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IGN - Borderlands 2 on Vita: Rough Around the Edges

IGN - "The game ran somewhat sluggishly, held back by a subpar framerate, and it even froze in place a couple of times for a second or two when there wasn’t even that much action going on on-screen. In this regard, I hope that Borderlands 2 is further refined before it’s released to the general public, because the performance issues are noticeable, and I suspect performance will only degrade further when there’s heated action going on all around you." (Borderlands 2, PS Vita)

TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   183d ago
So exactly like ps3/360 versions! Would freeze randomly framerate would drop when firing certain weapon hardly ever had a steady framerate lol
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PoSTedUP  +   183d ago
i never played it.. thanks for clearing that up, i was just about to have a s*** fit.
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TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   183d ago
This is one of those moments were I'm that tired I can't tell if your being serious or sarcastic
PoSTedUP  +   183d ago
loool. im being serious bro. but ha, i just read it as sarcasm and nah i wouldnt be That much of a p***k, unless im really tired... :).
Kingthrash360  +   183d ago
funny how they point out things like this in a 4gb handheld game...but not for a certain hyped to the max 50gb fps...smmfh.
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GamingTruth  +   183d ago
never noticed that on the 360
XiSasukeUchiha  +   183d ago
Umm patch barrages
Beetey  +   183d ago
Hopefully they can smooth it out a little bit more before release. I've really been looking forward to this, so I would hate to see it run terrible.
Remy_S  +   183d ago
Yikes, hope they can lock down that framerate. Also those controls sound like a pain, after playing Killzone Mercenary, other handheld shooter control schemes feel like ass.
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Beetey  +   183d ago
Hopefully the controls just take some getting used to. Based on what I've read, their doesn't appear to be many alternatives due to the Vita's low number of buttons. I really wish they had made the analogs clickable.
Yodagamer  +   183d ago
When it comes to handheld shooter controls i actually preferred the sprint button being on the dpad like resistance vita. Granted the rest of the gameplay of killzone was far better, i just prefer using the down button on the dpad as it was easier to reach.
GuruStarr78  +   183d ago
Yeah, the down on the dpad run was great, hope they implement it on this... although I did get used to pressing O to run in KZ:M.
PaperClichePixel  +   183d ago
Destiny is around the corner. I truly believe this won't go too well.

But if they strike correctly, then job well done.
swansong  +   183d ago
Judge for yourself.Looks good to me.
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Wni0  +   183d ago
Looks pretty good. Some of the colors look wack though. And it stalled for a split second. I'll wait for some direct gameplay and reviews, because even TWD was borderline annoying with the freezes.

Also, where the f*ck is an awesome RTS game for the Vita??? The touchpads would be amazing, Tearaway made me a believer.
Qdog  +   182d ago
For an early build demonstration, probably put together in a hurry during development, that looks amazing. From a technical aspect it looks like the full experience is there, full weapon and enemy models, terrain geometry, enemy animation, and of course the loot system.

Two negatives that I noticed were a lack of enemy shadows even though the player weapon does seem to shade appropriately, and there was only one time when it froze during a save point while loading assets in the background. The frame rate I found impressive for pre-release build. I'm glad IGN pointed things out though as it will make it easier for the Dev team to justify further optimizations.

The point is in my opinion, that the full experience is there on a friggin handheld device and I can definitely now understand why this game will be a day one purchase for so many. Also I see why Sony is choosing to base a bundle on this game, its going to be a stellar release for the vita.
benzo52  +   183d ago
The control mapping could be better, using the back touch pad frequently is awkward with the 1000. There needs to be other options and a way to turn it off.

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