Humorous TitanFall Literal Trailer

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a humor filled parody trailer for TitanFall. The trailer takes a fun look at the action packed game that has won rave reviews from critics and fans.

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Naga1223d ago

That was actually pretty awesome. I did not expect that.

Garethvk1223d ago

They sent it to us and I was like ok, now what, nd it was actual lots of fun. They have others they are working on and do.

1222d ago
Spenok1222d ago

Miss, miss, miss, miss.... miss, miss! Lol.

Garethvk1222d ago

I was going to suggest to them that they do a sequel as now a week and change later, all sorts of lag issues have arisen for PC users.

90Supra1222d ago


that was actually pretty funny...

Garethvk1222d ago

I am waiting for the day when we can call in our own air strikes and such. Here is a crazy idea, you have ships in orbit, you have enemies all over the map. Ever hear of bombardment? Seems like it would solve the issue.

Garethvk1222d ago

Pressure is now on for the sequel.