Microsoft Has So Much to Show at E3 They’re Having to “Move Stuff Out” of the Show

OnlySP: The Xbox One is set to make a bang at this year’s E3 if Phil Spencer’s latest Tweets are any indication.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Slowly leak stuff before the show show you get it all out. Sony has done that before.

PockyKing1341d ago

Personally I hope nothing leaks out from either company. I love when E3 is full of big surprises and reveals. Leaks just take away all that anticipation.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1341d ago

They'd have to leak stuff if they can't fit anything else I to their E3 session.

TomShoe1341d ago

I hope Microsoft didn't blow their whole load at E3 last year.

This year's E3 is going to be a slugfest.

AngelicIceDiamond1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

@King Thuway supposedly leaked Sony's major showings.

Give it time and CBOAT or whatever insider will leak more stuff from MS as the months near.

Sick of these insiders they need to leave....

PockyKing1341d ago


You realize the only site that takes those guys seriously is Dualshockers. Most of the major sites out there don't bother reporting on what those guys say.

AngelicIceDiamond1341d ago

@King Right.

But most sites including this one do take their leaks pretty serious. IGN headlined MS supposed delays of Halo and Fable. You are right a few others like examiner picked up Sony's leaked games, not many though.

So yes and no depends really.

Either way the last thing we need are these people trying to leak and ruin stuff for us.

lolCHILLbro1341d ago

Man with all the updates (march, april) the announcement of DirectX12 and Titanfall and now a packed E3 Microsoft is on a roll!

DOMination-1341d ago

Those insiders never leak new ip though. Like I never once seen them say eg. Sony have a new sandbox title in development called X.

Last "leak" I saw was about the last guardian for ps4 and GT7 being in development. You don't need to be an insider with crap like that when everyone on n4g could predict that. Then he says new media molecule and ssm games are coming to morpheus.. again obvious. Why not tell us what those games actually are?

Ot: When Sony announced games early their e3s were rubbish. That year they showed motorstorm, infamous 2, killzone etc before e3 everyone thought wow.. but then the only new games announced at e3 were.. medieval moves and move heroes. Same last year. Only new game was The Order.

I want surprises at e3. I don't want to just see trailers for games already announced in the build up.

Unreal011341d ago


Man, with all the updates, the announcement of Project Morpheus, and Infamous: Second Son and bound to be a huge E3 with lots of announcements. Sony is on a roll.

I'm glad MS will have a big E3, I love huge announcements but it'll be huge for everyone, stop pretending MS is the only player here.

darx1341d ago


The article is about MS having info overload at E3; no mention of Sony.

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kreate1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

It kinda depends what they mean by
'Moving stuff out'

If it's gonna be sports, tv, cloud features that's taking up the space. Than I really don't care.

If it's all about games, I'm all for it.

Knowing MS, I just hope it's not about showing off the power of kinect.

Army_of_Darkness1340d ago

I'm sure whatever they "HAD" to "MOVE" will probably be seen in EA's or Activision's booth anyways lol! ;-)

Fantangoooo1340d ago

microsoft has alot to prove this time just due to the fact that, ps4 seems to be edging out. So i am pretty sure all secrets wouldnt be leaked at all if anything Microsoft are pretty good at hiding stuff compared to sony. Well we shall see how goes but they gotta come out good.

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AngelicIceDiamond1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Now that Titan Fall is out of the way I think its time for MS to start hyping its own Ips and games. Sunset Overdrive or Quantum Break MS should give those game the same attention they gave Titanfall.

I just hope they cut out the none gaming stuff or the stuff that's not important to us and trim it to just games.

Can't wait for E3.

OpieWinston1341d ago

Quantum Break is my system seller...I've only seen seconds of actual gameplay. But man it looks so nice and after Alan Wake you know Remedy is going to stomp all other "Story Driven" games.

Sorry...More devs need to adopt Episodic Storytelling rather than Cinematic storytelling.

hamburgerhill1341d ago

Quantum Break is one game that I'm really excited about but for me Alan Wake was a repetitive let down. If they can get elements fixed in QB I will never doubt Remedy again.

