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Watch_Dogs - Exclusive PlayStation Content Trailer

The Exclusive PlayStation Content Trailer of Watch_Dogs. (PS3, PS4, Watch Dogs)

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DirtyPimp  +   153d ago
feels good to be a playstation owner goddammit
Abash  +   153d ago
The biggest "exclusive" for me to get the PS4 version is 1080p native resolution
BeathuberCH   153d ago | Spam
Sevir  +   153d ago
But that 960x1080 is only on the multiplayer though, and it's Still 1080... Just not progressive scan!
rdgneoz3  +   153d ago
@BeathuberCH KZ:SF single player was native 1080p. As for the one bubble, it's not hard seeing why, going off topic and bring up KZ when it was never mentioned...

As for the video, why does it seem like Ubi likes to release bad videos to get people talking then release one that looks good? This one looks much better than the last.
dcj0524  +   153d ago
Um, it's 1080p on PC no?
deviouslight  +   153d ago
Is it me or is does this coat look better than the original? Game looks good. Will play this on my ps4
starchild  +   153d ago
Look, another trailer and further evidence that there has been no downgrade since the 2013 PS4 footage. It looks fantastic.

The other recent footage ("PS4 sharing trailer" and the french physics demo) both showed amazing graphics as well and proved that there has been no downgrade since the 2013 PS4 footage.
Check those out as well.
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dmitrijs88  +   153d ago
gona outsell xbox version 3 to 1 at least.
in fact watch dogs on playstation platforms combined might sell better than on all other platforms combined.
Im getting PC version for superior play, but Sony rocks nevertheless!
DuoBrian  +   153d ago
I just hate console exclusive stuff. Hopefully this is only timed.
Yi-Long  +   153d ago
Same here. Same with retailer--exclusive content.

I just want to pay 50-60 bucks and get a complete game. Simple.

Now, I'll get a PS4, and if this game is any good, I'll end up getting it for the PS4, but I really don't feel paying customers of other systems who pay full price for a game, should be left without some content. Regardless of system.

This is Ubisoft, so they'll probably DLC-milk it anyway, like they always do, so there's a big chance I will be waiting for a GOTY-edition to come out in a year orso.

Trailer looks terrific.

I'm still worried and upset about the self-censorship. I hate that.
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GundalfDeGrej  +   153d ago
Agreed. I was planning on buying this for my ps4 but considering the graphical downgrades I might as well get it for PC.
dcj0524  +   153d ago
It was never downgraded. People saw different lighting and called wolf.
starchild  +   153d ago
There never was a downgrade. I have said this since the "story trailer" came out. I looked at the 2013 PS4 footage and that trailer and I saw no areas that were objectively downgraded. It was clear to me that people were just reacting to the fact that the new trailer took place mostly in the sunshine.

So, if you were planning to get the PS4 version you should get that and not worry about the graphics. It's true that the graphics will be even better on the PC, but that is always the case. The PS4 version will still look outstanding.
GundalfDeGrej  +   153d ago
I sure hope so. The latest trailers really doesn't look that impressive in my opinion. I mean it looks GOOD but when they first showed the game I really doubted my PC would run it better than my ps4. Now I'm not so sure. I guess we'll find out for sure when the game comes out.
matrixman92  +   153d ago
i dont think any Ubisoft platform exclusive dlc has ever been released on anything else...like the sony Assassins creed stuff was never released on 360 or pc
XiSasukeUchiha  +   153d ago
Damn why does Playstation Nation feel so good, now I'm know because of this.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   153d ago

but yeah graphics look fine for this game

this will be my first real PS4 game Purchase unless.....

