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Metal Gear Solid V Producer Answers to Length Criticism: Complete in 2 hours 1st Time? "Work for Us"

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has been criticized profusely for its length, and quite a few media outlets are scrambling to post videos of just how fast they can beat the game. Producer Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi decided to fire back today, mentioning that some talk without even having tried the game’s missions. (Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Eonjay  +   616d ago
*Hands in his two week notice* /s
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AsheXII  +   616d ago
Just FYI, he was talking about finishing all missions under 2 hours, which no reviewer has been able to do yet.
andrew171994  +   616d ago
Seems like people dont enjoy the game n play the game how its supost to be played. Its a sneaking game not runn around shootin everything u see n just breezing through the game.

Same with hitman i could be on the same scene for an hour just to not be caught n figure out all the nics.

People these days dont enjoy games. Its all about time. Fuck off i say.
andrew171994  +   616d ago
As long as im big boss or one of his clone im happy haha
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Kidmyst  +   615d ago
@andrew171994 exactly! When I hear a game takes 6 hours I plan on 12, put the difficulty on high, I explor and look around, find the hidden items and take my time andenjoy the game. Not put it on easy or just run through it. That's for finishing off the trophies after the initial play through.
Jim Hawking  +   616d ago
I did it it 40 minutes.

No, seriously.
Back-to-Back  +   615d ago
"Some people hasn’t even try all missions and said too short"

The Japanglish is strong here.
-Foxtrot  +   616d ago
Work for you?....well I think you'll be waaaaay over staffed mate.

Don't shrug it off though, the moral thing you can do now is include it in MGSV where it's supposed to be.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans   616d ago | Immature | show | Replies(3)
Omar91  +   616d ago
Thank YOu!! lol Im not the only one who thinks this then
DarkBlood  +   615d ago
"Says the guy who all he does is post negative, immature, personal attack comments which is why your down to one bubble."

what are you saying you dont do one of the things you listed on the prince of all saiyans?
christian hour  +   616d ago
If the money made off ground zeroes goes towards making MGS5 a better game in the end, I don't care if there's only 5 minutes of gameplay I'm happy with that :)

People speed run games all the time, games that are insanely longer and bigger than ground zeroes is. Whats the issue here? You can beat dark souls in no time if you've played it several times and you know the tricks, its still a big long game.

I used to love going on to halo.bungie.org back in the day and seeing new speed runs of attack on the control room etc.

People will try spin a story out of anything.
xander70769  +   616d ago
If more gamers adopt your attitude games will double in price under the veil of "the extra money is going towards improving the game." Maybe they'll throw in a FREE demo, so you'll be satisfied.
-Foxtrot  +   616d ago
"If the money made off ground zeroes goes towards making MGS5 a better game in the end, I don't care if there's only 5 minutes of gameplay I'm happy with that :)"

Urgh....jesus christ

How can you be happy that a company TOOK the intro of a game, you know a prologue like the Tanker missions in MGS2, the days when this sort of practice DIDN'T EXIST, and charge you a lot of money for it despite it lacking in content. So you wouldn't want the entire game in one package....bloody hell why do gamers these gamers let devs know we want to be pay more for less.

That extra money they make off ripping us off....do you really think thats going to go towards MGSV development.....NOPE, it will most likely go to their bonus's in their payslips....oh and thats BEFORE they make a crap load of money off the main game.

"People will try spin a story out of anything"


I honestly don't see why people think this is spinning a story or exaggerating...what they have done or are doing is pretty god damn obvious.

It's just sad people seem to not give a shit because it's Konami/Kojima/MGS

I'm a big MGS fan but I don't want these practices being supported so if it means I have to wait longer to get a fully packed complete "GOTY" edition then I will.
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xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   616d ago
I agree fully, I'm also a huge metal gear fan playing every one released including the ones on PSP. This is just horrible business practices that should be laid to rest before other people take note. In no way this game is worth it's price tag for the price of the game. Even now I got an example from Next Gen Ps4/Xbox One that makes this completely invalid. You can buy a 5 hour Assassins Creed Freedom Cry for $15 and have alot more gameplay time. $15-20 is the perfect range for this game not no $30

Give these companies an Inch and they'll take a mile. We have to snuff out the fire before it spreads, remember the whole Xbox one controversies when it was announced at E3? Take that as an example to fix what should have never been there in the first place.

Also before I get arguments that the game is $20 on last gen consoles I'll say this, Battlefield 4, Ghosts, Titanfall, Assassins Creed IV are all the same price as their last gen counterparts on next gen.
christian hour  +   616d ago
I've been following the development of the fox engine since Kojima Productions first teased it. Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain were registered long before the games were even unveiled. Why would they do that if it was originally part of the full game? I've always been under the impression that this was always their intention, they didn't take out the intro of the game, this was always on the cards, however before they announced the titles the rumors and speculation was that one was a handheld MGS and the other would be a console mgs. Go ahead and check forum posts and n4g stories from 2-3 years ago if you don't believe me. I'll wait right here.

