[Continue Play] Retro Review - Rogue Galaxy Director's Cut

Continue Play's Shehzaan Abdulla takes a look back at one of JRPG developer Level-5s original IPs.

He comes away feeling that the Star Wars inspired classic has aged badly, and that maybe it wasn't good as he remembered it was to begin with.

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Chaos_Raiden1407d ago (Edited 1407d ago )

I wish there is a HD Version of this game along with Dark Cloud 2 and Dragon Quest VIII on PS3.

3-4-51406d ago

I love the look of all 3 games you mentioned.

They stand the test of time because they aren't going for realism, but for a creative art style.

All the "realistic" games of that era/gen all look like crap now.

vishmarx1406d ago

i just wish L5 was still as good,
both White Knight and Ni no kuni were trash compared to this,
far as gameplay and content is concerned.
my 2nd most favourite rpg on the ps2 after ff 12

godofboobees1407d ago

I remembering seeing the Japanese trailer on cinematech and falling in love

MAULxx1407d ago

I never completed the game. I played it for a few hours. I still have it sitting on the shelf.

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