Review: Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes will only appeal to hardcore fans of the series | Canada

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes feels like an elaborate $34 two to three hour generic third-person shooter. Also, Hideo Kojima’s dreams of an open world stealth title, never really come to fruition in this glorified demo.

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hay1582d ago

Apparently I'm not hardcore enough. I'm still stunned after completing the game that Kojima pulled this off. For me it seems like a home console Peacewalker tech-demo. Can't wait for the full title, but feel ripped-off on this one.

Omar911582d ago

I'm enjoying every min. of it. I'm already 4 or 5 hours into the game and haven't even finished all the special op missions. I agree though that this game will only appeal to hardcore fans. Anyone else will feel as if they have been ripped off.

BX811582d ago

I'm deep into it and haven't finished yet. I think it has to do with my lack of stealth. Lol. I don't regret the $30 I paid for it. I'm actually surprised by how much I'm enjoying it. Can't wait for the full game. I got it for ps4 and the only issue I've had so far was some crazy skipping on the title screen. Just closed out and it worked fine. Game on!

pat_11_51582d ago

I still don't understand how they're selling this as an actual game...

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1582d ago

@pat_11_5: Have you even played it?. Be honest.

pat_11_51582d ago

I wrote this review; honest.

Allsystemgamer1582d ago

There's a lot of play time. I bet the grounds zeroes missing in just over an hour. Then each side op takes roughly 30 min and there's 5 or 6. Now there's beating them for the sake of beating them OR doing everything that is actually involved in each mission, which adds double or so gameplay time.

There's also completion like finding all the tapes, finding hidden captured allies that are part of each mission that people seem to be ignoring.

Then there is the scoring. Sure you can go through it and get an E on each mission but that's terrible. Part of the fun is trying to get an S on HARD on all missions. Mind you I have it on ps3 so I paid $25 for it.

So far I'm 9 hours in and JUST unlocked the last op.

I'd say my $ spent is justified.

2pacalypsenow1582d ago

duh Only the real fans will buy this

Heisenburger1582d ago

Uh, no. I bought it and that comment is ridiculous. I'm not "more of a fan" because I bought it. I went back and forth myself, but I ultimately had the money to waste. Now the wait for Friday is significantly easier for me

More of a fan... *scoffs*

TomahawkX1582d ago

I don't agree with that generic 3rd person shooter comment at all.

TheDarpaChief1582d ago

Its coming from someone who does game reviews for a living. Dont trust unestablished sites

Allsystemgamer1582d ago

Neither do I. It's not even a shooter. Yea sure you CAN shoot people but you most likely will die if you try and play it like a shooter.

kevnb1582d ago (Edited 1582d ago )

I look at it as overpriced dlc and its actually pretty good, however it should be around $10

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The story is too old to be commented.