Gameloft’s Free-to-Play Model Currently Account for 85% of the Company’s Smartphone Revenues

In 2013, Gameloft’s consolidated sales reached €233.3 million, up by 12% year on year. On a constant-exchange-rate basis, the full-year growth stood at 16% in 2013. EMEA represented 32% of 2013 sales; North America, 28%; LATAM, 21%; and APAC, 19%. Sales continue to be driven by the worldwide success of Gameloft games on smartphones and tablets. Gameloft’s 2013 sales on smartphones and tablets grew by 36% year on year.

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RIPSKATEDESTROY1499d ago (Edited 1499d ago )

There are still some games that do Free-To-Play right, like for example Tapped Out and Clash of Clans. And then there are games that totally make it "Fee-To-Pay"
But who's the worst?
So far I've heard its Dungeon Keeper, anyone else know of any worse?