MONG Podcast Episode 25 - Will Virtual Reality Become Mainstream?

This week the team talked about Pikachu appearing at the World Cup, the Xbox One launching in 26 new countries, new apps coming to the PS Vita, Microsoft’s [email protected] program, Titanfall, and the next Assassin’s Creed Rumors. They also discussed virtual reality and its possible impacts on the market and whether it will become mainstream.

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urwifeminder1523d ago

Ha have a great gaming session remove your head phones and VR and realise someone stole your furniture so immersed, I will wait with this one at present it all seems to gimmick like when it is really refined I will take a look.

dcj05241523d ago

Nah, use it like any other headset. Have your girlfriend or friend or who ever lives with you to look out.

S2Killinit1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I think VR is the future of not only gaming but also movies. The level of immersion simply cannotbe duplicated on your tv screen. VR has to be experienced to be understood, words wont do it justice.

RPG_Lover1523d ago

Nope, not at the prices rumored. 250-350 dollars not including console, not including any software, is not a mainstream price.

dcj05241523d ago

Silly, your thinking short term. Everything goes down in price, which is when the mainstream may accept. This happened with cell phones, TV, Consoles ect...

RPG_Lover1523d ago

Your not thinking any term. Even if it goes down in price years later, what software is there? really?

Menech1523d ago


You realise first & foremost that Rift & Sony's VR solution are just lenses strapped to an LCD panel right?

Think is the problem people cannot get their heads around with this dumb software/development argument.

You don't actually need to do any development to allow Rift/Morpheus to work, the solution is already in the hardware. The only additional development required comes from needed to allow the head motion tracking to work. Something that isn't all that hard to do.

Any decent VR solution doesn't require the developers do much work at all to support it. Look at Rift, it works with most PC games & even when it doesn't the community can create a patch for it within weeks.

annus1523d ago


That's... not quite how it works, while it 'could' work it would feel different and wouldn't be nearly as good.

While it doesn't require many major changes (provided it was built sufficiently the first time), they still need to change the way the game is rendered. Since it uses stereotropic 3D to feel depth it requires the code to be changed to have dual cameras for rendering.

Then there is also the fact that due to the peripheral vision of human eye, the GUI has to be changed so that it is easier to see.

Then you also have the fact that you 'usually' want the 'head' of the character to be moveable (like in Day Z), compared to rotating the whole body around when you look (like in most FPS games).

So while the whole game doesn't have to be redone, there are still some significant changes that are needed, it isn't really just 'plug and play' and map the head tracking to the camera.

Gekko361523d ago Show
Ck1x1523d ago

No more than 3d became mainstream! It will be an added immersion used in gaming, but the major gaming public won't choose it over the traditional ways to play...

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