Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Gameplay Round-Up

MP1st - Naval Strike is coming to Battlefield 4 late March. A number of Battlefield community members who’ve gotten some hands-on time with the expansion have posted their thoughts and gameplay of the new maps, mode, weapons and vehicles.

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TheUberAsian833d ago

Shouldn't this already be out for Premium Players?

JuanitaJRya833d ago SpamShow
MrWonderful833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

I thought that as well but the calendar says the 25th

Mister_V833d ago

Nah. That March 18 stuff always was just rumor.

T2833d ago

What exactly are we supposed to be playing? rubberbanding, freezing, framerate drops during levolution, etc...?

I'm a huge bf fan but this game is in a shameful state. If I bought it and didn't get it free I would be mad as h. Also not buying premium.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR833d ago (Edited 833d ago )

Can't wait for the new maps,they all look great. Finally jumping on metal gear tonight after work,wanted to last night but I got nostalgic and watched ANOES pt.2 on netflix. Friday is a very big day also...I don't even have to mention what comes out friday!

Akuma07833d ago

Just fix the rubber banding, and I will buy your damn premium.

ThichQuangDuck833d ago

Try tweaking graphic settings and network smoothing slightly. I believe another patch will come out early April to help with this again,but I have not been experiencing these difficulties as much