Titanfall Adding 4K Support on PC

Expect Titanfall running at 4K resolution on PC soon, said Nvidia.

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XiSasukeUchiha1523d ago

Nice let the 4K revolution begin!

kx111522d ago

begin ??

started around mid-2012 and going higher

ATi_Elite1523d ago

4K = eye burning gaming!

(if you got $5000 fora 4K tv)

how about Oculus Rift support now that would be fancy!

thezeldadoth1522d ago

actually really cheap ones are coming out next month for about 700 dollars some less

Audiggity1522d ago

I did some research on these, buyer's beware - if they sound too good to be true, they probably are.

The biggest issue with these 4k Dell displays is how they will work in real world situation. Particularly gaming. The refresh rate is a concern last I read.

However, they should be available now and I'm sure that reviews can support/deny this. If the work for gaming, I'm all over these.

Get triple screens @ 4k and run triple SLI'd 7 or 8 series Nvidia GPU's... then add up the price of all that and laugh.

Activemessiah1522d ago

Eye burning? don't know about that but my pockets are on fire just reading that. 5K? good lord.

JsonHenry1522d ago

4k is cool but I think the "not quite 4k but UHD" monitors/TVs are gonna be the sweet spot for higher end gaming on PCs for a while to come. Mostly because UHD monitors have both much higher resolutions while still maintaining decent gtg timing (usually ~5ms or less) and being low in price. You can get some UHD monitors in 29 inches starting as low as $549.

specialguest1522d ago

Bu-but what about 1440p gaming?? I still haven't fully experience it yet, and now 4k is already here? Wow, I'm not ready yet.

loganbdh1522d ago

um if they are adding 4k support for the pc then 1440p will be on there automatically.

specialguest1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Yes I know that. That wasn't my point. What I was expressing was that 1440p is amazing in itself and 4k is surprisingly soon in a good way..

Nabbic1522d ago

So the Xbox version is like, 720p and the PC version is 4k?
I don't even want to get this game on my PC, but you'd have to be an idiot to get the arguably inferior version.

Audiggity1522d ago

Or someone who likes playing a multiplayer only game with their friends on Xbox Live.

I would pay for their copies out of pocket if I could, but, to run TF @ 4k, you'd need some serious hardware.

The texture pack alone will probably be massive. Unless they are just bumping the max output to 4k, which would look nice, but probably wouldn't require such a large investment in hardware.

king_of_N4G1522d ago

Um...yeah...for the handful of people that are able to run this game at 4K and have a 4K display and don't forget that some 4k displays and tvs max out at 30fps.

What a totally valid comparison..

Allsystemgamer1522d ago

But but but the xbox version is best (according to reps awns and ms)

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