Microsoft: We’re willing to “see how the VR space evolves”

Sony officially announced its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset last night, and plenty of other companies have been following Oculus' lead into the VR and/or augmented reality spaces at GDC. In that light, many observers are now eagerly watching for any hints of similar plans from Microsoft beyond the already rumored head-mounted display.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Watch and learn Microsoft. Either way I think VR will take off.

Hatsune-Miku1364d ago

Microsoft: we dont take risks so we'll wait to see if vr can be successfully then probably support it

Naga1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Really? Microsoft doesn't take risks?

E3 2013 would like to have a word with you.

Naga1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

^^^ I didn't think it would be necessary to explain that, but seeing how the comment is getting loads of disagrees:

Microsoft took enormous risks in choosing an always-online model as well as mandating Kinect inclusion. Those were very, very risky decisions, and the violent backfire we all witnessed coming out of E3 2013 just goes to prove that. Look at any of their decisions which have drawn ire or failed altogether (HD-DVD, Zune, etc.), and ask yourself whether they were risky choices.

webeblazing1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

this is ms they do everything business wise. this isnt nothing new. i would be surprised if the experimented with vr too. ms always do experiments but theyre not much of the risk taker. they follow the trends not matter if theyre in the market or not. its a bad habit because the could of made a ton of money by taking a leap of faith.

everything that makes sense that the should of been doing ms dont do. we could go on about this. zune too late. phones, ms should of been launched their own cell phone, but too late again and settle for windows os on phone. pc gaming, lets not go there. tablet even though they was on table for business settings before they was use like we use them today, they should been on it, too late.

yea they dont take risks. its risks involve with business, but ms has a habit of letting great opportunities pass them by. its maybe why their company so successful.

your right about the always on line i wonder how it was going to work. it was a risk but ms do thing to make money. they are a business but they kinda go to the extreme. if they did that they would made a killing just like they did on xblive. i still dont get how they got away with xblive. just like who would of brought a zune.

TheGreatAndPowerful1364d ago

They've got nothing in the works. lol

"There's always lots of rumors about lots of things," he told Ars. "We patent lots of things. As you know, Microsoft Research does a lot of stuff. You patent stuff to protect the IP in the event you ever want to work on stuff in the future, but it shouldn't be [a] telltale [sign] that anything specific is in development."

BitbyDeath1364d ago

@Naga, is that really a risk though?

When the outcome of said strategy is to benefit solely yourself over the bodies of your consumers then it starts to sound more like greed which simply backfired.

Septic1364d ago

Lol at MS doesn't take risks. Wow. And you lot agreed with that knowledgeable chap. Smh. Yeah bundling the camera with the console, trying to push for a digital future etc wasn't risky was it? Sigh..

UltraNova1364d ago

'We are willing..'

One wonders what would happen if they weren't willing..

Total VR endeavors meltdown? Maybe??

Oh MS I'm so tired of your smack attitude.

Hellsvacancy1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

E32013 wasn't a risk, it was a mistake, big difference Septic, a risk you see through to the end, a mistake you correct

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stuna11364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

This is the exact same stance they took with Blu Ray! Now look at them.


I'll tell you where we would be! Still stuck in the Stone Age, eating Bronto Burger, frying Teradactal Eggs, driving our stone cars using foot power.

Naga1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

... Except with Blu Ray, Microsoft took a strong stance in support of its competitor, HD-DVD. This situation is completely different.

stuna11364d ago


Yes they did, and them taking the side of HD DVD didn't help it survive did it? My point is even though Microsoft was sleeping with the enemy, their actions didn't affect the outcome of either disc format! And now this gen who has a Blu Ray drive in their machine!? Microsoft.

morganfell1364d ago


Yes they did. And numerous companies lost money when MS cut and run. Look how many people were left with a $179 doorstop that used to connect to their 360. Look how many people purchased HD DVDs that now no longer play in anything else.

Naga1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

@ stuna1 & morganfell

You guys are misunderstanding my point. It doesn't matter whether HD-DVD was a good choice, or how the format wars turned out.

The point is that Stuna1 said that this was the exact same stance they took with Blu Ray, when it isn't at all. With Blu Ray, they took a stance in direct competition with Sony's medium of choice. Here, Microsoft is just sitting it out with a wait-and-see approach. That could be a bad decision, but that wouldn't change the fact that their actions are very, very different than they were in dealing with/against Blu Ray during the format wars.

beerzombie1364d ago

No that's not true Blu-ray was expensive and they wanted or really needed to jump ahead of Sony who just sold 100 million plus ps2's. These large corporations work together all the time. so they went with cheaper dvd and they sold 80 million plus which is fantastic.
I do not think no other company could have really competed with Sony or Nintendo. people keep saying they came in third all the time but if third place is 80 million I think they will be happy do this again and agian.

