Grave - New Indie Open-world Survival Horror Game With Oculus Rift Support

Broken Window Studios has released the GDC 2014 trailer for its upcoming open-world survival horror title called Grave. Grave will support Oculus Rift and will feature dynamically changing worlds, light-based combat and a heavy emphasis on survival akin to classic survival horror titles.

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Jackhass1525d ago

Hmmm, interesting -- there needs to be more Oculus Rift horror games.

GrizzliS19871525d ago

alan wake rip off. A match? seriously? cant light up a torch with that match, rather carry it like an imbecile infront of you? sigh

xfear2diex1525d ago

so you kill those monsters like you do in alan wake nice but with out shooting here

tigertron1525d ago

Good to see another survival horror, I just hope that, Routine and Caffeine make their way to the PS4 like Outlast and Daylight.