I agree if you compare character depth and how the story is told to The Last of Us it's not quite on the same level though. But honestly how many games can keep up with TLOU in that regard?

I think it's a good thing that games are compared to the best cause it raises the quality level of games in general. I don't see a problem though when a game doesn't raise the bar in every possible way as long as it's an enjoyable experience.
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medman  +   429d ago
You cannot have played the Infamous games with that comment...you may want to take a look at the Infamous wikis...the story in both Infamous 1&2 is pretty stellar.
SixtyNine  +   429d ago
I agree with you. inFamous is more about gameplay than anything else. But I think they've improved the storytelling aspect of the series with Second Sons.
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ThePope  +   429d ago
A company would like their product to sell better than another companies product?!?!?! Shocking!!!
malokevi  +   429d ago
I'd love for a drintling of wild turkeys to sing a Beethoven sonata in perfect harmony, but tha' TAIN GWAN HAPPEN!
WeAreLegion  +   429d ago
Story and game play vs. Game play.
andibandit  +   429d ago
Single player vs Multi player
The_Infected  +   429d ago
Actually he says:

“I would love it if we outdid Titanfall. But the fact that it’s such a cool game is great. Why does it have to be one or the other? It’s just great for players that there are so many fantastic games coming out.”
Tedakin  +   429d ago
Yup, the title makes it seem like there's trash talking going on. N4Gfail
Mikelarry  +   429d ago
that title was word for word what MCV posted if we are pointing fingers not an N4G poster trying to twist what nate fox meant
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kingdom18  +   429d ago
Look who submitted it though. It will make more sense.
No_Limit  +   429d ago
What a misleading headline. Both are great games in their own right. Not surprising as it is submitted by Maria! Got both games and will enjoy them both.
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GuruMeditation  +   429d ago
Same here. Just installing second son now. Happy days for gaming, no matter your platform.
gamertk421  +   429d ago
Exactly Guru. I am the hugest Xbox Fanboy, but I'll be picking up my copy of Infamous today. :)
towelie1288  +   429d ago
cant really compare these games with each other
Philoctetes  +   429d ago
Agreed, but you can certainly compare sales.
andibandit  +   429d ago
It's real hard to compare sales of these 2 games. Single player games have a higher tendency to return to the used market faster, than multiplayer games, of course also depending on the popularity of the multiplayer games.

If you are looking at like first week sales, I guess its comparable
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Dudebro90  +   429d ago
How about that spin. Have a little class next time and don't butcher the quote and turn it into something its not.
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Az1mov  +   429d ago
They should stop with these sensational title on N4G :D
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PSnation4  +   429d ago
infamous will beat titanfall on xbox one in sales.
Nocando  +   429d ago
Its simple math, the Ps4 has a 2+ million console lead, so I dare say it better beat Titanfall.
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Philoctetes  +   429d ago
Disagree. Xbone sales for infamous are going to be nowhere near Titanfall levels.
DawnOfDon  +   429d ago
Infamous has 1million pre orders I believe it will sell better tha Titanfall
raWfodog  +   429d ago
I see some 'disagrees' didn't catch the word play :)
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0neShot  +   428d ago
Guess your source is that dodgy unknown prosony site with a derp? Their source is their ass.
ArbitorChief  +   429d ago
Whether it beats it or not, playing Infamous SS right now and it's so much fun, reminds me why I loved Infamous 1 so much back on the PS3.
MRMagoo123  +   428d ago
The graphics are stupid good, best looking game on console right now. The story and the way ppl move is really good too.
Pancit_Canton  +   429d ago
Titanfall has no match to the power of hipster neon blast. Lol jk
scotmacb  +   429d ago
It might beat it on sales but titanfall knocks this game on its ass
Blackleg-sanji  +   429d ago
All opinion clearly
Clunkyd  +   429d ago
Even as an opinion, it's ridiculous.
Bathyj  +   428d ago
I would go the other way round
merciless  +   429d ago
But Infamous SS is already set to beat titanfall. And I'm glad Simply because I want gamers to be reminded that hype counts for nothing. Sucker Punch or Sony are going to announce 1 million Infamous SS sell through in the next 24hours. And the usually boastful MS wont release TF numbers because it hasn't reached a million yet and to admit that what they billed as a system seller hasn't yet met expectations will be a huge blow. But infamous is going to make that fact apparent with the 1 mill sell through. infamous has 300K + preorders in the EU and 400K in NA. If 300K people pick it up worldwide day 1... It's a wrap!!!
Blackleg-sanji  +   429d ago
Yea i find it odd microsoft didnt release any sales numbers yet
DawnOfDon  +   429d ago

probably because they don't really care tbh it doesn't really matter
PonyMadeFromTacos  +   429d ago

Or because they're not the publishers and don't even know about the sales numbers?
SG1_dapunisherX  +   429d ago
titanfall right now is outselling infamous. where are you getting your eu preorder at?300k link please? I bet infamous is going sell between 600- 700k first week
TheRealHeisenberg  +   428d ago
Come on now, SS was hyped as well so you are also saying you hope it fails which is just ridiculous for "gamers" to want. The dev wants all to succeed to keep the industry thriving. You and those that think like/agree with you need to change your way of thinking. I'm probably wasting my time but at least I tried.
rainslacker  +   428d ago
SS was hyped. Can't deny that. But I don't think anyone can say that the amount of hype surrounding TF wasn't unprecedented. For most of the last month it dominated gaming sites with articles and ads. SS got some notice, but no more than most big releases do.