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sak5001364d ago

MS pls stick to kinect much better than putting on stupid face mask making you look like an idiot. VR will fail as it's a very niche market. If it was so cool why didn't it become successful in arcade, other consoles and the those media playing goggles?

You $ony lovers just jump at every POS item sony dishes out and dont even buy it and then it's relegated to the back of the store with all the wands, eyetoys etc.

Highlife1363d ago

"MS pls stick to kinect much better than putting on stupid face mask making you look like an idiot."

I don't know about you but I don't game in front of a crowd so who the hell cares what I look like.

jackdaniels1364d ago

unlikely, VR has been pushed a few times over the years and no one is really interested, that and it makes you want to puke after a few minutes.


Highlife1363d ago

The technology couldn't support it properly then. Tunes have changed I guess you are not ready.

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Paulie_gualtieri1364d ago

One thing i don't like about MS.Rarely willing to take a risk and try something bold.

They typically wait for someone else to break the mold and set the standard, then they buy their way in.

JBSleek1364d ago

As opposed to if VR doesn't take off right now and they wasted time and money into the resources that aren't ready to be adopted by mainstream.

MS is a software company first and foremost.

Paulie_gualtieri1364d ago

"As opposed to if VR doesn't take off right now"

Not my point.I'm saying they would Never be bold enough to be a leader in this forefront to begin with.

"MS is a software company first and foremost."
..who also happen to have a dedicated console hardware team with a massive R&D budget.And look where they put that budget with Xbox one.

I can switch between my tv and games on a single hdmi!

so bold!

LOGICWINS1364d ago

Which makes sense?

If someone tries something new and it flops, I wouldn't want to be that dumbass who invested all that R&D money.

Hardware is only a good as the software running on it...and as far as software, we know next to nothing. I'll get excited about VR when I see something to get excited about.

AceBlazer131364d ago

Now if every company had that mentality where would we be?

JBSleek1364d ago

Not a response to you logic.

"Now if every company had that mentality where would we be?"

Many companies do that and fail. More companies fail than they do succeed with this indeed mentality. It makes sense for MS a SOFTWARE company to wait and see what VR is and whether people want it. They do take risks. Calculated risks.

JoGam1364d ago

Sorry buddy but MS did take some huge bold risk. Did you forget all of 2013? Did you forget all those risk MS took just to change them when it backlashed. Its great that a company take risk but it even better when they learn from the mistakes of the risk.

Paulie_gualtieri1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

How did they take a risk when they didn't commit?They had a bold vision of a an all digital future and turned heel and ran at the first sign of trouble and as soon as they realized Sony was sticking with no DRM.So much for their great plan, eh?

Edit below:
People also flipped out when Sony introduced the PS1 and Discs instead of Nintendo's standard cartridges.Same with DVD in PS2 and Blu-ray with PS3.Going against the vocal crowds and committing to your plan, to me, is more risky then what MS did last year.

JoGam1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

No dude they did take the risk. Putting out there what they wanted to do, was taking a risk. However because they didn't have the backing of the consumers they decided to backtrack. It was the consumers who made MS change their mind. We all know MS would have kept to there plan if the had the consumers backing. You think because they did'nt commit, however I call it backtrack, wasn't taking a risk? It was a risk to tell the consumers one thing and do another. It was a smart move by MS to change or not commit however it was a risk. Ask ANYBODY if MS look uncertain of what they wanted to do during that time. That was the consequence of their risk.

No_Limit1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

"Did you forget all of 2013? "

JoGam, what happened in 2013?? Was it any different from what the XB1 is now? How could it be a risk if it never existed in the final product? You are not making sense, dude. LOL

hulk_bash19871364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )


I agree with you to a certain extent. But Microsoft didn't really take a risk in that department because they did't go through with it. As opposed to say the risk they took on HD DVD last gen. That was a risk and unfortunately it did not pay off for them. But, even though they did hurt their image with the reveal they quickly won it back by doing a complete 180. So there was really no mayor risk taken. If I had to say the risk Microsoft took this gen, it would have to be bundling in Kinect at a higer price. They had a vision for their All-in-one Console and they put it out on the market not knowing if it would be well received.

JoGam1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

No_Limit...The risk was putting out there a plan that didn't sit with consumers. That's was the RISK....REGARDLESS if they didn't fulfill that plan and decided to go with something else as which they did. What XB1 is now appose to then has nothing to do with it. LOL I'm ONLY saying MS took a RISK with the first Plan however backtrack which cause them to lose credibility.

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Godmars2901364d ago

You mean like when they made a big show of their VR room and all of their fanboys jumped on board. Or Kinect or Milo to be specific.

Still, they've never really taken lead. Just try and take it over after someone else crated the market.

Volkama1364d ago

That's absolutely not true of the Xbox division. Microsoft have been leading the console online push since the day Sega pulled out.

