Microsoft’s Game Exec Phil Harrison Explains How Xbox One Will Catch The Playstation 4

Sony has grabbed an early lead in the gaming console war, selling 6 million PlayStation 4 consoles since November. Microsoft has sold perhaps 4 million Xbox Ones, and has clearly fallen into the No. 2 position in next-generation consoles after leading with the Xbox 360.

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corvusmd1312d ago

Nice, pretty basic interview...but the part that is awesome is that in addition to being happy with the Titanfall sales is the fact that the game is getting an AVERAGE of 5 hours of game play per person per day......good to see that users are still loving it as much as I am. Good News.

christocolus1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

"we have some big announcements that we’re going to unveil to the world in the next few months at E3 and Gamescom. It’s show season again."

I cant wait...Both Phils have been teasing E3 like and Ms are truly going to fight it out this year..great

He said also said they have thousands of applications from indie devs...thats great..i think Chris Charla is doing great... kinect sports rivals is almost out...i am pre- ordering that next week.


Great sugestions but i dont think Titanfall 2 will be exclusive to MS this time around...its going to be really hard for MS to pull off besides Respawn wouldnt be too happy with that.

Hellsvacancy1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Buddy, don't fall for the E3 hype, it's the same EVERY year, it's always a disappointment compared to what you expected from all the hype that's built up from BOTH MS and Sony

All you will actually get at E3 is a tease and pointless trailer that don't really show anything "we'll have more to show you in the coming months"

Remember this or this how about this

The rest of the games will be running on high end PCs

Hopefully i'm wrong this year, either way I win

Hatsune-Miku1312d ago

We all can dream but price drop three months after releasing your product doesn't say to people that it's a must have product. I've seen deals where the xbox one is cheaper than a ps4 but it's not making any substantial impact. Ps4 is just overall a better product with a better gaming company backing it so the ps4 will continue to do better than the xbox one.

I know Microsoft is already planning an xbox two to try and release it soon and before the ps5 so people shouldn't be surprised if Microsoft pulls the plug on xbox one in two years.

thrust1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Hatsune, are you nuts?

Do you have a link to the xbox two coming out in 2 years?

People agreeing with you aswell please provide me with this info, if it is true a lot of people are going to be mad!

gaffyh1312d ago

Don't expect too much from E3, at most you can probably expect 2 big new game announcements from both Sony and MS. That's apart from the smaller games.

Kribwalker1312d ago

Hatsune is the biggest PS Fanboy I have ever seen, I tend to not believe a word he says. It would be corporate suicide to release a new console in 2 years. No company would survive that, not even sony.

And PS3 dropped the price of the 60gb console to $499 which is $100 off I July 2007, which is 8 months after launch, what did that mean? I'm sure it will be spun that it was to increase the value to the consumer, not because it's sales were also bogged down. Every company has to adjust their price to the current market, or they will no longer exist. Simple as that

morganfell1312d ago

Really Kriobwalker?


Are you actually going to go there?

Have you looked at your own post history? It is one attack on Sony after another. You can come down now because that moral high ground on which you believe yourself to be? Well, its a ditch and you are knee deep in it.

malokevi1312d ago


no, YOU'RE a fanboy!

nuh uh!


Cram a ham in it you clods.

If MS says they have stuff to announce at E3, then they have stuff to announce at E3. woopdie doo! I'm never disappointing by E3. BRING IT ON CHUMPS!

morganfell1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

And your response was no better. Where was it being denied they have things to announce? You can join everyone in the ditch.

Kribwalker1312d ago


The way hatsune talks about Sony it's like it's the 2nd coming of Jesus. I have issues with MS as much as sony and Nintendo. The end game is that they are all big corporations that are in it to make money and nothing else. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I typically buy all consoles and play all exclusives that interest me. I played the first 2 infamous, and I am not interested in a single player game that plays like the old ones with better graphics so I am going to wait until something like uncharted comes out to get my PS4.
I speak up about a lot of crap on here for a couple reasons. I think people overreact when they call microsoft a terrible and horrible company that lies all the time. Sony has done that consistently in the past and people always seem to forget that.
It's like they get a free pass, but no company deserves a free pass. They all use PR to sell there stuff one way or another. Believe me if everyone was shitting on sony all the time,(like apparently it was happening before I was on this site) I'd be supporting them aswell in my post. I think the original xbox one policies were the way of the future and that it would have been great to have family sharing and other benefits that they were offering, but there were some aspects of it that definitely needed adjusting. But the next console generation will have those policies on both sides.
I also believe that having to rewrite the entire operating system and re-optimize the entire system 5 months before launch has been detrimental to the way multiplatform games have performed in the first versions of games this generation.

