The Daily Five: Most Memorable Final Fantasy Characters

"There have been hundreds of Final Fantasy characters and narrowing a list of most memorable down to five means leaving a lot of people in the cold that deserve to be on it. In case you missed it this week, Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster released for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, which got us to thinking about our favorite, most memorable characters from the franchise’s history.

We realize a ton of fans out there all have their favorites, but this is our list of the five most memorable characters. We’d love to see who you’d change out or add." - David Wales

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MEGANE1524d ago

Lame list, all FFVII.
No Auron!!, c'mon the guy has a huge sword a mestup eye and is a total bad ass!!

Pozzle1524d ago

Don't forget his bottle of sake! :D

GamerDad19871524d ago

It was a lame list but I honestly think Cloud is still the most recognizable and most memorable so that's my pick.

Hicken1524d ago

All I see is Cid on the list and Cid was... kinda boring from VII.

Anyway, list likely lacks Rikku, so it automatically sucks.

TheGrimReaper00111524d ago

One of the most memorable characters for me was Hope from FF13

God, what a nagging little bitch that was