LeapTrade Wants to Give You More for Those Games You No Longer Want is a fairly new service that offers better trade in values than it’s competition and is community driven. You can trade in almost anything from that classic NES title to the most recent PS4 or Xbox One game.

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christheredhead1362d ago

Pretty cool. Just registered to check it out. Similar to Glyde in a way, except without the middleman. I like the idea of allowing trade for everything from NES to current gen. Good stuff.

04soldier1362d ago

I use this website and this place has the best resale value for used games. I just sold gta 5 for $45 and Southpark the stick of truth for $60 of this website's credit.

TheSaint1361d ago

But isn't $60 the cost of the game new? I know trade in but still, that's almost unbelievable.

loganbdh1362d ago

@04soldier WOW!!! thats amazing i hope this business platform becomes more popular than ever

Shnazzyone1361d ago

So but More corperate I guess

hermsgerms1361d ago

Well hopefully they can take Sneak King and Big Bumpin' off my hands. Been trying to get rid of those 360 games for 8 years now.