New 'The Division' screens and Snowdrop information released by Ubisoft in new Q&A

The Division is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated Xbox One and PS4 titles that is slated to hit in 2014, and today, we have some brand-new information and screenshots to share with you regarding the game's visuals and its engine, Snowdrop.

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AngelicIceDiamond1368d ago

They look great. I'm actually confident in this because its on next gen first and PC is secondary.

starchild1368d ago

Just because they announced the PC version second doesn't mean that it won't get equal treatment. The game was being made on PCs in the first place anyway.

ginsunuva1368d ago

That was like, the worst pc stealth trolling ever.

Evilsnuggle1366d ago

actually PC gamers petitioned to get this game on PC Like destiny and GTA 5

S2Killinit1368d ago (Edited 1368d ago )

So ready (: so far away.... Awwwwww

PlayTheGameBro1368d ago

Cant wait to play this with my friends. Great year for Us gamers and its only getting better.

AnEwGuY1368d ago

Year? This game won't release this on it. Even if it was ready...and it won't be...Ubisoft will ride Watch Dogs and the next AC through this year, and have The Division and The Crew for next year...and possibly FC4.

raWfodog1368d ago

I was just thinking the same thing. It's good that they are looking at 2014 to release but I would not be surprised in the slightest if this got pushed back to Q1 2015, strictly to make the financials look good.

captain_slow821368d ago

wow ive never been so excited about foliage but just wow that looks incredible cheers for the link

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The story is too old to be commented.