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New Reports Claim Microsoft's DirectX Rips Off Mantle, Won't Help Xbox One -- But Is It True?

Earlier this month, Microsoft acknowledged that it would debut DirectX 12 at GDC this year, with promises that it would offer many of the same features as AMD's Mantle. Fast on the heels of that announcement came news that the API would also be deployed on the Xbox One, presumably as part of a future update. Now, a report from SemiAccurate claims that "Microsoft has adopted AMD’s Mantle but are now calling it DX12. The way they did it manages to pull stupidity from the jaws of defeat by breaking compatibility in the name of lock-in." (Industry, PC, Xbox One)

Gozer  +   526d ago
DX12 wont help the X1? Riiiight...
Axios2   526d ago | Off topic | show | Replies(9)
medman  +   526d ago
How dem clouuudddzzz looking? So now Microsoft is selling you some more bullshot and some of the sheep are ready to be led to the slaughter yet again. Unreal. Stupid is as stupid does I guess. Good luck with that folks. The hardware isn't changing. There is no magic fix to suddenly make the components more powerful. Electronic devices don't work that way.
ONESHOTV2  +   526d ago
how is that High school diploma or that GED looking looks like you dont have one go back school kid
DeadIIIRed  +   525d ago
Oneshot, I am by no means a grammar Nazi, but if you are going to attack someone's intelligence and tell them to "go back to school," you may want to make sure your own comment isn't riddled with mistakes they warn you about in first grade.
Pudge88  +   525d ago
@oneshot..... yea buddy, you need a ? between Looking and Looks and comma between One and Go. Did YOU finish school ?
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mrmarx  +   525d ago
dont forget the secret ram as well. xbox is junk. the bots should just save those few hundred dollars and put it towards pc.. i am its time for the bots to wake up
mcarsehat  +   525d ago
This is me just diving in the middle of this but, odds are, ONESHOTV2 CAN actually spell and use grammar if and when they want to. The reason why he/she has used the word childish is to obviously tell a fanboy to calm down and stop doing the same thing that the users of this so-called 'website' have been doing since June last year. Using words like "cloud" and "Xbots" to formulate some kind of 'revenge' that makes them sleep better at night.

There are many reasons to leave a comma and a question mark out of a sentence while on the internet: Maybe they are using a mobile and they just want to convey the message out without changing page on the keyboard or are just willing to get the message out as quickly as possible before someone else tries to comment against medman or back them up?

If you correct someone else's grammar on the internet even once, you ARE a grammar Nazi, once twice or all of the time, you do not know WHY the person intended on entering a comment that looks the way it does.

Clearly the implications of being a child were not against medman's spelling or grammar, they were because of the ridiculous fact that the user has taken time out of their day to comment about a games console they DON'T actually own because it somehow affects them.

That thoroughly deserves the label of 'childish' and I would back that up with the appropriate spelling and grammar.
UltimateMaster  +   525d ago
I'll wait and see how this evolves.
If graphics can't be increased, then it'll suck for all 8th gen multi-plat games...
christocolus  +   526d ago

Lmao... i aint surprised about this one bit. MS just announced directx12 support for xbx one and not long after we get an article downplaying it from a nobody. Lol..whatever man. I dont care if its a mantle rip off either... AMD and Nvidia are impressed by it and are backing MS up so im good..it shows they actually have faith in the api. 50% reduction in CPU overhead is a great accomplishment and i will happily take whatever improvements this brings to the xbx one. Ryse2 and Quantum Break2 anyone?
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nukeitall  +   525d ago
It seems like everything MS does, there is some *rumor* by the usual crowd that it won't be good or is bad in some way.

There are some really desperate people out, they usually congregate on n4g and neogaf.
Hicken  +   525d ago
... but that was for PC, where low-level APIs don't really exist. Coding to the metal already exists on consoles, so it won't provide anywhere near as much of a boost to the XB1.

I don't get it. This is crap we all talked about for months last year. But it's suddenly as if all the box fanboys have forgotten every bit of it since DX12 has been announced. Rather, you all prefer to act like you suddenly don't know the differences you were all too happy to debate mere months ago.