If you're going to complain about ground zeroes then why dont we bring up MGS:VR Missions on PSONE while we're at it?

Have some faith in Kojima :) If you look at any of my other posts you'll see I'm completely against a lot of dishonest industry tactics and I refuse to support publishers that abuse an IP to milk it for more than its worth, so please don't get the wrong idea about me.
xX-StolenSoul-Xx  +   616d ago
@Christian hour
Your argument of Metal Gear VR is not a good point. That game had 300 missions and was a good 20 hours game. Bad example.
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MAULxx  +   616d ago
Again, I agree with -Foxtrot as he is spot on with his assessment.
GZs is a blatant rip off no matter how you want to spin it, justify it, or sugar coat it.
Now, I'm not a huge MGS fan but if I was I'd be all the more pissed.
I'm not going to bash anyone who buys it (I try to never bash gamers in any post I make). It's your freedom to buy it or not to buy it. I will ask though... Is instant gratification worth the possible consequences? I personally don't want my favorite games broken apart, sold in small chunks for insanely outlandish prices.
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Joe913  +   616d ago
First I like to say yes Konami is pulling a dick move the game should have been $20 but I'm not going to cry over 10 bucks and you van say other developers will do this but I highly doubt it not many games have a following like MGS so not to many people will tey this as far as ppl thinking game prices going up because of this then you are crazy that would be suicide for the game industry I bet you Konami know that they can't pull this crap again cause they know if they do this again they are risking a big franchise.
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morganfell  +   616d ago
Agreed Christian. I went through it last night and playing as is typical for me there is no way I was completing that in 2 hours. It seems as if that has become a goal, even for certain gamer's initial plays through the title. If so I think they have forgotten why they game. And speed runs as you stated exist for almost every game.

EDIT: @xander, what he was saying went completely over your head. I am sure many people would take you to task for defending Dead Space 3. What is sad is you posted about replayability here:


yet fail to see that value in this game. It doesn't always require a menu option that says, "New Game Plus"
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christian hour  +   616d ago
Morganfell your avatar has been Big Boss for as along as I can remember on this site, and I'm talking years. I'll take your opinion over everyone elses on an MGS game every time :)

I know I've said this to you in the past but seriously, keep up the awesome level-headed comments.
danthegamerfiend  +   616d ago
I agree with Christian who cares if they are making money off this. The gaming industry is a business and to make a business successful you need to put more money into it. They did plan this out from the beginning, they did want to do something different this generation. I mean they are introducing a open world metal gear game, not something us die hard Mgs fans are used to. I appreciate being able to get a taste of the new game and learn some cool new tricks for real deal.
trenso1  +   615d ago
I have to say beating all the missions takes more than 2 hours of course, but beating the main mission with me taking my time and knocking out guards and not being spotted took me just under 2 hours (about 6 minutes under to be exact) so yes even with normal play it can be completed in two hours but for all the missions in game hell no.
2pacalypsenow  +   616d ago
people consider a speed run the length of a game. In that case Skyrim sucked cuz its only 55 minutes of gameplay on a speedrun
frostypants  +   616d ago | Well said
Nice spin. Focusing on the main mission is not a "speed run". A "speed run" requires prior familiarity with the game. People are finishing in under an hour despite zero prior familiarity. Have you ever seen someone beat Skyrim in 55 minutes on their first play through? Please, don't defend this...
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Squeaky_door  +   616d ago
Yo awesome pac album mate
Joe913  +   616d ago
Exactly I have been watching ppl play this on twitch and have yet to see anyone beat the story that quick I am sure you can but not on your first run through.
GW212  +   616d ago
I've been playing it today. I have seen the speed run video. Yes, if you just kinda stay to the right, you can run through this game very quickly. That said, there is a ton of space to explore.

Oh, and the game looks fantastic. You'll find yourself looking around once in a while. Very cool. This will keep me busy until Friday.
moujahed  +   616d ago
Honestly in my opinion the story modes final cutscene and credits are longer than it took me to complete it. Yet I had no issue getting past enemies and rescuing Chico and Paz. Yet I only finished %10 of the game. There is indeed plenty more than the short story mode.
Sly-Lupin  +   616d ago
Those percentages are never accurate with any game, though, as they grant disproportionate value to peripheral content.
Exies7  +   616d ago
The way I play single player games, I don't replay missions and I don't hunt for trophy/achievements. So for a gamer like me, this really is only a 2-3 hour experience at best.

I'm not saying this game shouldn't have come out or people won't enjoy it, but a lot of people are looking at this wrong. How many people are diehard MGS fans to the point of ACTUALLY getting a full 10 hour experience? And on top of that, why should a moderate MGS fan even bother buying this now instead of a month prior to the PP release, for significantly less?