Sony transformed the industry with the PS One, but I think this VR headset is their first big push to move things forwards since then.

It's nice to see Sony at the forefront again, and it's no shock at all that MS will follow if VR is a breakaway success. Just as both Sony and MS tried to get a piece of the motion gaming pie.

Godmars2901363d ago

"since the day Sega pulled out."

You say it yourself: online wasn't MS idea. Even their push into the console market was in reaction to Sony developing it to a higher level than Nintendo.

Nevermind that their first effort, the first Xbox, would have been a joke in terms of overall effort if not for Halo. That the 360, between RRoD and repeated system bans, holds an arguable position in the industry. It certainly lost ground towards the end of it life.

And online gaming itself overall has done nothing cause the exclusion of people offline. Allowed devs to become lazy if not exploitative.

Volkama1363d ago

"And online gaming itself overall has done nothing cause the exclusion of people offline. Allowed devs to become lazy if not exploitative."

Yeah OK :|

If MS have not been driving online gaming on consoles because the Dreamcast had a dial up modem then Sony are not driving anything either. They didn't dream up VR from nothing did they?

In reality both companies have done a lot to shape the industry, and both companies will continue to shape the industry. Both copy ideas, both refine ideas, both want your money, and hopefully both enable us to play great games.

Godmars2901363d ago

Sony didn't dream up the PS1 for that matter. Or rather Nintendo hired them to, misunderstandings and backstabbing ensued, and a console plus several incentives to mature the market was born.

Meanwhile with MS, they just saw that market and literally thought that they could buy their way in. Have been operating under that assertion, that their overall position in computing gave them dominance, which is why three consoles in its like they're making a first attempt and don't understand the market. Why they have no 1st party studios really worth mentioning or have notably done anything, or the whole thing with DRM.

Sony's done a couple of things which have been of general benefit. When MS does something, like how online has brought DRM and made patching a standard thing, its brought good and bad things. Was done mostly for MS.

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JBSleek1364d ago

No MS isn't a leader in this forefront or any forefront of hardware.

Where they do shine is in software which was my point. They aren't bold in hardware but they are in software and services.

youndamie1364d ago

umm Windows 8 lol i kid I kid

OpieWinston1363d ago

Well MS is the lead in the software industry so saying that they don't take risks is funny as hell. They took a risk with Direct X...Taking all Direct platforms and merging into a single driver... Which has become the LEAD driver in the gaming industry.

They use the only playable and optimized OS. Linux based OS are fundamentally flawed in every way, and no self respecting gamer uses a Mac.

They tried to work with Sony to bring next gen into the digital era with DRM....Sony pussied out (Which is funny how people choose to forget that), and left Microsoft holding the bag as they tried to justify it.

They're the ones who have been investing in VR for years now and are probably still trying to get it to work with Kinect to create a seamless experience...they deemed Illumiroom not affordable for people due to the high costs and saw no point in releasing it for the time being.

Point is...Microsoft takes PLENTY of risks but apparently some people like to ignore them.

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christocolus1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

In other words "we are secretly developing ours and are not ready to announce or discuss it yet"

With Oculus,Valve and Sony working on VR it only makes sense for MS to renew their patents and join the Party.. they definitly shouldnt allow the illumiroom and fortazela tech go to waste..

Three different sources have reported it already, including one confirmed by Gamespot and then late last year it was revealed that the tech team behind Kinect were busy working on the next big guess: VR and Kinect integration of some sort.this shouldnt be too surprising either since kinect has been demoed with oculus in the past a number of times.

LackTrue4K1364d ago

and this is just me on the PlayStation4:

not to be out done by Nintendo...

christocolus1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Lol..You must be very happy with yourself now..right? Youve finally found the chance to use the gifs youve been saving up all this For a console you guys claim not to give damn about you sure love to spend alot of time around it..creating gifs about it,invading related articles just to run it down and even discussing it in other unrelated topics...i swear you guys are a very weird N4G rocks.

MainstreamGamer1364d ago

lol. This is why I love N4G, the entertainment value alone in the comment section dwarf any game related article. bubbles dude.

KonsoruMasuta1364d ago

Hopefully they can come up with something. Then maybe Rare can stop making bad kinect games and make something good again. Rare would be the perfect devs for this type of thing.

_FantasmA_1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Rare is dead. Its been how many years since Perfect Dark? Those Rare developers didn't just freeze themselves so they could thaw themselves at just the right time in the future just to make the next big game. They are long gone. Same with Capcom. You can't expect the same types of games to come out 14 years later.

beerzombie1364d ago

The founders left a long time ago.

Geekman1364d ago

Google Cars, Amazon Drones, touchscreen Coca Cola machines, and now Virtual Reality. The future is finally happening.

Volkama1363d ago

Touch screen Coca Cola machines lol. Sci-fi in a can.

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