The forgetfulness of the Xbox fanboy is truly a fearsome thing.
Akuma07  +   526d ago
I would NEVER expect an Xbot to see any kind of truth or reality.

But remember when MS apparently freed up another 8% of system resources and all the Xbot's were like "OMG This is amazing, MS is the best, this will crush the PS4 now. 1440p here we come!!!!" lol.

DX12 is not going to be enough to bridge the performance gap. Keep trying though, your false beliefs might be able to bridge the gap, if only in your head.
BOLO  +   525d ago
Careful with the word "Xbot"...Got my bubbles stripped away for it...But look at how much BS Xboner's bought into...The "cloud", "tiled resources" which wasn't even mentioned at the DX 12 reveal, "dGPU", "ESRAM" or today's equivalent of Sega's "blast processing"...I mean what do you expect? The M$FT ventriloquist and Xbone puppets are living on hopes, prayers, and PR hogwash.
MasterCornholio  +   525d ago
Not as much as you want to believe. If there's one thing that won't change its the hardware.
Magicite  +   525d ago
PC games are still mostly running with DX9, sometimes DX10 and very few have DX11. So in other words - DX12 is distant future.
Gamer1982  +   525d ago
It wont its an API. Do you know how an API works?? Do you know why these things are made? It's to add enhancements and to pull out the optimization of PC hardware. Well guess what? Consoles already have this level of optimization! They have since the days of PS3/360. Its why they still looked pretty damn good on 512mb. There no way they could have made last of us look that good on a PC with only 512mb (i'm aware it wasnt a DX game) That was down to the API. The Xbox one is optimized already and PC gets more out of DX updates as it pulls from different sources like CPU and GPU rather than a single pool.
lifeisgamesok  +   526d ago
@Hatsune. Reducing the CPU workload by 50% would have to be an improvement

You're freeing up resources for both the gpu and cpu

This leaves more room for better graphics and more things that can be done during gameplay

And there's so much more to directx 12 that makes it a unique API and different than Mantle... Read the directx 12 blog
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Akuma07  +   526d ago
I would like to see physical proof that DX12 can deliver a 50% increase to CPU performance.
zme-ul  +   525d ago
might have noted that the demos MS showed were all on PC
if indeed DX12 would've been the "secret sauce" for XB1 don't you think they would've made a huge deal out of it?!
the thing is, XB1 already has a low lvl API
Gamer1982  +   525d ago
The GPU is ON the CPU on the Xbox One so it wont make a bit of difference its an APU! DX12 will make it so games can do what mantle does (although not as well if rumours are to be believed) and pull directly from the graphics card) On the Xbox One this already happens and did on the Xbox 360 as consoles already had this capability its why they said mantle would get console like speeds with lower end hardware. Because you pulling directly from the GPU which like I said earlier IS ON THE CPU! It's combined architecture! There not separate on the Xbox nor the PS4. Though MS will say otherwise as they are very good at smoke and mirrors and lying.
Remember them claiming the Xbox is more powerful for the first 4 months of launch and until launch? Now they have finally been proven wrong they gone quiet and deflect that question. Soon 3rd partys will get used to xbox one and make them almost as good as ps4 games so they will look better anyway.. MS will claim thats DX12 but it clearly won't be.
n4gamingm  +   526d ago
This is a click bait article thats all, he's not smarter than the tech that put hard hours to make directx 12 or the company's that support it AMD, Nvidia, snapdragon and intel.
Just wait tell build april 3-4 we will see real time examples of directx 122 then.
Bonkerz  +   526d ago
What a dumb click bait article lol. Its crazy anything positive X1 automatically gets some BS theory to make it seem bad. Come on guys enough with this, it is pretty obvious that DX12 is gonna help the X1 improve alot. I mean its reducing the resources by a ton. The fanboyism is getting absolutely crazy.

Just saw who posted this i should of known lol.
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n4rc  +   526d ago | Well said
More stupidity from desperate fanboys..

Why does Xbox scare you so much? You go to such lengths it amazes me..

