20 Years of Super Metroid

Twenty years ago today, a brand new instalment of Metroid was released on the Super Famicom system in Japan titled "Super Metroid". The game is widely regarded as one of the best Metroid games, and rates highly as one of the greatest Nintendo games of all time.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1495d ago

I have it on my Wii U right now, and it's still as awesome as the first day I played it way back in my childhood.

Some games just never lose their shine.

Geobros1495d ago

Its just an epic game!!!!

TheROsingleB1494d ago

One of my absolute favorites. Dad would allow me to get one game for my birthday, so I chose this in 1994 after reading about it in Nintendo Power. I remember the "Play it Loud" campaign that Nintendo started around this time as well. The family stereo system had never seen a better use.

VINNIEPAZ1494d ago

One of my all time favs

zippycup1494d ago

CG one of my all time fav games