Sequel Showdown: Infamous vs. Infamous 2

Infamous: Second Son is just about ready to hit store shelves, and we couldn’t be more excited. Not only is it shaping up to be the first real big Playstation 4 exclusive, a game that captures that undefinable “next gen” quality, but it’s the next installment in one of the best franchises from last generation.Infamous and Infamous 2 weren’t the most significant PS3 exclusives, with things like the God of War and Uncharted series being the real heavy hitters, but they were two of the most enjoyable open world games available on any console.

Let’s examine every aspect and see which game will hopefully be dethroned as the best Infamous game when Second Son is released.

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ChaosKnight1735d ago

No contest. Infamous 2 was much better.

Irishguy951735d ago

It's no contest at all, towards the end the gameplay of I1 got repetitive. Although the story was definitely better in 1. Towards the end of I2 the gameplay was better than anything from either game

Baccra171735d ago

Infamous 1 was superior. Better story, better endings, better environments and use of terrain, and far better morality system.

The only thing Infamous 2 had was graphics and combat system- that's it. The powers lacked imagination, the morality system was an utter joke, and a large part of the terrain was underwater due to a flood. The only thing good Infamous 2 gave us was Festival of Blood.

Sevir1735d ago

I think they both were amazing, Both narratives were strong, and the environments were good for traversal. Infamous 2 pulls ahead in graphics, presentation and gameplay. I2 was less repetitive and had much better combat, and the mission structure was less repetitive and the morality system was stronger as well as the endings... The evil and good endings for infamous were slight variations of each and hardly worth playing twice as the basically ammounted to prepping for the beast.

Infamous 2's endings were variously different and with interesting twist with the characters you met! Kuo and Nix displayed the blur in morality that wasn't present at all I'm the previous chapter.

While amazing games in their own right Infamous 2 is the better game. Hands down the best of the series!

Second Son looks to blow this out of the water, and Troy Baker will make this such a joy to watch the story unfold... Can't wait to get this game on Friday!

1735d ago
PSVita1735d ago

Infamous 1 the better game period and infamous 2 had better mechanics (obviously)...

They both had amazing intros but I2s story was so boring and broken I just want to get it over with. The multiple changes in character designs, voice actors, gameplay and story made it feel like a completely different series. They tried to tack on online component that was near pointless and the moral system were pretty funky. The combat was I2s on high point.

I hope to see a reappearance from the Voice of Truth from Infamous 1

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xHeavYx1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Infamous 2 won all the points, but InFamous 1 is still a great game

Paul851735d ago

Infamous 2 was my favorite eagerly anticipating second son!!!

nope1111735d ago

inFamous 1 all the way. Better twist and better setting.
inFamous 2 had a sucky setting that ruin the game for me.

Beastforlifenoob1734d ago

Yeah Infamous 1 was a more dark game... Really loved the feel of it. But not downplaying 2 that was also an awesome game and Second Son seems to overtake both

Dark111735d ago

Infamous 1 was the better game.

Ilovetheps41735d ago

InFamous 1's, setting was just so much better. New Marais just wasn't as fun. It wasn't terrible, but not as good as inFamous 1s setting. Also the storyline of the first was much better. The twist was a lot more shocking whereas I didn't care about the second game's twist. It was just a more enjoyable experience overall. InFamous 2 was a fun game as well, but I just didn't think it was as good as the first.

PSVita1735d ago (Edited 1735d ago )

Better: story, voice actor, environment, villains, etc etc.

I think you really had to play I1 when it released to appreciate how ahead of it time it was.

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