Wanna know why I don't post in ps4 articles? Because I don't give a crap about a product I don't own or plan to own.

Maybe some of you should do the same.
SonyAddict  +   526d ago
Are you the MS defence force?,
Lol you make me laugh, hahahahaaa!.
JBSleek  +   526d ago
No but he brings up a valid point. Why does this new generation of gamers care more about rooting for their respective hardware as if just to justify to themselves why they or their parents spent hundreds of dollars.

It's weird because in what other industry do consumers do this? I don't need to justify my purchase of a car by belittling the other car manufactures.

Am I saying you can't enjoy your console? Of course not but why comment about a product you have no interest in but you take the time and effort to post about it.

It's weird and childish and gamers wonder why people look down at them when they act like such children in regards to multi-million dollar corporations whose shareholders could care less about them.

Food for thought.
#5.1.1 (Edited 526d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report
tee_bag242  +   526d ago
This article is more about AMD's Mantle vs. Microsoft's DX12 than anything else..if you cared to read and educate yourself. D

You fanboy's are so dense.
#5.2 (Edited 526d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   525d ago
I should read? Looks who's talking.. I replied to comments made, not the article..
#5.2.1 (Edited 525d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(5) | Report
Gamer1982  +   525d ago
This is under PC section, I am primarily a PC user/engineer. As far as I am aware the fact Xbox runs on an APU means it wont benefit from DX12 features. If it does it will be very minimal. Not enough to push it to PS4 limits. I'm all for sticking up for your console but thinking DX12 will be some magic bullet to make it the better console is putting you in dreamland.
n4rc  +   525d ago
Many PCs are running apus now.. And I do t know who is saying it will make it "the" better console, but its certainly going to make it "a" better console
shadowsmoke36  +   525d ago
dude it's not really that serious I mean how much are you being paid from either company. If the answer is 0 then just chill out. I plan on getting an Xbox when it can prove to me that its worth my investment and right now it has not. Only thing on it that interest me on it is skype. Shooters don't function any better then the ps4 that I already own. Money don't grow on trees and many went after sony last generations for the same tactics microsoft pulled and now they are ok with it.
Robochobo  +   526d ago
Did this seriously get approved even with 7 people reporting it?
True_Samurai  +   526d ago
They need the clicks. But I guess the community of PS fanboys know every single thing and hardwork ms and its engineers put in to it
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PlayTheGameBro  +   526d ago
*sighs* another click bait article.
dogdirt2000  +   526d ago
The DirectX 12 design is evidently similar to that of Mantle. That's going by Johan Andersson's tweet. However, there's nothing at all to suggest it's anything more than a high-level design similarity at this point. Bait articles and burden of proof. Not much else to say really.

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deadfrag  +   526d ago
Microsoft says that DX12 features once integrated in the Xboxone Api will increase performance to a 20% range.I really think this can be true 15-20% increase in performance can also be achieve with optimizations.What for me is certain is that Esram is too small still and i dont see how will they get pass this bottleneck.Another certain i have is that the Xboxone can improve by 20% but the PS4 will also improve and the diference is that in terms of memory Sony was smart by going with gddr5 and only one pool for the complete memory work load also we cant forget that the PS4 gpu is actually more powerfull than the one on the Xboxone.I can see the Xboxone getting better but i dont see it getting to the same level of performance that the PS4 can achieve.
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DigitalxAlchemist   526d ago | Spam
omegaheat  +   526d ago
WTF? No matter how much positive news comes of the Xbox One someone releases a counter article for the purpose of clicks. They know how many Sony fanboys camp in the Xbox One zone, so they are prepared to capitalize on the naive. But really, why are they here. I challenge anyone to find a post from me on a PS4 article. I just don't care to comment on a product that I have no intentions of buying. This new generation of gamers is very bad for the industry.
shadowsmoke36  +   525d ago
can't be no more then what I have seen in ps articles and I for one am unbiased.
AutoCad  +   526d ago
lol.and the articles begin.
itisallaboutps  +   526d ago
Don't consoles already have something really similar to like mantel? they are consoles after all, they should come with some type of API similar to mantle, if it helps the xbox 1 that is freaking awesome.