UFC or Diablo come out b4 this game =)
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thorstein  +   147d ago
Grab Second Son, definitely worth it. Amazing game to tide you over until this game comes out.
mcarsehat  +   153d ago
Graphics look fantatstic. The Dynamic Wind is still there, the lighting and action looks terrific, can't wait!!
Chitown71291  +   153d ago
Im actually more excited with this trailer than the Story Trailer lol. Cant wait, looks awesome
Neonridr  +   153d ago
looking forward to this game.
Mister_V  +   153d ago
That was actually a pretty neat trailer. Visuals look fantastic.
sameold  +   153d ago
I'm still not impressed with the graphics...
bloop  +   153d ago
I would say I am impressed, but I'm definitely not blown away like I was with the older gameplay trailers. Going on gameplay it's still day one for me, but I'm still pissed about the gfx downgrade.
Psychotica  +   153d ago
Me either. I was going to get this for my PS4 since there are only a few titles out now that I want. But I am going to get this for my PC instead.
Eldyraen  +   153d ago
It is somewhere between GTA V and Infamous which is to be expected for a game on practically every non-handheld platform ATM. Given that limitation it looks fantastic IMO.

My biggest complaint is lack of blood being shown makes it looks faker than it should but it isn't a deal breaker by any means just an annoyance. I don't need huge gushes of it but just doesn't look right as it is so hope eventually a modder can find a way to get it in as it does add to realism. If we are lucky it is even still in there but disabled as sometimes its as simple as a switch put to off position.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   153d ago
This game doesn't come close to InFamous and its behind GTAV in visuals.
starchild  +   152d ago
Textures, shader work, lighting engine, shadow quality, polygon count, LOD, character models, post process effects, etc. are all much better in Watch Dogs than GTA5. Watch Dogs on PS4 is pretty comparable to Infamous SS and is actually better in some ways such as shadows being cast from dynamic and local light sources and more advanced physics modeling.

@ Sevir below

The extra content is indeed only exclusive for 6 months. Same goes for the AC4 exclusive content. Check it out here: http://kotaku.com/watch-dog...
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S2Killinit  +   153d ago
Who said this game was downgraded? It looks amazing. Its like GTA on steroids. Haha. I did love me my GTA V though
MR123_C  +   153d ago
So happy to be a gamer at the moment but more happy to be a sony gamer at the moment
osprey19  +   153d ago
Its a 6 month timed exclusive from what Sony have said
Sevir  +   153d ago
Its indefinite! no longer a 6 month exclusive
osprey19  +   152d ago
Actually Ubisoft and Sony both confirmed its a 6 month timed exclusive. Look it up.
XboxFun  +   153d ago
Im glad Sony is starting to pay for 3rd party exclusive content. Something they said they would never do but had to.
Sevir  +   153d ago
LOL! they've been doing it for years! not sure where you got that, unless you were listening to ill informed fanboys...

They did it with EA for Dead Space 2, they did it for Batman Arkham: Assylum, they've done it with Assassin's creed year after year... your grasping at straws...
erick21093  +   153d ago
This doesn't look bad. The visuals at the end looked pretty good.

I'm going to re-consider.
porkChop  +   153d ago
Yeah the PS4 graphics in this trailer look a lot better than the recent videos. It actually looks pretty good.
erick21093  +   152d ago
JohnApocalypse  +   153d ago
Did they say what version was running on that trailer people got so up in arms about? Because to me this looks just as good as Infamous: Second Son
erick21093  +   152d ago
not sure, I think they did actually say it was PS4, but the thing about that trailer was they either swapped in ps3 sections accidentally, or the sections they recorded didn't exactly showcase the graphical prowess the ps4 is capable of..

Either way, I applaud them for this. Now I don't feel so letdown on this title.
mogwaii  +   153d ago
My feelings upon seeing/hearing/reading everything i can get my hands on about this game is it is very ambitious, it wont revolutionise videogaming as we know it....but it sure will give open world games a new bench mark to aspire to.
theXtReMe1  +   153d ago
Both this and the other trailer look phenomenal. Excitement level just jumped 1000%. May cant come fast enough!
JohnApocalypse  +   153d ago
I wonder if they will charge for this like they did with the exclusive content in ACIV
90Supra  +   153d ago
graphics are terrible in comparison to earlier gameplay they showed...

bargain bin purchase for me...
Dspdspes  +   152d ago
Looks better and better......

Definitely gonna buy it.

BTW: second son is AMAZING!!! If this one is similar i will be very satisfied.

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