I believe that the multiplats will get closer with time, not because of some parity clause, but because of OS optimization and learning the nuances of the system. If PS4 is as easy to program for as they are saying andXbox one is as difficult then it only means one thing. The games will get closer as it becomes easier to develope for the xbox one

I support video gaming in general and when one company takes so much hate, even when they are trying to "right their wrongs" I am going to support them. Regardless of brand because I play all games I want to play

malokevi1312d ago

Everyone is in a ditch? Well, that just seems like a terrible place to congregate. Instead I'll head over to my local eatery to get some cheese-doodles.

darthv721312d ago

I guess to most this is a game of cat and mouse. Sometimes the mouse gets caught and other times he doesnt. It all depends on how good the cat is.

So which company is which?

Evilsnuggle1312d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

How is Microsoft and xbone going to close the performance gap between PS4 AND Xbone. I do understand brand preference. I also understand that a lot Microsoft fans are primarily Online gamers. Yes I believe that Microsoft is focused more on online gaming than Sony is. I own both 360 and PS3, PS4 there is no difference in the online preformance of xbox live and PSN. But I think that Microsoft first party games are multiplayer focused. If you are a multiplayer only gamer I can see why you choose Xbone. But anyone who know anything about GPU and system memory know that xbone will never close the gap between PS4 vs xbone. I wish you xbone fanBoys would realize that the PS4 is far more powerful than the Xbone. Does this mean games won't be fun on the xbone no. Will the same game performance better on the PS4 than on X1 yes. No amount of optimization Can overcome 50% more GPU cores , 100% more ROPs 80% more ACEs compute units PS4 8 ACEs vs x1 2 ACEs. It's never going to happen . In fact the gap will become big because of HUMA and GPU Compute. Huma is not being used or compute and PS4 has those two huge advantages . ND is optimizing PS4 memory system and ND said that the PS4 is capable of running 1080p 60fps easily. ND are working on updating using HUMA on PS4. No xbone doesn’t have HUMA Heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access because xbone doesn’t have Uniform Memory. unless Microsoft can get it's cloud computing working PS4 is going to become even more powerful than xBone. and yes Sony has dedicated servers rackspace is a huge cloud computing company

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ArchangelMike1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Sure... Sure... because obviously Sony are not going to do anything to try and extend their lead. No, No, they're just going to sit there sucking their thumbs and let M$ catch up. Yeah Sure /s

Already the announcement of Morpheus has begun to give Sony and the PS4 increased mindshare (what is that anyway?) among gamers.

Titanfall 2 is a redherring. It's not going to sell any PS4's. The gamble was on Titanfall, which has paid off for Microsift, but not for EA and Respawn.

Sony has it's own killer line-up of software that we are only beginning to get hints of. They will also have a big bag full of tricks come E3.

MightyNoX1312d ago

How did not pay for EA? They got paid upfront and spent zero on marketing. MS pissed away money at the exclusivity deal, marketing and buying copies so they can bundle them with the system. EA was the true winner in this situation.

ArchangelMike1312d ago


EA lost out on PS3/PS4 sales. Consider that there are about 80 million PS3's sold. Microsoft was the real winner here not EA.

MightyNoX1312d ago

I don't disagree that EA lost potential profits. But they're still getting money paid for very little investment.

I guess our point of contention is our different perception of what has been invested in this venture. From my point of view, wrong as it may be, Microsoft needed to have pulled Halo/CoD like numbers in 24 hours to have made this all moneyhatting worth it.

Either way, I think both you and I can agree that Respawn got the shaft here.

Boody-Bandit1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

I think they all (EA, Respawn and MS) lost because MS ended up packing in TF to move consoles which they most likely had to pay addition money to EA for. Plus the money MS paid for the exclusivity of TF, the money they spent on the marketing campaign and the fact that although their sales saw a boost, it wasn't that significant in the US. 50k addition units in the 1st week. And now Best Buy and WalMart are selling the TF X1 bundle @$449.99.

