Dark Souls II' Was 'Unplayable And Broken' On Consoles Before Graphics Downgrade

The previews we saw of Dark Souls II showed a much prettier game with a lighting system that seemed to plunge the world of Drangleic into deep darkness, traversable only with the help of a trusty torch. The retail console version of the game still looks good, but not nearly to the same degree.

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Ezz20131498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

i got my copy few days ago and didn't play any thing other than 5 or 10 minutes of it
well start it today
but i wonder why this got those high scores when it look like doing nothing new we haven't seen in Dark souls
and on top of that got downgraded in Graphics and also got tons of problewms with framerate and bugs ?!

developers deserve to get called out on this

DanielGearSolid1498d ago

You only played 10 minutes
Yet you kbow all of this?
Play the game first buddy...

Ezz20131498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

it seems that you didn't get my comment right
i will play it but
there is tons of topics about the downgrade and even the developers did comment on it and never deny it
there is articles about the framerate and bugs

so i asked if it had all that how it got high scores

DanielGearSolid1498d ago

I got it...

I'm saying there also ppl who didn't have any technical issues while playing

So im saying you should play it first

DragonKnight1498d ago

I haven't once experienced any framerate drops. I don't care about the lighting, once you get to The Gutter it doesn't matter how bright you think the world is compared to the demo.

You haven't played the game, so unless you've absorbed as much info as you can about the game (i.e. streams of people playing it, trailers, etc...) then you don't know what you're talking about. The Souls series has never been about graphics, so people whining about a non-issue like lighting changes should stop playing the game immediately, return their copy of the game, and leave the real fans to playing this amazing game.

Palitera1498d ago

Man up and stand up for what you've said. Or apologize, but don't deny your words.

"but i wonder why this got those high scores when it look like doing nothing new we haven't seen in Dark souls" after playing 10 minutes...

Absolutely an expert.

nix1498d ago

i've played it and the frame rate drops almost everywhere. there's also a delay in sound. if i take a step on the wooden plank, i get the sound after few seconds which gives off impression that someone else is walking around near me. if i rotate the camera fast enough the screen blurs.

if i press Start button it comes out after a second. i was playing Dark Souls and i jumped to DS2 and i can tell you it's a tad slow. everywhere. they've already thrown 2 updates and i can't figure out what updates they've done.

i like the game and all but damn it slows down.

Ezz20131498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

damnit guys, i'm not a hater
i love Souls games they are among my best games this gen
but asking a question is no hate
and i even admit that i haven't played the game yet
i have no idea how you guys would think i'm a hater

i'm still stand behind my question and if you think this is just a hate from me to games i love to no end
then so be it

Captain Qwark 91497d ago


that sucks dude, ive been playing around 16hrs and i have yet to have it even stutter once

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WildArmed1498d ago

It plays fine. In fact, it has less dips than the previous two iterations.

This probably their most stable game yet. And still very fun.
Tons of new enemies and new types of combat styles.

About 40 hours in, need to get back into it soon.

But put it on hold for MGS:GZ.. and soon infamous:SS

OmegaShen1498d ago

Totally lie, Demon Souls ran better then Dark Souls and Dark Souls 2. Stable yes, the other games were to. Beside Dark Souls framerate problems that are on Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 2 beta from what played had no framerate problems.

But two does have them, as well as AI's getting stuck in walls and dying or attacks going through walls.

frostypants1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

@OmegaShen, you've clearly forgotten a lot about Demon's Souls. That game dropped to single-digit fps quite often. It was one of the biggest complaints about it.

WildArmed1496d ago


Clearly someone hasn't tried magic / faith builds in Demon Souls. That frame drop.

Heck, whenever I used Firestorm I'd get crazy frame drops.

Dark Souls 2 is much more stable than the previous two when it comes to frame rate.

Summons751497d ago

Well one the downgrade doesn't matter. Two they improved a lot, added a lot, reblanaced a lot. Its not the same game ad Dark Souls and it took a lot of what people missed from Demon Souls and brought it back. Sure the core gameplay is the same but that's because its the same series, this isn't Bio ware who make who new games for sequels, these are intelligent devs who knows what works and what needs to be improved. When you dive deep in the game you can see huge changes

ceooflhm1497d ago

I have not had any framerate issues at all. Who knows though I have only played it for 56 hours.