But Microsoft is Microsoft and it could just be hype to boost sales.
DJ  +   526d ago
The article makes one small error. Xbox One's CPU runs slightly faster than PS4's CPU, but PS4's CPU has 3x the memory speed thanks to GDDR5. So the clock boost that Microsoft made doesn't push it past PS4's performance.
1nsomniac  +   525d ago
...although it is indeed a very shit article he doesn't mention the PS4's GDDR5 in anyway because it's in no way relevant to what he's talking about.

So you seem to have completely missed the point & brought up correct but completely irrelevant information purely as flamebait.

...Well done sir!
ONESHOTV2  +   526d ago
Hatsune-Miku dude you are such a troll go away i dont even have a X1 but dam man you and the other one sasuke piss me off can you try not to troll dam grow the fuck up
#15 (Edited 526d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
1nsomniac  +   525d ago
That's a whole lot of article to explain what could of been said in a simple sentence & still would of explained it fully.
mcarsehat  +   525d ago
I think it's waaaaaaay too early to be posting cynical articles like this, it may be a bit quieter now but there are still people out there that would jump on this just to upset people. It isn't out for months and because it's microsoft and you lot hate them, the whole idea of directX12 needs a kicking?

Just back away until we have more than a "leaked report" from a fanboy who is exacting some kind of made up revenge against a multinational conglomerate that makes him scared of the big bad world he has grown in to.
gamernova  +   525d ago
Again, the Xbox has a little light and the Sony guys come and try to crush it lol This site man haha I'm here a PC gamer enjoying my popcorn.
TWB  +   525d ago
(Although Im not an Xbox One fan) I still believe DX12 will help XB1.

I cant say for sure or find "confirmations" for my information, but I heard XB1 uses the exact same DX11.1/11.2 API as PCs meaning no low-level HW access.

Now with DX12 that will be possible.

Though PS4 already has two APIs, one basic comparable to DX11, one customized low-level API so this wont magically "fix" XB1 when it comes to game performance.
PhilJowns  +   525d ago
They have stated it will give around a 20% boost to system. Add to that the 8% freed up from stuff that was reserved for kinect and it should see quite a nice boost.

Also if MS were ripping off mantle I somehow don't think AMD would be involved with the presentation.

No secret sauce just good software that will increase performance. Looking forward to E3.
ARESWARLORD  +   525d ago
I like my Xbox One better then my PS4 at the moment.
shadowsmoke36  +   525d ago
Because you like your shooters better and I'm not totally sure if you have either. Do some research dont go by what these fan boys are telling you. Sony has been known to pump them out but the same can't be said for xbox. Half of the lineup got pushed from 360 and that is confirmed so when you look at it they would have had nothing for a box that was truly rushed. I enjoy my ps4 because I know they will deliver with truly new game experiences and not rehashed ones. Yeah blah blah you will say killzone and second son and I will counter with it was never meant to be on the ps3 or kill with microtransactions like forza and killzone. Sony biggest problem is delays but then again if it is worth the delay there shouldn't be a problem. They also need to bring games to light that they say they will. A HD zelda new story needs to happen along with smash for nintendo. And MSjust need to adventure more on other then shooters. What they have coming is better then last gen but they need more ip's. I'm sorry i don't buy into hype I have to personally play it as I am with second son. A blast btw with updates every week for 6 straight weeks.
ATi_Elite  +   525d ago
It's still very early in both systems life cycles so we are gonna have many Performance gains across the board.

BUT.....PS4 will still out perform the XB1 because the PS4 has such a TREMENDOUS ADVANTAGE with it's more Powerful GPU.

I think these XB1 gains may allow more XB1 games to achieve 1080p which is a great thing for XB1 owners.

Overall The quality of Gameplay is why we chose our platforms so lets get back to innovative gameplay as I grow tired of "Theoretical Performance Gain Numbers"

Concentrate on GAMEPLAY!

A great game at 720p is still a great game and right now these "Performance gains" are only boosting frame rates.

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