Untooned Futurama

Untooning seems to be the thing to do these days. Homer and Mario have had the treatment by Pixeloo, now the Futurama cartoon has been given the treatment by artist Dylan Marvin

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Bacon3443d ago

Seriously leave this stuff to Pixeloo. Everybody else sucks at it.

Amanosenpai3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

IMO Dylan Marvin did a great job there...

You should check his page.


Presentist3442d ago


You are correct sir!

TrevorPhillips3443d ago

well pixeloo is still working on niko and stewie so let this people work on untooned characters aswell

vloeistof3443d ago

futurma ftw there going to air it again right ?

Kirstenlottesovs3443d ago

Well, not really... Season five has been split up into 4 movies coming out as straight-to-DVD films.

Movie 1: "Bender's Big Score" is out now
Movie 2: "The Beast with a Billion Backs" is out on june 24th
Movie 3: "Bender's Game" is coming out november
Movie 4: "Into the Wild Green Yonder" will be out April, 2009.

TrevorPhillips3443d ago

yea they r probably in a month or so i miss that show " good news everyone i got bad news" ahahahaha :D

ATLRoAcH3443d ago (Edited 3443d ago )

Here is a freaky a$$ pic of Bender and Zoidberg.

Some others that are cool:

This guy has a more of an abstract approach.

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