Oculus CEO: Intel, Nvidia, and AMD need virtual reality, fixed console hardware won't keep up

PC Gamer: Oculus VR CEO Brendan Iribe believes virtual reality should ignite a new race to increase computing power, much like the rapid iteration of CPUs in the '90s. Speaking to me a few hours before yesterday's announcement of a VR headset from Sony code named Project Morpheus, Iribe predictably expressed concern that the consoles' fixed hardware can't match virtual reality's rate of advancement.

"It's not that consoles aren't good enough for VR," says Iribe, "but it's that consoles are fixed right now, and we're going to be stuck with that compute for the next five to seven years ... we're at the very beginning of VR and it's going to ramp very fast. You see Dev Kit 1 and Dev Kit 2, it's a huge jump. Consumer version one, a huge jump, and the next jump and the next jump. And a lot of that is going to demand a lot of compute."

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4Sh0w1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

"Iribe considers 4K monitors to be a small incremental improvement, not a movement like VR or big enough to be the catalyst for better PC hardware. "The race is kind of over," he says after describing consumers who can't tell the difference between a Core i5 and a Core i7. "It's plateaued and people care more about battery life and other things, because the demand on the content side isn't there ... VR really is going to reignite this."

》So he considers VR to be the next big thing, consoles don't have the latest "compute" to deliver, 4k is just the next "incremental" upgrade like 1080p is now and that the race for just a faster pc has "plateaued". Naturally his vision of VR is the future.

》Interesting he said all this BEFORE sony revealed their Morpheus VR. I think theres some truth to what he's saying with obviously alot of salesmenship for his OR VR mixed in but my real question is how close are we to a real product that amazes us vs just another peripheral that will fade? I hope this VR tech from both will be awesome but we'll see.

mantisimo1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

I'm amazed he'd say this /S

We are now at the beginning of a new flame bait cycle only this time PS4 against PC gamers.

Well at least Microsoft will get a few minutes breather.

I still think Sony will surprise us in a good way with quality, price and the amount of Dev's on board. Hmmm interesting new times.

Hatsune-Miku1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

Project morpheus will be better than oculous rift and have a lot more support but you'd never hear that from this guy.

Oculous rift have garnered interests in VR arena but project morpheus is on route to be more successful as well as the ps4. The oculous went through a lot of trials and error lacking proper games where as project morpheus went through a lot of trials and error testing out proper games from sony.

Sony is a hardware company and a software company so project morpheus will most likely be better due to a lot of factors on sonys side .

Hopefully VR, star trek, the matrix, VR troopers won't be hated by fanat-X and other fanboys because sony will be promoting VR with project morpheus just like some use to hate on blu ray and other sony products.

SteamPowered1499d ago

I doubt PC gamers feel threatened by the Morpheus any more than the graphics on the PS4. Flame baiters are terrible for any gaming medium.

Pandamobile1499d ago

Hatsune, how do you figure that Morpheus will be better than the Rift? Presently they're about on par with each other, except the Rift has better positional tracking for the time being. Who knows what will change by the time these devices ship.

Sony's done a great job with their VR device - no one can deny that. They'll also play a major role in developing VR as a consumer platform as they have a lot of internal studios that they can rally into VR-mode.

Ultimately, the Rift will be the better VR experience because I imagine they will improve their tech at a faster rate than Sony because Sony is going to be locked into supporting the PS4. The PS4 is going to be the biggest limiting factor for Sony's VR platform because 1080p isn't going to cut it for very long. Soon, 1440p and beyond at 60+ FPS will be standard fare for the Rift. It's going to take monster GPUs to power a VR experience at that level, but that's what it's going to come down to.

I'm not trying to downplay Sony in anyway here. I want VR to be successful, regardless of what company gets it there. You just have to realize that the PS4 isn't going to be powerful enough to sustain a VR future for very long.

k3rn3ll1499d ago

I think the more iterations of tech the worst chance it has at succeeding. Especially if MS throws something out. The reason we haven't seen true group games is cost. And there is no consumer to counteract the costs for devs. Its not going to be like porting games for pc from console or vica versa. Each tech is going to be inherently different. Only increasing costs. And no PS4 will not be able to keep up with tech on rift. Rift has the advantage of having customers running power rigs that isn't going to restrain the experience like the ps4 or possibly xbone. There's no denying that. The thing about occulus is those guys are doing it for the right reasons. To bring the futuristic VR experience that we have only been able to imagine previously. And they openly acknowledge that they aren't there yet. The morpheus wont be able to provide the true VR immersion 4 years from now that the rift will. It will push the market for VR. But in the long run its only going to hamper what people really want VR to be. Adam sealer did a good piece about this today at rev3games

starchild1499d ago


I'm all for Sony jumping into the VR scene and I plan to get both the Rift and Sony's headset, but I'm tired of people trying to act like Sony invented VR or that they are somehow beating Oculus at VR. It's simply not true.

