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Submitted by mcroddi 695d ago | news

Ubisoft teases setting in The Division with GPS Coordinates

onPause writes:

Today Ubisoft teased us with mysterious GPS coordinates. (PC, PS4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, Xbox One)

DeletedAcc  +   695d ago
Can't wait for this big fish
medman  +   695d ago
I b ready. See you online.
XiSasukeUchiha  +   695d ago
Divison dough please!
CZUM  +   695d ago
Coordinates pointing at Moscone Center - a Game Developer Conference'14 is held in there.
BitbyDeath  +   695d ago
Concerned this will get the Watch Dogs massive downgrade treatment.
forager  +   695d ago
I'm having the same concern. Praying it doesn't.
Ra3030  +   695d ago
Ring The Division Bell........Pink Floyd not included.....This game is why I went Next Gen back in Nov. I think we've waited long enough.
cfc78  +   695d ago
Watched the snowdrop trailer on xb1 dashboard earlyer the game looks amazing just hope it stays this way.
lonewolfjedi  +   695d ago
the day you see me with a big ass smile on my face is when drive club, last guardian, and the division announce their release dates.
GentlemenRUs  +   695d ago
Please don't be downgraded... I BEG OF YOU! DON'T!
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exnoob  +   695d ago
This is definitely one of my most anticipated game coming out for the ps4, so far. I reckon if this is done correctly, then maybe this game could become a real system seller (if I was waiting on purchasing a ps4 then this came out, I know for sure it would push me to purchase it much sooner than later). Hopefully everything comes together nicely.
Austacker  +   695d ago
It's out on PC and Xbox one as well so it won't be a 'system seller', that term is generally just for platform exclusives.

The fact that it's next gen only however is a very positive sign.
exnoob  +   695d ago
I meant system seller, for people who don't want to game on PC, and just want a reason to move onto the next gen, either the ps4 or xbone. Sorry I didn't make it clearer.
nope111  +   695d ago
forager  +   695d ago
Ik hahaha this had been confirmed a while ago. Title is terrible.

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