However, despite all the hype, it hasn't sold as much as I thought it would. So with that I can say that, as always, hype isn't indicative of sales, which is true for SS at the moment as well, since we don't know the numbers.
Jamo2828  +   429d ago
Going to pick up my preorder now. It sounds like Sucker Punch put everything they had into this. Gonna be playing it all weekend.
TheFallenAngel  +   429d ago
I wouldn't doubt it will. Probably world wide
candy_mafia  +   429d ago
It's very possible...

PS4 has over 6 mil sold to gamers, and if only 1/4 of the users buy I:SS, that's enough to outsell Titanfall.

My copy is at home waiting for me :)))
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alb1899  +   429d ago
Is difficult to beat an MP like TITANFALL with an SP even with the instal base of ps4 and no options in exclusive.
Infamous could sell more than TITANFALL launch day but TITANFALL will keep selling for long time.
From selling point of view TITANFALL is a winner vs infamous without doubt.
rainslacker  +   428d ago
The thing about mostly MP players is that they generally also play SP. The same is not true in reverse. Some people truly hate MP games, and they outweigh those that truly hate SP games by a large margin.

I think TF will have it's players playing longer, just because it's a MP game, but given the discrepancy of the install base, and the fact it's probably the most anticipated game for the PS4, means it's likely to keep selling for as long as people are buying the system over the rest of the year. This is until the next big game drops for it. Same with X1's next big thing.
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bosoxs505  +   429d ago
Both look like great games but the killing points of both are being only SP and MP.
kewlkat007  +   429d ago
Who cares...
TheTowelBoy  +   429d ago
I'm not saying it won't and that I don't want it to, because having a story driven game sell tons of copies these days IS something to rave about, but I'm being realistic when I say TF is on 3 platforms compared to SS's 1. In any case, Jesus Christ it's been a good month for the industry. Holy crap, right? 9's EVERYWHERE.
Simco876  +   429d ago
Two different games, but to be honest Titanfall is on three different platforms while inFamous is on only PS4. Another reason not to compare, just buy the game and enjoy!
Both are great games but second son wont beat titanfall mainly because second son is only on the ps4 & titanfall is on 3 different platforms!! Meh...
Allsystemgamer  +   429d ago
Well if I could FIND a ps4 I could contribute. Till then. Nupe no sale from me :(
jay2  +   429d ago
Nah ss beats titanfall easily a d with one million pre orders says it all really
Ra3030  +   429d ago
Omg! Why set your bar so freaking low? It been made official now Titanfall is the biggest selling disappointment in gaming history.
Dan_scruggs  +   429d ago
So terrible they announced a sequel. Way to suck Respawn.
Dan_scruggs  +   429d ago
Yes. We would love for the third game in our established franchise to beat a new IP. The victory will be sweet indeed.

Also we like punching babies... Obviously

Sucker Punch
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ironmonkey  +   429d ago
I dont know man makes me wonder how many mills ms coughed up to ea for this game. Those sales need to pick up.
mediate-this  +   428d ago
Infamous is definitely a 7/10 game, starts off slow, not really an engaging story. The graphics are not mind blowing. Go up close to windows and they look washed out.

Tedious repitative gameplay, delsin is suppose to be native american but him and his brother sound so white washed, and theres nothing wrong that but if delsin is on a reserve he should have that accent. I know native people from their reserves sound native or have a accent.

Hard for me to take serious, but that is nitpicking. And im disappointed with the graphics there nice but not mind blowing. Kz:sf definitely is the nicest game so far.

Also theres no destructible environments in this game, there is but its like set pieces that are destructible. Not everything like people on here saying it is.
#25 (Edited 428d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
bratman  +   428d ago
"starts off slow"
the first half hour has you learning the controls and about the character, how dare those developers...
"The graphics are not mind blowing."
Name me a better looking open world game on consoles?
"repitative gameplay"
every game has repetitive gameplay, as long as its fun right?
"delsin is suppose to be native american but him and his brother sound so white washed... I know native people from their reserves sound native or have a accent"
"Hard for me to take serious"
What the fact that superpowers aren't real or that its a game about a guy who has them?

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but sheesh d:
The_Truth_24_7  +   428d ago
So they want an average at best game to beat out awesome game? Not going to happen.
Goku781  +   428d ago
Titanfall is a mediocre shooter at, and I would never say its better than Halo. I dont like what MS does, and I dont like COD, but have to admit Halo as a whole is better than Titanfall. Big surprise to everyone that doesnt pay attention, Goku like an MS game. I dont just like one, I like two.
PhilJowns  +   428d ago
I'm an X1 owner and I know that infamous will sell more its obvious. PS4 has a bigger install base at moment and this is the first big game on PS4 after a bit of a AAA game drought since release.

I would guess at least 25% of PS4 owners will purchase infamous maybe more.

Truth be told it will be good for everyone to have some games to focus on instead of just fighting on comment pages. I know I've spent a lot less time reading game news since Titanfall dropped. 😁

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