The Forest Trailer 3

The Forest :

"Hey everyone,

Here’s our third trailer, showing a more extended look at some of our survival systems and also what life is like in the forest a little further into the game.

Attached to this latest trailer is our new targeted release date – we’re a little behind with our ambitious early 2014 release but overall things are progressing really well. We’ve been adding lots of cool stuff and hope you guys like what we have been up to.

Thanks again for all your support, emails and comments both here and on steam Greenlight, Youtube and other sites. You guys have made this game possible and we really want it to be an amazing experience for everyone (which is why we keep delaying it!)

Ben and the team at Endnight Games"

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Paulie_gualtieri1707d ago

Looking better and better every time.And VR support too? Perfect game for it imo.
Chilling out at the campfire, cooking up a fish when you hear a noise in the brush behind turn and look..and BAM! monster freak!

btw for what it's worth i emailed a PR from the studio a few months back about any potential console versions and he replied saying PC is #1 focus right now but after that there is consideration!

Fingers crossed!

webeblazing1707d ago

Well we know the the ps4 versions not gonna look like this.

jamstorr861707d ago

For those people who said Sony's VR is better than the rift because it has AAA games... you are idiots. This game perfectly demonstrates why the oculus rift will be successful on the PC. On no other platform would a game like this be possible.

starchild1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Indie developers have the freedom to be creative and their games can be every bit as high quality as big developers' games. I mean, The Forest looks incredible, both from a visual and a gameplay standpoint.

I have been following The Forest for a long time. I can't wait to play it in the Rift.

jamstorr861707d ago

I feel the same. there are a number of developers now starting to release snipits of how they plan to implement VR into their games, and I think many are really beginning to embrace the oculus rift. For many, the rift represents something we have dreamed about for a long time. combine that with growing access to quality development tools and it is no surprise we are starting to see games such as The Frorest come to be.

iceman13461707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

ps4 will run this just fine buddy ,i've seen far better looking games on consoles ,it's all up to the developers if they want to make it on ps4 they will .

jamstorr861707d ago

I disagree. To run a good looking game in VR it takes some serious horsepower. I honestly don't see the PS4 being up to it. It has to render the image twice. If the AAA games on the system are only just able to run at 1080p on a traditional screen, what do you think will happen once it tries to render these images twice? And in terms of looks, I haven't seen anything on PS4 that looks as good as this game. Remember, this is open world, and it will eat memory up for breakfast in order to load all the high res textures along with the all the different things going on.

I'm not saying Ps4 couldn't run the game, but I suspect it would have do be downgraded first.

Law of the jungle 'buddy'. PC is the Lion. Fact.

Muffins12231706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

PC can be a lion of course because with 1000 dollar plus you can get that but what few people have this?Sure n4g its more common but almost no one actually games on pc,at best you can say is people buy a few games like minecraft and others but other than that don't expect AAA games to sell as well compared to the cheap more efficient for your money console. Which I cant see every pc rig running this game but the lucky few who have a real gaming pc like you and me.

jamstorr861706d ago

I'm guessing you have done zero research to support this claim...
Last year, it was reported that pc game market had brought in 20 billion dollars for 2012, with expected growth for 2014 and 2015. Diablo 3, on release day, sold 3.5 million copies. On steam, in the last 48 hours, there was a peak of just under 7 million concurrent users. There are many aaa games available through steam available at cheaper prices than their console counterparts. What you will find, in fact, is that more and more people are choosing to play on pc rather than games consoles. Even a mid spec pc rig can compete and often surpass the new gen consoles. The forest is due to be released early access in May, and will likely sell many copies in this alpha state, let alone when it is fully released. Rust, another early access title with much less scope had 400,000 users this morning playing when I checked.
In future, do some research before writing lame comments

Muffins12231706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

I realize that you have no knowledge of what AAA gaming is (far cry 3,gta,bioshock,battlefield) And that was such a small ass proportion and also I did not say it did not make money dipshit,i just said games with AAA quality wont sell well because few people can actually run the game. Almost all that money you mentioned is free to play,mmo,and indie. I have a gtx680 and a decent cpu yet a ps4 can have a more stable fps than my pc on some moments.....

Muffins12231706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Oh and the diablo thing....i can name 10 games on console right off the bat that out did it a lot on launch day. But im talking about less mmoish cause thats really the only form of AAA gaming that you can say sold well. I hear diablo 3 all the time but what battlefield or even watch dogs(its pre orders numbers are a fraction of the ps4s) Games that are even "meant" for the pc players,it turns out to sell much better on the console. I think that shows there's not really a huge market for it other than if your going to make some nerd game like world of warcraft. Which i can also say that anyone can run diablo 3, im talking about high end games that you supposedly go all out for and when you brag about yours being better than a ps4. Games like metro and crysis sold horrible on pc compared to console sales. Oh and the 7 million players?2 million of those account have like 1 game or just 2 or 3 free to plays and they have not been on in like a a week almost 5 million players log on. Already the ps4 has sold 6 million in a few months so it should be interested how many ACTIVE accounts are still in use on ps4 compared to steam users in a year or 2.

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jamstorr861707d ago

Just seen this too on the Q&A
"How much will the game cost?

The initial Alpha release will cost $14.99."

That is insane! while console AAA games keep getting more expensive, indie games are so cheap!

Dewitt1707d ago

Been following this game since I saw it popular on greenlight, it will be glorious. Pretty much justifies purchase of the Rift for me.

Dewitt1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Edit, double post.