Diablo 3 Is Now Auction House Free

After just under two years of business, the Diablo III auction house is closed.

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JoeIsMad805d ago

I'd say so. The game is much better on consoles. I hope this helps to turn the PC title in the console direction.

Chrischi1988805d ago

Its better now than the console version, on consoles you can dupe items easily and that destroys the whole trading system of D3.

JsonHenry805d ago

They wanted to skim money off the top of auction house sales. In order to increase people buying/selling they tied stats down to gear basically killing Diablo as we knew and loved it.

And now they've failed at even maintaining the auction house that the greedy SOBs wanted so badly.

And yes, the game was better on consoles. Why? Because it was DESIGNED to be on consoles. And it showed. One of the very few games I'd rather play on a console than the PC.

Chrischi1988804d ago

Exactly, it was made for consoles, because of this, they had to create a console playable skill system, which is so different from Diablo 1 and 2, that it is no real Diablo anymore... The whole skill system and the need for gear with just higher stats to become better, really hurt the game. In Diablo2 you could be good enough to finish the game, with normal gear, but for PVP you needed more. You could make 1 skill stronger, while the other was weak because you just needed a bit of that skill, it basically offered so much more. In Diablo 3 alls skills are % of your Damage per Second, which is stupid, because there were no individuality.

erathaol805d ago

Yup, no more Gold Sellers and the game drops good items for your class now.

Retard805d ago

PC version

Reach level 40, cannot kill a single mob.
Spend million gold for a slight upgrade to continue playing
(just shoes btw)
Game over

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Fireseed805d ago

I think I speak for nearly ALL D3 players when I say...

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt805d ago (Edited 805d ago )

Yes now give me a PS4 release date

parentoftheyear805d ago

Yes please. And second screen for inventory. PLEASEEEEE

Magnus701805d ago

Good, I don't even know how Blizzard was able to make a real money virtual auction house legally in the first place.

JoeIsMad805d ago

I spent money on items. I'm so sad. :(

ROQFrost805d ago

About dam time. I'm still only going to play this when ROS comes put on PS4.

sdozzo805d ago

The lag still kills me. I'm holding out for the PS4 version. Sorry Tres tres.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI805d ago

Y'know there comes a time where you realize that you got a poor connection. Chances are you got horrendous ping, packet loss or just a bad connection in general.

sdozzo805d ago

And that's what I was thinking. But, I managed to get play pretty well during its initial release. I just re-installed after this 2.01 patch.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI805d ago

Could be an issue with the network code on the patch, had the same issue with borderlands 2

sdozzo797d ago

For what it's worth I picked up the PS3 version and it really is nice... like a new experience b/c there is no lag. I'm sure people with the right connections play fine.

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