MS more than likely lost money on TitanFall as did EA by cutting out an addition 86+ million consumers (PS3 & PS4) to expand their sales of this new title.

Respawn lost because they appeared to have rushed their first brand new franchise to market to hit a date on the calendar instead of being able to take their time and polish it. That and having a limited audience with only MS consumers.

kneon1311d ago


I doubt EA lost money on Titanfall, but Microsoft almost certainly did. Not only would they have had to pay EA for all those bundled in copies, but they have even cut the price in the UK and now some stores in North America.

The margins were slim to start with so those bundles are selling at or below cost.

Boody-Bandit1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )


EA didn't lose money but they did lose the opportunity to make even more money by cutting off 86+ million Sony consumers.

MS most definitely lost a pretty large sum of money on TF.

Respawn lost out by have a much wider audience and possibly time to polish or expand their game. MS is known for pushing product out the door. If it was across all platforms Respawn more than likely would've spent more time polishing and adding to the total TF package.

The campaign in TF is totally tacked on and a missed opportunity. The game lacks online modes, customization and more weapon variety.

I have a feeling TF2 will be a much more completed game including a single player campaign.

rainslacker1311d ago

@Brutal and all.

I think EA made out pretty good on this deal. Not sure about Respawn. MS probably got the short end of the stick.

Unfortunately, despite the huge marketing blitz, it failed to really push console sales like the GeOW or Halo IP's do.

However, for EA's part, Titanfall is now a well known IP in the gaming sphere, something hard to achieve without lots of marketing, which they didn't have to pay for.

EA sold a lot of copies of the game to MS for bundles, which is good for them. Even if those bundles don't sell fast, EA has it's money.

In the long run, EA, and likely respawn will make out very good from this deal, although they did lose short term sales from the PS4 install base. However, there is no gaurantee that the money required for EA to market the game itself would be recouped from PS4 sales, so the risk was pretty minimal for them, thus they win again.

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No_Limit1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

WOW, how do you guys get so many disagrees from a XB1 only article??? Why am I even asking that question, LOL.

Anyways, MS is a multi billion company that don't have to worry about selling buildings or their computer business to make ends meet and they will do what it takes to gain marketshare and get exclusive deals for games. Glad they have a great plan ahead for us XB1 owners.

Flatbattery1312d ago

Care to explain why there are investors who want the Xbox division sold off?

BOLO1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Every time I see your comments you give off the aura of a delusional M$FT fanboy suckling at their misleading teet. I'm going to mark your comments as negative whenever I see them. Sony got losses on the technology they pushed with the PS3 (Cell, Blu-Ray), one of which was adopted by M$FT anyway (Blu-Ray). M$FT only makes huge profits on the operating system (Windows) they stole from Apple which people depend on because there are no viable alternatives...DUH! That's why most consumers hate M$FT because when a viable alternative is available...Guarantee they won't be making $12 billion quarterly profits.
EDIT: Not only that but the CPU in the PS3 was stolen and altered for the Xbox 360 as well thanks to Sony's PRO-ACTIVITY in pushing new technology... You M$FT fans are like Lemmings falling in pits!

hankmoody1312d ago


How exactly are you getting agrees for that comment? Pull the plug on the Xbox One? In TWO years?!? You must be smoking the good stuff, who's your dealer? Can I have their number?

Khimarhi1312d ago

They didn't say Titanfall is getting an AVERAGE of 5 hours of game play per person per day, the Xbox One is is getting used 5 hours a day. That most includes all the xbox does which most likely includes watching tv... and the average tv watcher watches hours of tv a day also.

Copen1312d ago

If Microsoft can't catch Sony in sales despite price cuts and packing in their best exclusive of the year in for free and with Sony having supply issues well they never will. I just don't think anyone can lump those 3 factors together and come out positive about it. Sony has only just begun to drop their biggest games of the year and they're already selling every console they can make and simply can't keep up with the demand therefore the 96% sales jump for the week doesn't mean much put against the 72% jump in sales of PS4's when in stock. Not to mention the article is wrong to assume MS has closed in on 4 million units sold because IF that were the case MS would've surely updated their LTD sales to reflect that. And the part this article doesn't mention is the fact that on every price cut X1 they sell and especially price cut and free Titanfall pack in they sell is at a loss as in they're not making a dime on those units sold they're losing money. We're talking about a Xbox division that's already come under fire internally from investors who are tired of the Xbox division costing them money so having to lose money to move units is actually a bad thing for Microsoft especially when doing so doesn't result in catching your direct competitor.

