“Online Collectibles” Coming to Killzone: Shadow Fall Multiplayer in Upcoming DLC

MP1st - Guerrilla Games is adding new gameplay elements to Killzone: Shadow Fall‘s multiplayer in an upcoming expansion detailed a few weeks ago, the Insurgent Pack.

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RaptorBlade1527d ago

It'll be nice to see how they implement new things.

Budobear1527d ago

Sounds good but sort the on line co-op please!

koolaid2511527d ago

I just traded my killZone in smh nobody's never online for real.

DoomeDx1527d ago

Are we playing the same game?

I always see a good amount of people play Killzone.

il-JumperMT1526d ago

Fuck all multiplayer trophies and Killzone SF is one of the biggest offender for that. At least Tomb Raider and Assassin's Creed MP trophies are fast and easy to get.

KONAAs1526d ago

love killzone well KZ2 this new ones suck balls, anf F the online torphies u cant even choose to ur things in 2 different slots and 400 kills really? grindign torugh them right now