Xbox One UK sales spike but PS4 still in control

Microsoft’s Xbox One has been the best-selling games console for four weeks in a row, MCV understands.

The machine has benefited from a £30 price cut, while the launch of Titanfall last week caused a surge in console sales of 96 per cent.

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Neonridr1249d ago

Good to see both consoles doing well.

BX811249d ago

I agree. Someone has to be in the lead, but it's good to see gaming is going to keep pushing through another gen.

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NewMonday1249d ago

the margin is low and volume in the last 4 weeks is small, hardly makes a difference.

morganfell1249d ago

It must be short in every place except Amazon UK because once it went back into stock there it passed the X1.

Amazon UK bestsellers for the month of March to date:

Here is the current bestseller list by hour:

SilentNegotiator1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

So basically, they needed a price cut and for their direct competition to have shortages to get a slight lead for a month in the UK? And they were STILL outsold worldwide?

I wouldn't say that indicates THAT healthy of competition.

mcstorm1249d ago

@SilentNegotiator nope that's not quite true. Well here im Manchester anyway most shops that sell consoles have both the xbox one and ps4 in stick. The price cut has helped but we are over charged in the uk anyway for most products.

Xbox one sales were always going to pickup the closer we got to Titanfall coming out and it should be the same for the PS4 now it has Infamous coming out.

You also need to remember the 360 has a massive install base here in the UK and games like GTA will of stopped a lot of people from jumping to the next gen consoles but now that wave has passed and the big name games are coming to the new gen consoles people will look to move to the next gen consoles.

I still think the xbox one will sell more here in the UK and USA come the end of the gen but I expect the PS4 to outsell the Xbox one everywhere else come the end of this gen.

Giul_Xainx1249d ago

I agree it is good seeing the Xbox coming back. But I still feel that mist in the air looming over the Microsoft Xbox Division.

(Echoing from the past an xbot said: UK SALES DON'T MATTER! matter! matter.... matter...)

Menech1249d ago


Actually the PS4 is in stock across the UK, consumers simply prefer the Xbox One like they preferred the Xbox 360 before it. In the UK everyones friend owns an Xbox thus people continue to buy Xbox consoles.

I suggest you stop with the silly "It's only because the PS4 is out of stock rubbish" it simply isn't true.

fr0sty1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


Barely managing to squeeze past the competition in only one country after the release of a flagship title and a price cut while still being outsold by a wide margin worldwide isn't exactly what I would call "doing well". It's good news, but must be kept in perspective. XBO still has a very long way to the top.

Angeljuice1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


There has been a huge migration to PS4 in the UK so far. I seriously cannot see it being outsold by the XB1.

There's a clique of tv crew in London who just play FIFA against each other (between 50-100 people). All had 360's last gen, all have PS4's now. I seriously thought they'd go XB1, but once a few bought PS4's early on, the rest followed.

thorstein1249d ago

Titanfall. A system seller, certainly. You can see the bump in sales in anticipation and then the week it comes out a huge bump.

Good for them!

Parapraxis1249d ago

"Actually the PS4 is in stock across the UK"

Yeah...that's bull and you know it.

Menech1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


Mind linking me to someone retailers in the UK that don't have it in stock, I cannot find anyway.

UK's biggest game retailer, do you see anything about stock shortages there?

N4g_null1249d ago

You know it is not impossible for adults to own both xbone and ps4. Kids maybe not which creates the true fanboy.

extermin8or1249d ago

@Menech yeah but if you live in the UK and buy consoles from game you a)are nuts or b) have so much money you don't care how much higher their prices are consistently than ANYWHERE else.or c) you are really desperate. I'm not surprised GAME have console stock. I know amazon uk keeps flucuating from in stock to out of stock every few days and only recently started havinf any stock at all.

morganfell1248d ago (Edited 1248d ago )


If you don't like what I posted, why don't you call Amazon and tell them they are lying about their own sales.

The PS4 is out of stock and other than a few Argos Stores, there is only the £629.99 bundle at Zavvi...and Amazon UK where it is outselling the X1. Try harder with real facts next time.

While you are at it, try posting real sales figures instead of a what a magazine estimates.

PSX041248d ago

More selling console = more gamers community

AndrewLB1248d ago

Everyone keeps making this false claim that nobody has PS4's in stock, but as Menech proved... they're widely available in the UK.

As for the US, the PS4 is IN STOCK at 9 of the 10 closest Best Buy's near me in SoCal. (if that doesn't work, search zip code 90803)

Also, both Fry's Electronics near me (Fountain Valley and Anaheim) have PS4 in stock.;js...

