Kojima shows ‘photo realistic’ Raiden figure by Hot Toys

A new Metal Gear figure has been announced by Hot Toys, and Kojima shared some photos on Twitter. The company made a Naked Snake and The Boss figure before, and this time it’s Raiden from Metal Gear Rising who gets the realistic treatment. And it certainly looks impressive.

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3-4-5798d ago

That is probably the coolest " Action Figure" ( don't hate me lol), I've ever seen.

It's at least the most realistic, and looks like it would cost a lot.

Really good attention to detail.

Derekvinyard13799d ago

Hot toys are the most detailed figures on the planet, thing is that comes at a price. Some ranging from $1000 and up

Soldierone799d ago

I dont know why you got a disagree. Hot Toys are right up there with detail and the price is worth it if you are that type of collector.

Plus even if you can afford it, its somewhat hard to find older series. New ones are only sold at two different place if I'm not mistaken.

Axecution799d ago

if it's that expensive i'd expect the hair to look a little better than that

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante799d ago

Why would anyone want to buy something based on the worst character in the Metal Gear universe?

DrSteveBrule2799d ago SpamShow
One_Eyed_Wizard799d ago (Edited 799d ago )

Have you been lurking on N4G, waiting for the next Metal Gear Rising article just to say something negative on it? Get a life, kid.

That said the level of detail on that figurine is incredible.

urwifeminder799d ago

I know right where he can put it.

MWH799d ago

the level of detail is astonishing, but I'm not a fan of this character at all, he was forced on us in a cheap way too.

WonderboyIII797d ago

His feminine side is disturbing. The Japanese love this sick mix of sexes. Look at their games it is full of characters with identity/sexuality issues. Does a super cyborg need high heels to make his running and jumping more tedious? no it is there to keep you guessing whether he has a pu$$y or a d1ck.

MWH797d ago

lol, well expressed and I agree totally.

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The story is too old to be commented.