I just don't see this gaming doing well in sales and I hope that doesn't hurt the production of PP. The game I really want to play, not an prologue or a demo, as some have implied.
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wheresmymonkey  +   616d ago
Where do I sign up?
RosweeSon  +   616d ago
Moan moan moan, it's only 2 hours etc etc, still number 1 on amazon uk at the moment on ps4 anyway, I'll be there gonna epic, just not large. Hey ho. I've probably paid more in the past for worse games and had less time out of them. Can't think of one at the moment but had I been and bought duke nukem forever on launch that would be a prime example ;)
Paul85  +   616d ago
I will play through this game more than once. Plus getting S rank on all missions, unlocking trophies, soldier recruiting, and just running around in mgs's new open world. Doesn't sound like two hours to me more like several hours or more!
SageHonor  +   616d ago
Took me 92 minutes and I got an S rating. Waste of money. This should have been in the phantom pain instead rather than separated.
shmeedy24685  +   616d ago
I would love to work on MGS games, it's my favorite franchise in gaming!
yewles1  +   616d ago
TPP better not be $60...
The_Sneauxman  +   616d ago
So many Metal Gear Doom comments. People want to see this fail but that's fine, I'll enjoy this prologue and replayability of "Classic" missions.

When Kojima was asked why this was released as a standalone, it was because Konami wanted to represent something, for the launch window, and all that was available was Kojima's intro to The Phantom Pain.
-Foxtrot  +   616d ago
How are these doom comments, most of us are fans, we're just not blind fans who like to be screwed over regardless of the franchises/developer.

"When Kojima was asked why this was released as a standalone, it was because Konami wanted to represent something"

Yeah he did, represent how to screw over fans and get away with it. A "fine" lesson I'm sure other devs will now take note off. Thanks guys
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The_Sneauxman  +   616d ago
Kojima is not Konami, are you that dense? Claims to be fan doesn't know difference, lol.
I would say Kojima was forced by his supplier Konami.

An EA/DICE sort of thing
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-Foxtrot  +   615d ago
Kojima is very high up in Konami....so obviously you don't know that much if you think he dosen't make a difference
Phoenix76  +   616d ago
The cost of MGS:GZ is simple not worth it for a what is really a demo, even though they say its a prologue. I will only buy this when I either find a second copy of it in GAME for £10 or it is included within the main game or a GOTY version.
enkeixpress  +   616d ago
It's all about replayability with MGS V: Ground Zeroes thanks to its open world gameplay & adaptive AI. Going back & playing through-out each mission over and over again, you'll never experience the same in-game events twice.

Experimentation with different tactics and direction whilst playing is key for getting maximum enjoyment out of this title.

You want longevity? Continue to wait for MGS V: The Phantom Pain to release. MGS V: Ground Zeroes has been released to hold MGS fans over until that much more full and longer MGS title (MGS V: TPP) is good & ready to be released.
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The_Sneauxman  +   616d ago
Positive comments get disagrees, prepare yourself
enkeixpress  +   616d ago
I'm just speaking the truth lol.

I do also think that everyone who has pre-ordered MGS V: The Phantom Pain should be given access to MGS V: Ground Zeroes free of charge.
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OutcastMosquito  +   616d ago
Regarding your previous comment about Hideo Kojima. He is in fact the Vice President of Konami. So ya.
mochachino  +   616d ago
I'm a huge HUGE MGS fan but the price is just too high for the amount of content. I can't support this. I'll get it when it's down to $19.99 on PS4 (the price it should have been originally)
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Donnywho  +   616d ago
Cash grab on one of my favorite game franchises. Bought it, beat it and have very mixed feelings.
s1xt6en  +   616d ago
Okay, to all those who keep complaining about the game, have you played it yet? Its been about an hour and a half and I have only killed 3 people so far. lol I am trying to choke them and make them talk, so I think its pretty much based on what you are doing in the game. Tomb Raider took me 30 freaking hours and I only got a 90% complete. I am not going back though man I did enough lol. I will say this though, David Hayter should be in this. I am not a fan of Jack Bauer being Big Boss. I am just not!
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moomoo319  +   616d ago
they are bullshitting you, i am happy with my purchase but my friend and I completed the main mission in 67 minutes. thats with dying multiple times and not being very good at the game.
PS4FEVER  +   616d ago
i would pay 200 for this demo alone. All you fools in here shut up and respect every word kojima boss says. Any game he makes is worth 10 times any other game.
Makkanchor  +   616d ago
I havnt played it yet but i been hearing alot that ground zero is short but people have completed already and most cant reach 20% yet so that means theres alot more to it im hoping they add some dlc into ground zero till phantom pain is here but a short story compared to the 200x bigger phantom pain is kinda of a put off
pedroyamato   616d ago | Spam
Dorwrath  +   616d ago
Dont support this game. If you want to go play it, go rent it from Redbox
assdan  +   616d ago
They don't understand that this games should be at least 6 hours before replays. If the main campaign was 4-5 hours, I'd say it's short, but at least acceptable for a $30 game.
moomoo319  +   615d ago
This game is a perfect example of why you cannot always trust the media. It took me 3 hours to complete the main mission and 4 side ops. Thats on normal with bad rankings in each, and over 30 rewards left to collect. the time you will put in this game will match or surpass most campaigns that come out today, WELL worth the 30 dollars.

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