EasyOneTwoThree1341d ago


Alan wake?

Its so boring i did not finish it.

I played it on my PC.

True_Samurai1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

If they need me to.... I will be more than glad to hype the sh!t out of Quantum Break for them 0_0 that's my most anticipated game TV immersion AND Gameplay *drools*

And the Xbox one supports full DX12 yeeeeesssss

Leap Experience Pioneers
New KI Studio
Black Tusk
Lion Head
Turn 10

Also I'm seeing a lot of negative comments against Ms. Jesus you guys need a hobby how can you possibly hate on this news!? PS Fanboys are ridiculous

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3-4-51341d ago

All about games this year. Can't wait.

mrmarx1341d ago

they have to make room for the cloud

abstractel1341d ago

Good news for gamers. Hopefully both will have a strong showing. Based on history I feel Sony will have a very strong showing considering what's coming up (VR, Uncharted, The Order, Santa Monica glimpse, Media Molecule should show something based on last year's February event and maybe this is the year for The Last Guardian). If Microsoft has a strong showing I'll be picking up an Xbox One despite their terrible PR. Excited about seeing more of Quantum Break.

I actually was going to pick an Xbox One up for Ryse but after watching through the walk through of Ryse I decided against it. I love hack and slash games, but that looked too repetitive with barely any variation in enemies. Call God of War simplistic, Ryse was 10x more simplistic. Sure looked pretty though.

These are just my opinions, not "stealth trolling". I honestly hope Xbox One has a good showing. Also hope PC has a good showing as I plan to pick up a Maxwell based card in the summer (maybe before, in time for Watch Dogs, but not sure).

parentoftheyear1341d ago

I'm excited for both systems e3 is going to be EPIC this year.

die_fiend1341d ago

Hopefully they'll show a game I want to play

Magicite1341d ago

If MS wants X1 to properly compete with PS4, then theres never too much to show.

djplonker1341d ago


if you don't want e3 spoiled for you why are you on a gaming news and rumour site?

medman1340d ago

I bought a ps4 first this gen, while last gen I bought my 360 first then my ps3. I'm really waiting to see what E3 holds for both Sony and Microsoft. I'm fairly certain Sony will impress, they have been on a roll of late. If Microsoft's E3 is a kinect showcase, I'll throttle somebody. Games, games, and more games, please. And not motion controlled garbage. If Microsoft hasn't learned their lesson by E3 2014, there is no hope for them this gen. Give me a reason to buy the xbone.

-Foxtrot1340d ago

Does anyone really believe anything Phil says...I mean really.

He's been a PR spewing machine for the past few months now telling people what they want to hear.

Hicken1340d ago

I want to believe in Phil. He seems more genuine than any of the other execs at Xbox right now.

You're right, though: much of what he says these days sounds like lip service, especially given his silence or at least lack of similar comments while everything was going down the drain last year.

So it's hard to believe, even though I want to.

Evilsnuggle1340d ago (Edited 1340d ago )

I hope that Microsoft has a Great show . I have not been generally impressed by Microsoft Xbone . This is coming from a hardcore gamer who bought OG xbox and 360 at launch. I have seen nothing that would entice me to buy a Xbone . Graphically the xbone games has been weak . xbone games look last gen to me . The only game that impressed me was Ryse . Ryse game play Is crap it's a QTE auto kills button mashing. But ryse with Demons Souls game play game mechanics would be awesome. The xbone game's graphics have been a step up from the WiiU game graphics. I have seen quantum break I'm not impressed. Infamous SS destroys quantum break graphically. The Order 1886 has the best graphics I have ever seen on consoles or pc. I hope Microsoft got some "THE CLOUD" or something. Because the graphics difference between PS4 AND Xbone is huge so far.
I remember E3 PS3 all the hype of the cell processor . When I saw the games I was not impressed by PS3. I said to myself that Sony is in trouble. That how I feel about Microsoft when I saw The Order 1886 the xbone is in trouble
To be fair maybe xbone could have a uncharted moment. When I first saw uncharted. They I start believing the PS3 hype they I was blown away by Uncharted 2. I didn't buy a PS3 a launch I wasn't impressed by the games. I bought the PS3 after I saw uncharted. I seriously doubt The xbone can impress me I think that xbone hardware is to weak but we will see. So far the only next-gen game i have seen are
1 The Order 1886
2 infamous SS
3 Battlefield 4
4 The Witcher 3
5 The Division
6 Ryse
7 Killzone Sf
8 Deep Down
All the other games look last gen or last gen 2.0
I hope E3 has some real next-gen game i was highly dispointed last E3 . Only game that impressed me E3 were Killzone sf, battlefield 4 , the Witcher 3, Infamous SS , ryse and I was blown away by The Division my most anticipated NextGen game. All 3D party games have been superior on PS4 with higher resolution and better frame rate and high frame-rates also.