5eriously1311d ago (Edited 1311d ago )

"we have some big announcements that we’re going to unveil to the world in the next few months at E3 and Gamescom. It’s show season again."

I simple terms it's time for M$ to mislead and deceive again.

Milo and the super AI are still to fresh in memory.

Common corvus explain to us about Milo.
Also explain the lack of titles on the Xbox 360 and while you are at it why we can believe Microsoft this time round.

I cannot wait for the M$ PR spin this time round so we can cut it in shreds!

At least we can expect a 50% boost from DX12, plus the 3* power of the cloud and then whatever else Microsoft plans

....wait that will be for 2015. Maybe with the next SKU then when Microsoft fixed the ESram saga. (wink)

Cannot wait for E3 Sony's got a VR device to show of with great applications. Woot!

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MEGANE1312d ago

By securing TitAn fall 2, relasing halo 5, $100 price cut, and by giving better and more games with XBOX live.... all that and they may be able to catch the PS3. ;)

AnEwGuY1311d ago

If the X1 catches the PS3, MS will be in fine shape regardless. ;)

The_Infected1312d ago

By the time you catch up PS4 will advance just as you did while catching up. One doesn't sit there while another moves forward.

shivvy241312d ago

Yeah, sony have a great amount of first party devs too, honestly this e3 is gonna be amazing from both sony and ms!

Copen1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

Microsoft isn't enjoying the lead they did back in 2006 either when the x360 was on the market a full year earlier than the PS3 was so they can't impose their will on developers like they did. What i mean is Microsoft doesn't have a stable full of first party developers which is why they result to buying 3rd party games and label them as exclusives and used to require a performance parity clause on games stating that games that are multiplatform couldn't look any better than it did on their machine. This time they're behind they're not in the drivers seat so to speak so they can't demand parity as the first round of games have shown a disparity in Sony's favor proves. This is a good thing even for Microsoft as it's forcing them to rethink the way they handle the console business since they aren't the market leader they'll have to adapt to how things are now bringing more competition to the table and eventually force them to invest if first party games of their own if they're to survive because developers and publishers aren't going to be pressured by MS to bend to their will and we're already seeing that with the news that Titanfall 2 won't be exclusive to the Xbox one. Pubs and developers want a piece of the bigger pie and right now that's the PS4. It doesn't make fiscal sense to sell out to second place and limit your income just to please Microsoft anymore and it's also a good thing they can no longer force console games parity anymore because a game should be at it's best no matter which platform it's on the developers should have the freedom to make their games look and run at it's best no matter what and right now that's what we're seeing and it's a great thing for everyone because it ensures that the next console from Microsoft will focus on the right things the GAMERS that got them where they are today not soccer moms and hipsters and casuals because that market is fickle GAMERS have loyalties as the fanboy war has shown so it makes sense to go after those customers and keep them as your customers so the next console from MS should be as powerful and as capable as their competitor and that is a great thing for ALL OF US.

PoSTedUP1312d ago

i think Sonys VR will force MS to take its final bow. sony has fire in its eyes this gen and i dont think MS can do anything to stop it.

GodGinrai1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )



mhunterjr1312d ago

I think project morpheous looks cool, but do you really think a peripheral is going to drive one of the big three completely out of the market? That's pretty silly, especially once you consider the market will be fragmente since not every ps4 owner will buy it...

PoSTedUP1312d ago

i mean, you have to look at the circumstances. but ok what i said Was a little over the top, i prob didnt mean it litterally. but just think about it... if VR becomes big, it could be the deciding factor of what next gen system ppl buy. when the ps4 hits $300 and you can get a VR headset at $250; if sony can make ps4 blow X1 out of the water, i dont think MS or their shareholders will continue with the xbox division, imo. expcially if they dont make back all that money they spent on kinetic. they spent money like they had this in the palm of their hand (soo much marketing too which is having not that great effect) .... big mistake, imo. i thnk its possible, chances are kina low, but deff possible.

GodGinrai1312d ago

As somebody that bought Xbox one first, I have to agree. They were the favorites to win this gen until they fucked it all up last year. I still see em doing well but long term I think sony have beaten them this round.