The Rift has better tracking and is also better in several other ways. Here is a quote from engaget (they've been following the Oculus Rift VR story for a while and I trust their observations).

"There are still some pretty major issues to overcome in Project Morpheus. Vision blur, for instance, is a much bigger problem on Morpheus than on Crystal Cove/Rift DK2. The screen resolution is also clearly not as high as DK2, making everything a bit muddier, visually speaking."

Along with superior tracking, those are huge advantages for the Oculus Rift.

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ATi_Elite1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

PS4 has more than enough Power to pump out an EXCELLENT VR peripheral, so what's the problem?

I do NOT see this as a PC vs. PS4 VR issue.

The only difference is how Sony lets Pubs/devs utilize the Morpheus where as Oculus Rift lets Devs do whatever they want. No different from SOny stanards on the PS4 versus the freedom of PC gaming.

a high end PC will allow for better graphics on O.R. versus Sony VR but that's NO different than a high end PC having better graphics on a 1080p TV.

So I don't see a issue here or anything worth debating.

Next Gen gameplay and outside the box gameplay will determine which is best but at this junction I see both VR units having great uses and games.

this is just the beginning, lets gets some gameplay hours on these things before we start with the dreaded FLAIMBAIT CRAP.

justSumDood1499d ago


VR will exist much as the gaming industry exists today. Sony and Oculus will work in tandem and both will cater.
PC devs/enthusiasts/modders will push graphical boundaries and advance the technology.
On the other hand, it will be Sony's Morpheus that parents will be wrapping up for birthdays or for under the tree, thus ensuring mass adoption.

And for people to say that PS4 can't produce a PROPER VR experience is ridiculous. Hell, OR dev kits run at only 1280x800 and are clearly a step back from the fidelity we're accustomed to, yet it does nothing to hamper the experience or detract from the level of immersion associated with VR.
I dare anyone to sit through their first playthrough of Dreadhalls with the Rift (in its current state) and not succumb to chills, genuine panic, and gripping fear.

Besides, anyone who thinks Sony doesn't have a seperate HMD for the PC already in the wings clearly underestimates the impact VR will have on our lives.

In my world there's room for ALL of them.

Akuma071499d ago

Lol, just because Sony officially revealed it after he said it, doesn't mean he isn't saying it in response to them.

Sony has been rumored to have VR for many years now, and the Rift guys have been talking down consoles for years too. It's obvious they are butt hurt.

I can't imagine how butt hurt they are going to be when Sony kicks their ass with the Morpheus.

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XiSasukeUchiha1499d ago

Pretty much this fact unfortunately for console people!

CEOSteveBallmer1499d ago

Wow, great timing he says something like this in a time when sony announced project morpheus. Threatened?

SteamPowered1499d ago

Lol, you sound like the threatened one. I thought it was a good article. CPUs have plateaued and VR could make them aggressive again.

Akuma071499d ago

No, no they can't.

It's funny how the CEO of a company who is creating a product which is currently marketed as a DEV KIT is saying all this.

Mate, you need to take your product to the mass market first before you start talking about influencing the industry.

Also, VR is NOT new technology. It was created as a gimmick back in the early 90's late 80's, the gimmick faded out back then, and it will fade out again now.

Bonkerz1499d ago

I understand the point hes making, but am i the only one that thinks that this generation of gaming wont last more than 5 years? I really dont see it happening, im honestly looking at a new console generation right around 2020.

Ducky1499d ago

... isn't that more than 5 years?

SteamPowered1499d ago

We will be gaming on the Starship Enterprise in 2020 bud.

Pandamobile1499d ago

PlayStation 5 will be out before 2020. A 2018 announcement and 2019 launch is what I'd wager at this point.

EXVirtual1499d ago

You read my mind.
2018 or 2019 is perfect.
Nice post by the way. It's the truth. As a PS4 fan, there's no denyinh that the PC will always be ahead with VR.

Akuma071499d ago

It won't. 5 years will be the approx life of this gen. Quote me on that.

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jcampanozzi871499d ago

So this means that each time Oculus releases a new product version that you will need to invest into more graphics cards and have a better processor. If they keep this up, how in the hell can they still make money if they are releasing a new Oculus every year or so? This doesn't seem like a solid strategy, I think that is was Sega that did this kind of thing with releasing a console so close together, it failed. I think that if Oculus would have embraced the console space and opened it arms, they would have been give a piece of that PS4 pie, now its game on and I think that they are feeling it.

k3rn3ll1499d ago

Little bit different as all these versions u speak of have been prototypes and now dev kits. Not actual buyable consumer generations. Most hardcore pc gamers upgrade at least some piece of their rig every year or 2 anyways

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