geddesmond1340d ago

Lol half the games they show will be multiplat, then a quarter will be Indie games and the rest exclusive. Thumb me down all you want but after E3 I'll be back to say I told you so.

Back-to-Back1340d ago

Halo Gears Forza

Its the usual suspects as MS always plays it safe.

Sheikh Yerbouti1340d ago

Then what were titles like Metro, Ryse, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, and Alan Wake...? MS is not on par with Sony and Nintendo in the number of first party offerings, but they don't exactly just rinse and repeat Halo Gears and Forza every year or so and forsake new IPs. Halo Gears and Forza are ultra-successful titles. They'd be crazy not to develop sequels.

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Convas1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

E3's going to be so good.

I don't even know how to hold all of my hype.

Do a montage video at the end if you must.

christocolus1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Im in the same shoes bro.the hype is killing me. In an interview early this year Phil said theyve never had so many exclusive games in development like they do now since the history of it makes sense that they still have so much to announce.

If Ms announces Age of Mythology, Lost oddysee2 or a new Kameo..ill go out and buy another xbx one as a gift to someone.

Lucreto1341d ago

They teased Age of Mythology Extended Edition a few weeks ago but it is for steam.

Mystogan1340d ago

I think a new Kameo is coming or maybe some other rare IP like Banjo or Conker.

Phil Harrison said "In the very short term, now that Kinect Sports Rivals is done — I’m very proud of the work the team has done there — we have some big announcements that we’re going to unveil to the world in the next few months at E3 and Gamescom. It’s show season again."

he's specifically talking about Rare!.

E3 is going to be awesome!

Vegamyster1341d ago

Can't wait for it, new Zelda, Uncharted & Halo from the Big 3, also hoping that Dishonored 2 leak was true.

Snookies121341d ago

We shall see come E3! Hope we see a lot of great surprises all around. :]

christocolus1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

"We are already over our 90 minute time limit and having to move stuff out of show."

Nooo..dont cut anything out.i hope they dont cut out the more intersting stuff. Just make sure i see Halo,SO, BK, LO and Qb anything more will be gravy for my eyes.

" Spencer also answered a question regarding DX12, saying that some features are already in the system, but “full DX12 is coming”.

Good to know the xbx one supports dx12 100%...noce

E3 is going to be HUGE this year...its going to be so so gooood.

Sarxblade1341d ago

I know seeing this article just made my hype level jump. I'm so excited, great time to be an X1 owner.

christocolus1341d ago

Same here...hype levels through the roof now


I think its due to the fact that some other companies would also be using this same venues for their own conference and exhibitions .So the organisers may have decided toj put a time limit to make sure everyone gets to use it. Im just guessing not sure.

ABizzel11341d ago

I don't understand why they don't simply make it longer. Is it that hard to do. Sony's is always 2+ hours.

If you have 2+ hours of content to show then show it, but this time focus on games that are coming over the next full year and maybe teasers for holiday 2015.

Mystogan1340d ago

Cutting it out means that they'll announce it before or after E3.

"We are already over our 90 minute time limit and having to move stuff out of show"

This single line gives me Goosebumps! Phil Spencer is awesome! Xbox is Awesome!

zombie-fun5441341d ago

microsoft announcements most exclusives for xbox one so i think it all about the gameplay in e3