Most Walmart stores near me also have it.

ALL my local GameStop stores have PS4 in stock,

80% of my local Target stores have them as well.

Newegg also has them, so does Sears,

That being the case, can anyone explain why PS4 sales haven't skyrocketed because as we all know according to all the fanboys on this site... they keep claiming that PS4 sales are low due to shortages.

The above stores I listed have had PS4's in stock since a week ago.

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styferion1249d ago

yeah, tight competition ensures both to give their all.

Gamer19821249d ago

PS4 still sold out though, combined with price drop of the xbox actually lower than ps4 here in certain places it was obvious.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1249d ago

I know (physically know, as in real life friends) many more people with XB1 compared to ps4.

I live in the UK.

I believe, all fanboydom set aside, we will see similar sales figures from both companies in closing this new generation.... pretty much similar to last gen, both consoles have great things to offer and people like me want to experience the best of both worlds.

incendy351249d ago

Same here in the USA, could be due to people buying PS4 for resale. Amazon resale of PS4 is very high.


if you have always been around xbox fans then chances are you will know more people with xbox's compared to ps4. Most people just don't like to shift once they are use to something.

Most of my friends that were xbox fans last gen are still xbox fans, but I do have a few that have actually switched to ps4. I also have some friends that got the xbox1 but after getting hands on with the ps4 they have openly said they think the ps4 is the better machine and they regret buying the xb1.

On the flip side, I don't know anyone who use to be a ps fan that has switched over to being an xb1 fan this new gen.

Last gen I owned both systems but the xb360 was my preferred console and 90% of my games I played on the 360.

This gen I have got both systems but now the ps4 is my preferred console to the point that I wish I had not rushed out and bought a launch xb1.

I know there will be great games on both systems so in the end it don't matter but thats been my observation.

Brazz1249d ago


I'm whit you man, i hvelike 3-4 friends from Xbox that make to the PS side, but hell, i don't ahve any friend that made to X-1 side from playstation.

I have to say, right now X-1 have the game that is more apeling for me (name it Titanfall...), but... hell! I realy can't see Sony in short of great games in next 12 months! they catched X360 and now they are in the lead, sony sure is better in games than microsoft.

ragincajun771249d ago

No offense man, but you do understand that this means nothing. Friends typically get the same console so they can all play together online.

S_C1249d ago

I also live in the UK and went to trade my ps3 and 360 in this week, and i asked the owner (independant store) how the sales have been on the xbox one and his word were they have sold 50 PS4's to 5 Xbox Ones, looks like sony and microsoft have different strongholds throughout the uk

Copen1249d ago

@incendy35 Just go look at your local Craigslist or ANY Craigslist cities globally and look at how many people are dumping their X1's or trying to trade their X1's for PS4's and that says more than what you're saying. Even on Craigslist more people and i mean by a wide margin are selling or trading their X1's more than they are their PS4's and even second hand PS4's are selling above retail so that paints a pretty good picture of where things are and where they're headed.

hkgamer1249d ago

opposite for me.

Alot of people I knew back then had a PS3.

Now skip forward to present day. Most people still play on their PS3 or not game at all (excluding mobile). But for the people that bought next gen, every singl one of them bought a PS4.

AndrewLB1248d ago

incendy35- That is absolutely not true. I just checked stock for PS4's at Southern California Best Buy, Walmart, Target, Gamestop, and Sears and ALL OF THEM are stocked with PS4's.

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OCEANGROWNKUSH1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Its not that hard to outsell something thats rare to find in stock!

Alsybub1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

You do realise that if something is rare to find in stock it means all units are selling through, right?

That should mean it's outselling the competition as it has been up until now.

Unless Sony's supply has suddenly reduced drastically. Then again you'd see PS4 sales numbers dropping off a cliff if that were the case.

Reefskye1249d ago

I worked in a major UK retailer up until recently.. PS4 has been in short supply constantly from release, Xbox we have 40-50 units at any one time.

Was my last day today and was only 2 PS4s in stock in warehouse, all xboxs are on display behind cash desk

OCEANGROWNKUSH1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )


XB1 units have been collecting dust on shelves since xmas... they are selling now because of titanfall, but thats going to taper off.

Fact is all the available ps4 units are selling, but xb1 has had more units TO sell, because they have been sitting on shelves... XB1 might be selling more but they arent selling out its stock, playstation is.

I always ask every time im in a store, i almost never get a yes that ps4 is in stock but theres plenty of xb1's nobodies buying.

Selective stats only tell part of the story...

AndrewLB1248d ago

Like I already said, all my local B