Forza 5 DX12 TechDemo was running on a Titan Black Powered PC

A very interesting turn of events. Forza 5 1080p/60fps Demo was NOT running on an Xbox One. It was running a PC powered by Nvidia GTX Titan Blacks.

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codelyoko1430d ago

This comes directly from Nvidia Official :)

lolCHILLbro1430d ago

Well IGN said it looked exactly like the Xbox One version so i guess this is a complement?

thereapersson1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

LOL @ your denial!!!

Developers need to cut the crap this generation and start showing console footage from the get-go instead of trying to fool people with suped-up PC footage. Can't wait until more console exclusive games are released so we can see what titles will actually look like.


I think regardless of what side gamers are on,we can all agree this needs to start happening.


Right but even MS said themselves DURING the presentation that is was easy to port Forza 5 from Xbox One to PC only using 4 people... You guys need to troll harder, seriously! This was a PC tech demo from the start lol

abstractel1430d ago

@thereapersson You mean like Infamous Second Son that looks as good and in some cases better than the E3 build? Or Killzone that was upgraded from both the February PS4 unveiling and the E3 build to release?

Yeah Forza 5 was downgraded (and Watch Dogs looks like it might have been) but don't say it's the norm when there's no proof of it.

GameNameFame1430d ago

DX12 seem to benefit PCs, not really Xbox One.

Even CPU 50 percent boost was specifically for PC on the slide.

malokevi1430d ago

Lol. Its funny watching people desperately try and use something they haven't even attempted,to understand as ammunition againt ms in their trolling crusade.

the whole,point of the tech demo,was,to,demonstrate the easy portability of console-level performance, by a small team with limited dev time, using dx12.

but look, the blatant trolls get all the disagrees, and the people trying to explain it to them get all the disagrees. Welcome to n4g, where up is down, black is maroon, and idiots are the smartest men alive.

1430d ago
SilentNegotiator1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Well, MS has never been keen on showing Forza 5 on their console anyway.

Braid1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )


Yeah, it looks exactly like it.

Yet it just doesn't perform like it, which is the whole point here.

BG115791429d ago

I still don't get it. When Forza was presented at E3, was it running on a PC already?
So why does this proves DX12 capability right now? Doesn't this mean that DX12 is already ready? So why release it in 2015?

This is just to weird to make any sense.

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ATi_Elite1430d ago


most demos run on a PC. means NOTHING!

(Still wasting money on an overpriced Titan is see, hope the demo was running at 4K resolution at least)

morganfell1430d ago

"most demos run on a PC. means NOTHING!" a way. The original Titanfall announcement was running on a PC and look how far below target that turned out for PCs so that meant nothing.

@Uzumaki below,

Yep. Its not just a river in Africa anymore.

kx111430d ago

have you ever thought about Nvidia giving MS a Free Titan to run the demo ??

Nvidia was working with for almost 4 years talking about DX12 so i bet the Titan belongs to them not the Dev team working on Forza5

kickerz1430d ago

I personally am a little disappointed in microsofts dx12 demonstration today. Not much info was given, and this silly forza thing. Admitingly I'm no computer expert but was hoping for so much more...

cyclindk1430d ago

Everybody here is gonna be screwed if they ever change the name of that river...

MasterCornholio1430d ago

Deal with it.

"“….the new API with a tech demo of the Xbox One racing game Forza running on a PC powered by an NVIDIA GeForce Titan Black. In addition, our software team has provided a driver to game studios to facilitate further design feedback as well as actual game development.”

Read more:

2cents1430d ago

This was the intention. Turn10 worked on the port to run on directx 12 for pc, they state it themselves. Read the presentation quotes.

This is flamebait, there is no deceiving going on.
These Journalists need to research a little better.

Volkama1430d ago

All true, but it's still a pretty odd choice to showcase a game that was already 1080p60 on the console.

"Look what directX 12 can do! It's forza on much more powerful hardware, looking pretty much the same as before!" <slow clap>

n4rc1430d ago

Well.. The point of the demo is showcasing dx12.. Which is also for PCs.

Unless they represent it as Xbox footage.. There is no argument to be had here

ziggurcat1430d ago

if forza is not available on PC, then it can be seen as being represented as xbone footage.

n4rc1430d ago

I guess so..

I would assume people that follow this news knows better..

MelvinTheGreat1430d ago


Title was changed, originally it was rumoring forza 5 on pc. Not denying this fact if the titan

Alan_Shore1430d ago

It's not a bad thing porting from directx11 to 12 can take up to 4 months think of it as a good thing.

And porting from x1 to pc pc to x1 is easier

otherZinc1430d ago

Forza Motorsport 5 on the XBOX ONE already:
Runs 1080p 60fps.

Someone should tell the author Mr. Syed that.
And, to view Digital Foundry for verification.

HaveAsandwich1430d ago

holy no way they would do this right now. no...way...

Copen1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Most of Microsoft's games last E3 were also running on PC's as well so this isn't surprising. They openly tricked people into believing that the PC versions of the games they were demoing were indicative of what they would look like on the Xbox One which have obviously been proven false. If you look or Google search or Yahoo search it's not hard to find pictures of the demo kiosks with PC's in them and a few pictures of people opening then kiosks to reboot the system after a freeze or crash. Microsoft has been caught lying pretty much this whole time so this shouldn't surprise anyone. I personally think it's disingenuous to show a better version of your game than your machine can actually run some people would disagree to each their own.

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Dewitt1430d ago (Edited 1430d ago )

Specifically states will not see release. Go ahead and close this topic.

pedrof931430d ago

Actually they've changed the topic to "Forza 5 DX12 TechDemo was running on a Titan Black Powered PC"

Why the urge to close topic ?

Manic20141430d ago

Turn 10 stated during the presentation, they are console only devs.

XiSasukeUchiha1430d ago

Wow DX12 on PC so unexpected not. I'm sorry to say I'm not surprise at the most it's more or less DX12 really meant for PC not console that just going to get an tiny boost!

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monkeyDzoro1430d ago

Titan GPUs ? Isnt those the latest released by Nvidia. They outperform by far both PS4 and XO GPUs.

FlyingFoxy1430d ago

It would make more sense they used an AMD R9 290 or 290x, those 2 cards are much cheaper than the overpriced Titan and perform just as good in most titles.

Magicite1430d ago

Nvidia wont use AMD cards lol.

Volkama1430d ago

Even 290s would defeat the purpose of the demo IMO. Of course those cards can run xbox games, that surely doesn't require a new API though because they're far more powerful...

The best way to showcase dx12 would have been an xbox one game, or a console game running 11 and 12 on the same hardware.

Still, it is 18months away so possibly not ready for that exposure.

kingduqc1430d ago

foxy, shut up.

you are clueless, your comment help no one and it make no sens at all.

1)it was an nvidia presentation so it would not make sens.
2)the card is priced like that for a reason( and it is double precision aka a workstation card)
3)In most title the titan black is faster.

Improv1430d ago

Once again morons who do not know what they're talking about. You do realize the reason Titans are so expensive is because they are high performance computing GPU's with 5.1 Teraflops as well right? But nope! Of course you didn't all you morons know how to do is run your mouth on things you do not understand.

They can be used for rendering just as Tesla and other super GPU's can. They essentially are Tesla cards.

But why am I bothering? All this must have gone over your head.

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