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PS4 VR Headset Resolution & Depth Is Good,Tracking Needs To Be Worked On,Different Than Oculus: Dev

A few developers go hands with the new tech and give their feedback about PS4 VR headset and one of its games. (Project Morpheus, PS4)

Hatsune-Miku  +   313d ago
Once again sony is developing amazing hardware with project morpheus. I can't wait to buy this first day
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ZodTheRipper  +   313d ago
You know it's quality hardware when a dev says "So the resolution is not an issue for Morpheus. The depth is good, comfort is good…Not best tracking, but can be fixed I think"
With good software and an affordable price this thing could be awesome. Might even be market-ready before the Occulus.
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starchild  +   312d ago
I doubt it. Everything I have read said that Sony is hoping to get it out by holiday 2015. The Rift on the other hand is supposed to be out later this year. Even if the release of the Rift slips into early next year it will still be on the market well before Sony's VR headset.
stuna1  +   313d ago
The first application they should put on the VR headset is where you have the ability to shake the hands of all the major players behind the construction of the PS4 and the VR headset lol.
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IcicleTrepan  +   313d ago
SourShoes  +   313d ago
The ending should have you shaking hands with Cerny himself.
minimur12  +   313d ago
Introducing their other newperipheral that comes boxed into the VR head mounted display, the shaker.
Unreal01  +   313d ago
That can be the good ending. The bad ending is you shaking hands with Gabe Newell.
GentlemenRUs  +   313d ago
Good ending = Cerny

Bad ending = Shaking hands with M$ and Activison then signing your soul away!


EDIT: Sorry but I just couldn't help myself.
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mark3214uk  +   313d ago
i still think they need to add the tracking to the device rather than rely on the camera to track
KUV1977  +   313d ago
Head rotation and tilt is in the device. Moving your head left or right, up or down needs the camera, just like occulus.
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fenome  +   313d ago
Cool, that's what I figured. You beat me to it.
Rivitur  +   312d ago
I thought the razer Hydra took care of tracking for the rift
fenome  +   313d ago
I think they should incorporate gyroscopes as well as camera tracking so it can be that much more precise. The possibilities with this and the Move controllers are really phenomenal.
KwietStorm  +   313d ago
It does use gyroscope.
fenome  +   313d ago
Cool, I assumed it did, but I wasn't 100% sure so I didn't want to state it as fact. Considering they've been using gyros in their controllers since the sixaxis, it would've been silly not use them in this. lol
Idba  +   313d ago
I think it was really smart by Sony to announce it at have it playable at GDC then announcing it later. This way they can take the feedback and improve it for E3. Also, since it's already announced Sony have lots of time at E3 to announce other "stuff" (TLOU ps4 and other AAA games)
IcicleTrepan  +   313d ago
I really hope they have a release date for this by E3.
mark3214uk  +   313d ago
ah ok i understand now,thanks
SourShoes  +   313d ago
With the camera tracking, do you think there could be an app that can make my wife look like Kate Upton and track her head and body movements? :p
feedurhabit  +   313d ago
Feasible. But there won't be an app to protect you from the slapping you'll get if she reads that comment.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   313d ago
Sony is working to perfect Console VR gaming! with Project Morpheus
Sp1tfireXM  +   313d ago
As someone who wears prescription glasses I'm going to guess I'm pretty much screwed huh?

Edit: A simple google search tells me that Oculus has removable cups to solve this issue. Another search tells me that over 60% of American's need some sort of vision correction. I hope Sony has a solution also
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Sawyerhaak  +   313d ago
I'm pretty sure I saw that they were going to accommodate to those who wear glasses, not positive though!
Volkama  +   313d ago
Yoshida wears glasses and says it is comfortable.
TristanPR77  +   313d ago
Sony was wise to present a prototype. They have now the best of the developer community making QA and giving well needed feedback. So far the feedback has been better than I expected, many saying that it is better than Oculus. All the feedback, being good or bad will turn Morpheus into the best VR.

I'm a believer now Morpheus, I will take the blue pill.
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player002  +   313d ago
this is a couple years away from release why do u guys think @ e3 its gunna have a launch of this year seriously?It's in Prototype stage devs have not even got it yet how long you think it will take them to develop games 6mths on vr game?It looks cool from a design stand point but its in very early stages at least a few years
ThatOneGuyThere  +   313d ago
i oddly hope they are secretly planning to launch a new version of Home for the ps4 without the clunky character movements that supports this. also, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY: Everquest Next.
dcj0524  +   313d ago
Isn't that too fast paced?
ThatOneGuyThere  +   312d ago
dcj0524  +   312d ago
Ever quest I mean
justSumDood  +   312d ago

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