SimCity now playable in offline mode. Too little too late?

When SimCity released last year, Electronic Arts made it very clear that an offline mode was impossible. And the fans raged. EA finally crumbled under the mad horde and announced 10 months after the game released that EA Achieves the Impossible - SimCity in Offline Mode. So here we are today, a year later, and city builders finally have their offline mode..

Do they even still care to have one though?

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HanCilliers1526d ago

A freaking year, *facepalm*

DesVader1526d ago

Quite right...definintely too late. Still, I think people might give it a try.

Choc_Salties1526d ago

Wait, what, only now?? no thanks, I think i'll stick with Sim City 2000, at least that allowed bigger cities and stuff...