DonDon1497d ago

I get huge frame rate dips. I'm playing on ps3 download version

WildArmed1496d ago


I'm using the PSN version too, I don't have any problems. Maybe try redownloading?

frostypants1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

Two things:
-The only problem with the downgrade is that they were (and are) still running media that is featuring the pre-downgrade graphics. They need to apologize for that.
-Who is actually having frame rate issues? It's pretty much locked at 30fps for me (PS3). It dips to maybe 20fps or so on occasion. We've all got the same hardware here (aside from PS3 vs. 360), so I've got no idea what the hell people are talking about on that front...unless it's people who are lying and never played the prior games. It doesn't get even close to as bad as Dark Souls and Demon's Souls. It's the smoothest game in the series by a landslide.

PurpHerbison1497d ago (Edited 1497d ago )

I am sick and tired of people saying they played this on console with ZERO technical issues. Souls games ALWAYS have tons of issues. This iteration is not exempt. It's okay to say that you are having fun, thus you don't notice the issues as much as the next guy. But do not, and I repeat, do not come in here and BS.

Sly-Lupin1497d ago

Whereas I am sick and tires of people who assume everyone has the exact same experience with a game.

Just because you are experiencing lots of bugs does not mean everyone else is, too; just because you have not experienced any bugs does not mean that the game is bug free.

Its really all down to luck.

DFogz1497d ago

The game got high scores because it was reviewed for what it was, and how it played. Not for how pretty it looked.

Back-to-Back1497d ago

Dark Souls 2 takes everything great about the first and builds on it. Seriously 34 bosses in this game.

My first playthrough with occassional assistance online lasted me 38 hours.

Keep in my I plan on going through the game atleast 2-3 more times as well as sink 100's of hours in pvp.

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kurruptor1498d ago

Apparently graphics don't matter anymore when it comes to reviews. Like Titanfall's 2008 graphics with screen tearing and framerate drops. Yet most reviews ignored that.

DeadRabbits1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Sessler the Goldfish Mind with his superhuman 2 second memory seemed to forget this too when reviewing Titanfall!

benzo521498d ago

All games will be like this until developers have enough time to learn and practice with the new consoles.

RAAMzilla1498d ago

Souls 2 isn't on the new consoles.

youndamie1498d ago

Lol yea, he just saw "Downgrade" and assumed it was next gen.

seanpitt231497d ago

New consoles! they have been out 7 years buddy lol

Sly-Lupin1497d ago

Actually, this is year 9. Last gen began in 2005....

seanpitt231497d ago

Well I only bought the ps3 last gen and that came out in 2007 in the uk so that's why I said 7 years but if you count the 360 then your right :)

aLiEnViSiToR1497d ago

dafuq that was either a stealth trollin' or a total fail xD

Half-Mafia1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

I'm praying for the PC version to look like the trailers.


specialguest1498d ago

I'm currently building a pc rig with a gtx 770 and I'm praying with you man. If no improvements in lighting and texture, hopefully the frame rate is not locked at 30fps

starchild1498d ago

It won't be. They've already admitted that was a mistake and that DS2 runs at 60fps or above.

ATi_Elite1497d ago

They seem to have made this game first for the PC so prepared to be dazzled.

If not then I'm sure a FAT patch will dazzle you after release.

PurpHerbison1497d ago

I expect the PC version to drop and look how it is supposed to look. But yeah, the dazzling won't come til after the modders start juicing it up.

Plagasx1498d ago

Hmmm, so it shouldn't be downgraded at all then on the PC version then right??

RAAMzilla1498d ago

“This is what it comes down to: a playable framerate. The early builds that the screenshots came from were playable but only just so. The game was not in a state where it could be sold at that point. I strongly suspect that they were focusing heavily on delivering a top-notch experience on PC and underestimated the challenges the new systems would pose on PS3 / Xbox360. "
The way that paragraph is worded would seem to suggest that We can expect something at least similar on PC, which excites Me greatly.

Ducky1498d ago (Edited 1498d ago )

Makes me wonder if they have a next (or current?)-gen version planned too.

If they've spent all that effort into making an atmospheric game, it would be a shame if only one fraction of gamers got to experience all of it.

That's assuming the PC version itself isn't downgraded. If it is, then that's...

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